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How to 2D Draw A Tooth of Gear?

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I don't see an equation.

This will be my last response in this thread.

For example, I would like to draw the spline between point (1,1) and (4,3).


The equations are:


x = 1(1 t)^2 + xc 2t (1 t) + 4t^2

y = 1(1 t)^2 + yc 2t (1 t) + 3t^2




xc = 3 and yc = 4


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It's better to start a new thread spinecad. While it's easy to think that you are continuing a conversation, it doesn't help the search feature for future users of the site. Each problem needs it's own thread.

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I'm still stuck on the gear, lol. I'm not sure that the teeth are evenly spaced. I used array, and chose the circle for the path, but couldn't figure out which command to use to chose the number of teeth (12) or the automaticly space them out evenly.


First array came out perfectly spaced but with 11 teeth. So, I grabbed the grip and moused around till it look right. The bigger sprocket, after array came up a with too big of space left before the original tooth. So, I used the grip again to try to correct it.


Thanks for posting the how-to! It's great to learn how to draw the teeth :)

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