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Standard Lineweight problems e.g. exterior walls, internal walls, objects etc


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Hello all, :D


I'm very new to this website :o and came a cross it from google while looking for standards / recommended line weight sizes. i did find a thread but it was from many years ago so was not much help.


I have used autoCAD for years now on & off and use to be good but have fallen out of practice with it and plan to get back to a high standard, but when it comes to lineweight types i'm very much a newbie.


I have been designing a drawing of an estate agents with two flats on top and when it comes to plotting it is all over the place due to line type weights and i was hoping someone would be able to tell me clearly the line weights i should use for e.g.


extior walls = 0.**

intior walls = 0.** and go on


i will attach a PDF of plott and a .DWG to show what i mean. i will save it in .DWG 2007 - i am using autoCAD 2012


Thank you for any help it will be much appreciated!!




p.s. sorry for the essay! & i'm new to forums.



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I thought you Brits had a standard for everything? Something along the lines of BS 8888 but for architectural drawings. Would it be BS 1192?

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It really depends on your own preferences. I like to do the external walls in 0.35, Internal walls, 0.25, Cavities 0.18, Hatching 0.10, Window & Door detail 0.18. However this is on drawings at 1/100 scale. At different scales you will need different settings.


I noticed in your drawing you don't have a CTB associated with it. Personally I don't use line weights I prefer to let the CTB file set the line weights when plotting or in a few instances use polylines with set widths. The downside to setting line weights with in the model are that you have to remember to do so every time you change colour. The CTB file has a table of all the pen colours and you can set line width for each colour. There are a set of default CTB's installed with AutoCAD but you can create your own. I would suggest you start of with the one called monochrome.ctb. Also the other thing about CTB files are their ability to control other aspects about the way it plots the drawing i.e. the colour of the line. Monochrome, as the name suggest, plots all the lines in black. At the moment you don't have a CTB associated to your drawing. You can access the CTB files via Page Setup Manager. Remember if you edit one of the standard CTB files make sure you name it with a different name.


I only use polylines to set widths where the width is required to be relative to the model i.e. if I want the width to be a constant 100mm relative to the model. If you set a polyline width it will override the CTB file.


There is another alternative to CTB which is STB but I don't use them so I'll let somebody else explain them.


You can find more information on CTB and STB here http://www.caddmanager.com/CMB/2009/08/cad-standards-ctb-vs-stb/


Hope I haven't bored you to much.

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