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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have been using AutoCAD 2012 for a few years now (only just today upgraded to 2016) but for the past 6 months or so, any drawings that I create in AutoCAD cause this "proxy graphics" window to come up for my colleague. We have both been using AutoCAD 2012 LT and as I said, it has only been happening in the past 6 months or so. Before that it was fine which makes it unusual. Also, there is nothing on the drawing which is missing when he opens it and it has all entirely been created on the same program on a different PC (drawing border, logo & all). This happens for every single drawing that I create! The other weird thing is, I created our drawing borders & it happens when he opens the CAD blank template drawing too, but it never used to happen! Does anybody have any ideas? Please help, Liam
  2. Hello, I have made some object addon on a large outdoor festival plan made years ago. When I mesure some object I add, the mesure shown are'nt good. If a make a new object with the same dimension and I move it over the old one, the scale is match. I to fix those different scaling? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum so please, please bear with me! I have had trouble emailing autocad drawings for a few weeks now. I get "error, file too big" messages. I have tried converting them to pdf's, and also zipping the files. Trouble is, that they still end up larger than 10MB which is where most email servers bounce files back with the same message. Uusally emailing 4-5 drawings at around 18-20MB. What is the best way to send drawing file please? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am having issues when I am trying to install Autodesk 2014. When I run the setup, it get stuck at the initialisation box and it just doesnt load up anymore. Please help
  5. Hello all, I'm very new to this website and came a cross it from google while looking for standards / recommended line weight sizes. i did find a thread but it was from many years ago so was not much help. I have used autoCAD for years now on & off and use to be good but have fallen out of practice with it and plan to get back to a high standard, but when it comes to lineweight types i'm very much a newbie. I have been designing a drawing of an estate agents with two flats on top and when it comes to plotting it is all over the place due to line type weights and i was hoping someone would be able to tell me clearly the line weights i should use for e.g. extior walls = 0.** intior walls = 0.** and go on i will attach a PDF of plott and a .DWG to show what i mean. i will save it in .DWG 2007 - i am using autoCAD 2012 Thank you for any help it will be much appreciated!! Tom. p.s. sorry for the essay! & i'm new to forums. plan.dwg_2.dwg_2007[1].dwg plan.dwg_2.dwg_2007[1].pdf
  6. Hey guys, I'm having issues with plotting. I have my page setup as 17 x 22 (Landscape) and am designating the plot area to plot extents. I am trying to plot to 22 x 34 (size "D" portrait). The current paper loaded is 22" in a HP Designjet T770. When I do a plot preview, the drawing looks correct. However, when it plots it trims off the top part of the drawing. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this. The drawing is orientated correctly when it comes out of the plotter so I know it's not a portrait/landscape issue. I just tried plotting a 30 x 42 titleblock to the same size paper "D" portrait, and get the same problem. This happens if I use extents and window. Any ideas?
  7. I've got this drawing which I would like to engrave with my laser, but I'm afraid the duplicate lines from the imported WMF (from Adobe Illustrator) will hinder the performance of the laser. I have tried OVERKILL on all of its different settings, but there are still duplicate lines all over the place. Any tips for removing the duplicates? The drawing is too intricate to go through and delete them by hand. The file is too large for this website (6 mb), so I've uploaded it here http://www.largedocument.com/2/4f4eade7/Nature_1.0.dwg
  8. Hi, this is my first time on the forum. I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music and am running AutoCAD 2012 Educational on a Boot-Camped iMac. I draft in 3D for shows and classes and the program gives me a fatal error window and crashes all the time. The error message is "FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading insert letters and numbers Exception at insert letters and numbers." Thankfully, 2012 has an excellent recovery program. The IT department thinks the graphics are being routed through the processor and not the video card (not that the 512 mb video card is super big). Has anyone else encountered this problem. If so, how have you fixed it if at all? If you haven't had this problem, any thoughts? My colleagues and I are willing to do a rain dance if that means it will stop the problem. Thanks.
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