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lines are changing their angels!!

Lost Marcus

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I am totally lost!

When I zoom close into the drawing the lines are changing their angels…(!) Or they disappear only to pop op again as I zoom out. Also some of them changes from being full lines to being dotted (and it is not dotted lines) when I zoom in close.

Also the SNAP function isn’t working very well. I have to zoom in A LOT in order to get it to snap. The snap icon shows all right, but when I zoom in afterwards it shows that it didn’t snap at all to the other line.

This happened recently in drawing I have been working with since early spring without problems.

Oh and one more thing. In one of my drawings, that are all drawn in 2D, many of the walls and other things suddenly are extended up as if it was 3D. I noticed this only because I was trying to solve my problem described above and I mention it because I think maybe it can be related to my problem.

Really hope someone will try and help me cause I’m completely stalled as it is now.

I use AutoCAD Architectural 2009

Thank you very much


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Not off to a good start this morning I see.


Well, your lines sound like they may have been drawn at an elevation of something other than "0" and perhaps they were also given a "thickness" which would explain the "height" you are seeing. What is your level of experience with the program?

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One possibility is that the view has changed from 2D to some flavor of 3D. Using the Plan command will fix that.


Welcome to the forum!

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Hi guys,

Thanks for fast reply.

Yes it could be something like the elevation I am drawing in. However if I look at the drawing from the side I can not see that there should be any difference in the heights. (except the drawing where thing became "3D" ish. But also here new lines are apparently drawn in "0".

I have no idea how to see if that could be the problem. But what is this Plan? Is it just to view the drawing from straight above? Cause that is a “chek”.

Then it could be the visual style. You mean changing between medium detail and standard? –Tried that too with no effect.

I have been drawing in the program for about 6 years but only 2D.


And you are right. My morning has not been good do to all this. But I am sitting in Copenhagen Denmark (Europe) so it has been some long frustrating days by now.. And I will have to get back at it tomorrow.


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Visual style: like the difference between 2D wireframe and Realistic or Conceptual for example.


Post the drawing so we can take a look at it. It seems like it would be an easy problem to solve but our inability to effectively communicate (both ways) is hampering our ability to bring this to a successful conclusion.

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I'd love you to have a look. But can you please tell me how to post a dwg.. Sorry for my ignorance: )


I opened the drawing my self on another computer with AutoCAD LT 2007 and here there is no longer a problem with the changing line angles and missing snap function.

The thing about parts of the drawing being elevated is still there though.

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Click on the Go Advanced button in the lower left corner. At the next window find and click on the Paperclip icon. You have to browse to where your drawing is located, upload it to CADTutor using the Add Files option then Insert it into your post.

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Just as I thought. Someone used a THICKNESS of 2497.9657 at some point when drawing their objects. You have since reset THICKNESS = 0 (good) and ELEVATION = 0 (good).


You can use the CHANGE command, THICKNESS option and reset the thickness that was previously used on these objects to "0".


What else is wrong that you want us to look at?

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Hi again,


I can see that I can make something happened with that CHANGE function.. I will look more into it thanks.


I have now taken some screen shots of the other problem.


It is just some random skew lines (straight lines are normally not a problem) -They show what it looks like when I zoom in.


No 3 shows how the lines often fail to connect (here the white line failed to connect to the red ones.)

From no 4 to no 5 you can see how the angles of the red lines start changing. (at each picture you can see the lower part of the grey “crosshairs” of the measure line.)


And finally at picture no 6 the red lines change to be almost parallel and also now suddenly dotted!!


Tell me that is strange ai?








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Ahg. Now the pictures are blended.. But they are taken in order as I zoomed in.

If it helps I will try to explain the order:

No1 = 6

2= 2

3= 5

4= 3

5= 1

6= 4


What a mess.

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