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Any Idea what the Swamp uses, I have not run into this at the swamp, yet. Of Course I am seldom on the Swamp. I have Chrome here at work, but I really do not like it. I guess I will install FF but I was waiting till they upgraded my CPU.

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It looks like SMF instead of vB. I use SMF myself for an intranet forum, it's pretty robust out the box. But I don't think David would want to move over just willy-nilly, it's a pretty big job to port the posts from one to the other. Not to mention you would probably loose any links to specific threads / posts (since it would use a new indexing system).

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David, since it seems there's a problem with code tags, is it perhaps some JavaScript used to stretch those tags to match the client's screen? I know AUGI was looking at such fix prior to the BS. And IE is notorious for inconsistencies with JavaScript (especially between its own versions).


Maybe you could have a test for the version of IE, and if below 8 redefine that function(s) to do nothing. It should at least then allow the rest of the page to work correctly, albeit that the code tags wont stretch.

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For some reason, IE is placing CADTutor into Compatability View. This may be a result of the recent problems. I have manually turned off Compatability View by going to Tools>Compatibility View Setting and unchecking the boxes, in particular-- Include updated website lists from Microsoft. So Far So Good.


ahh... thanks for that. Because once it switched to Compatibility View, whether the cause was code or not, it's good to know how to change it back to view the other threads.

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