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Very slow animation rendering?


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I'm working on an intro with 3dsMax. But when I'm rendering the animation, it literally takes overnight to render it. What could be causing such a slow render? The animation uses the standard 100 frames.

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100 frames per second? :o That's way too much. Knock that down to 60 frames per second or less.

How many seconds long is the animation?

You do realize that Max has to render out each and every frame of the animation, right? Even on a high powered machine this can take a very long time, depending on the length of the animation.

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its not 100 fps


3ds max out puts every time at 30 fps theoretically his animation of 100 frames will be 3.3333333 seconds long

100 frames per second? thats useless unless your doing slow motion video.

to actually set his frame rate to 100 percent i have to click on the time configuration button at the bottom right and then change from the default ntsc to the custom option and then set it at 100 fps.

then adjust end time according to the time i need the animation to last.


he said "the animation uses the standard 100 frames" he refers to the 100 frame timeline 3ds max starts with.

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Obviously I misread the question. OBVIOUSLY. But thank you so much for your obnoxious reply. Much appreciated. :glare:


I meant facepalm, though you probably knew that. :lol:


you mad :lol:


its probably the form in which you read it that made you believe it was obnoxious.


oh, and your welcome

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