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Help with simple shaft animation


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Hello everyone,


I hope I am not doing something bad by posting in here....I read a ton of threads and nothing seems to help me out. I have a very simple animation which consists of a pillow block holding a shaft that sticks out 1 inch on each side. I have been trying to get this to work for DAYS now and I am getting very frustrated cause I dont know what I am doing wrong.


I have assembled my shaft and pillow block correctly and managed to animate it (10 Revolutions in 20 seconds) I was also able to add a pin on one side of the shaft to lock into a pin or a connecting rod at some future point and the animation still works fine. My problem is when I try to add a lock pin to the other side of the shaft for some reason I can easily manipulate it in Assembly mode with my mouse but as soon as I try to run the animation on it with the constraints it stops working. If I suppress the constraints for the second lock pin, the animations starts working again. I dont know what im doing wrong.....please for the love of god someone help me. I am attaching a zip file with all three parts and the assembly file.


I realize this is probably a real newbie problem but I am in the process of learning. I LOVE inventor. All I need now is to fully understand animations and why the heck everything goes wrong as soon as I have two parts constrained to my shaft.


Thank you so much for your time and I hope this doesn't **** anyone off.




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Hi me, since nobody else can help you with this i will take a shot at it. You have to create an angle constraint between the lock of the shaft and the base of the pillow block and then just animate that constraint by however many degrees you want.


Sorry it took me so long to reply.


Future self.

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No problem man, i know how frustrating it can be to have a stumbling block and your last resort is to join a forum and actually ask someone. Google is good but doesnt know everything. Keep on practicing try all kinds of stuff and one day you will be good like me.

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Well, you only need two constraints to mate the King Pin to the shaft...:




For the animation best to Drive an angle constraint between the Shaft plane and the Pillow Block Plane...




Good Luck



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Thank you very much. Its funny that i could find any tutorials on this all over the internet. Its such a basic principle but very important in order to get anything accomplished

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Haha...yeah i did figure it out on my own. Thank you for your help anyways though. Much apreciated. I was just suprised at how basic it was and yet no one was able to help me out before i figured it out on my own. As frustrating as it was i learned alot by trying to figure it out myself. I picked up inventor about 3 weeks ago and started knowing nothing at all. My big stumbling block right now is creating two gears that are driven by a belt. I get the whole motion constraint deal between two gears but i would like to have a timing belt going from one to another...any tips?

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Not many people are still using Inventor 2008 and the files (from 2012) are not backward compatible.

Students can download Inventor 2012 for free from http://www.autodesk.com/edcommunity


I noticed that in your Pillow Block part that Sketch1 is not constrained - you might start by reading this document




you drilled 1/4 holes for 1/-20 holes. This huge huge huge mistake - there is no material for the threads. Use the thread tool within the Hole command rather than add thread afterward - Inventor will select the correct tap-drill size for you.


For Belts with pulleys - use the Design Accelerator within the assembly environment.

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Not blogs if these blogs of yours you have linked too (2 different websites) are spam or genuine. I would remove the music from that webpage though, it is no longer the 1990s.

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