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How to setup Model Space Dimension Text Height then make it annotative

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Greetings everyone; I am trying my hand at annotative text and I am about to pull out what little hair I have left in trying to figure out how exactly to set the dimension text in model space so I can see it and still be annotative. Here's the problem. I am creating a drawing 1:1 in model space like I'm suppose to. Let's say it's a rectangle, 500mm by 300mm. I draw it, then select it, go into properties and select yes to make it annotative at a 1:20 scale (metric) .Now when I dimension a line the dimension text is so tiny it might just as well be a grid dot. I just don't understand it. I need step by step, hand holding instructions on how to set up my dimension text height in model space and still be annotative. Eventually I want to be able to take a drawing created in AutoCAD 2007 with it's callouts in one size and it's dimensions in another and leader text and arrows in yet another size and read all in model space (without a magnifying glass) and print (oops) I mean plot in paper space without issue.

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Other sources of info re: annotative scaling.


AutoDesk University course GD315-1P by David Cohn entitled "Annotation Scaling - Making Drawings Smarter with Intelligent Text."


AutoDesk University course AU314-1 by Issac Harper entitled "Size Does Matter: Annotative Scale Feature."


I found both at AutoDesk University Online.

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Thanks Pablo Ferral and ReMark. I had seen the Autodesk University course GD315-1P by David Cohn, but I found it lacking the step by step that I really need to get a handle on how to set things up for the first time. I will look at the others that each have recommended and post back later. Thanks again.

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