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New Project for Inventor (Newbees!!)


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cant attach files software wont let me(tut)..shame (.ipt invalid file)error


Use winzip to compress the ipt file and upload it as a .zip file.


It's recommended that you drag the E.O.P (end of part - red X) to the top of the model tree. this reduces the file size.:shock:

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Hi Guys.


I have been noticing that some of you are not using perspective view whilst you are modelling. If that is deliberate that is fine, but if not, and like me you like to view things as nature intended you have two options:


1) Turn perspective view on manually every time.


2) Turn it on permanently so everything you create is in perspective view. You can always switch back and forth between orothogonal and perspective views later if required.


To set this up to be automatic go to the "Tools" men and select "Applications Options". Then select "Display" from the headers. Now under the first heading of appearance select the large "settings button."


A new menu appears where the projection type can be selected. Activate perspective and click OK.


That's it!


Just thought that this might be of some use.






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well it's the best i can do..and yes it was really difficult...it's not right but i did learn a few things and probably would think about it more differently next time ...i did cheat abit by colouring the bottom part in ..but hey ..it's my attempt...never said i would get it right ...lol




front sky remote.jpg



remote sky 1.png

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Hey guys, I woke up this morning and thought "I'm going to have a blast at that".


Sorry I haven't been on here for a while due to lack of internet activities at my new work. So here I am at home making an effort to get back on here.



Sky Remote_02.jpg

Sky Remote_01.jpg

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Hi steve,


You are all doing very well and definitely getting there. There are some complex surfaces on the Sky controller, and if memory serves correctly the one area I struggled with myself was getting the correct blend between the two central control raised and dipped areas. It looks as though it should be easier than it actually is.


As I said, I never got around to finishing mine, but this was what I achieved using swept surfaces, revolves, lofts, patches, extends, trims and fillets:


Just don't ask me to explain how I did it.

sky HD.jpg

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Have a really good look at your controller, mine is the HD version, rotate it around viewing all the curves from various angles. It's a very complex shape. It is functionally excellent and a beautiful ergonomic shape. Whoever created it should be very pleased with themselves.


Of course it is just as complicated under the skin.



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Yeah it curves in both directions on the top face. I've incorporated that into mine. It's maybe just from the views I've done it may be harder to see it. I'll upload the file when I get home. Heading out for tea at the missis mums. :)

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Hi Steve,


Unfortunately, that's the painful learning process :cry: :sweat:, but it's also what makes us better :thumbsup:


Good luck!


lol Cheers Dave ...got to that stage where i am sick of looking at the remote...lol

anyway i reckon i will probably need the loft tool to get the shapes

....just gunna give my self a break for a bit.lol

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Well done ...

which uni did you go to and what course was it?8)


I went to sheffield hallam university :) and did a Bsc Hons Computer Aided Design Technology course. It was a fun 3 years! i wan't to go back!

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Dunno if im going to have time to finish my remote! got alot on at work atm! :( all i need to do is buttons and text! i will try my best to get some sort of completed product although i don't feel that its good enough .... hmmmm ill post some images soon of how far i have got.

cheers guys

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Doesn't matter about not finishing mate ....at the end of the day it's a bit of fun and we can ask questions later...


Good luck with it everyone!!:lol::lol::lol:

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...I am sure that you will start to achieve the results you want. It does get slightly easier the more you do. ...


Thanks for the words of encouragement.

After playing around with colors of the embossments and lighting, I was finally able to get a result I'm pretty happy with.


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That's not looking too bad at all!


I take it that you chose to render the calculator square on to get the best view of the text?


Lighting changes as the model is rotated (of course) and you will find that one view looks the best with a given lighting set up. Just a small change in the rotatation of a model can make a vast difference to it's appearance, as can the colours you choose for your background, materials, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment by changing materials appearances, you can always save them as new ones without overwriting the old.


Inventor studio is a reasonable rendering tool, but it could be improved significantly. I hope that Autodesk continues to push forward with it.


One area they could certainly do with adding a few more alternatives is the reflected background images.


There are only a couple that work well with finishes such as chrome, and the best of these by far is the car park. But who wants a guy on a motor bike in a cark park as a reflected image on say a kitchen product?


The other thing I would really like changed is to be able to go back to a previous lighting, or scene, set up. At the moment you have to save these, and unless you have made a note of your last settings you may make a change that is worse and not be able to go back. :x.


Glass and clear plastics can be a little problematical, but there are ways to make those to work too, they just need some practice.


I have attached an image of a reed diffuser that I was working on last night (copyright protected). It's close to what I wanted but I cannot get it quite right with Inventor Studio because of it's limitations. I cannot get the proper defraction as the reeds enter the liquid.


In this example, changing the background colours just slightly has a most marked effect on the overall appearance.





reed diffuser4.jpg

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Unknown error in inventor....

Whilst trying to create a new geometry on to the plane you can see at the bottom of the remote, i get this error coming up twice in one warning.The warning appears when i project the geometry of the remote through the plane.


Inventor seems to be fighting anything i do with this project,is it because i have extruded the original sketch in such a way to put a bend in the remote? i struggle to constrain anything to it also.


If any one has seen this error b4 please let me know what you did!



remote 1.jpg



Here's another shot of the slight curve in the geometry

slight curve.jpg

Edited by Calibos
more info
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I take it that you chose to render the calculator square on to get the best view of the text?...

It doesn't look too much worse at an angle.


I made a drawing of the part "B" size.


This will work for the most part, but what if I want to plot out a quick "A" size print?

I know that I can Edit the Sheet, or add a new "A SIZE" sheet, and then rearrange the views?

But I've got this "B" size sheet all detailed, and I want to make a quick print on my Letter printer @ home.

I can select Best Fit, and it automatically scales it to fit the "A" size.

Is there a way to put the scale right on the printout, so that you can tell that the print is at an odd scale?




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Hi Calibos,


I think this error message means that Inventor doesn't know how to do the math to calculate the projection you are asking it to make, possibly due to dimensions and constraints placed previously. Fixing your problem may be easy, or maybe not. I would have to have a look at your file to see if I can find a way around it.


Unfortunately I am busy for the next few days so I won't have much some spare time.


However, if you roll back the EOP marker, zip and post the file on here I will try (no promises) to have a look at it.


Maybe JD can help if he has some spare time in his busy schedule?





Edited by Hopinc
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