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metric output in mm unit drawing

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I'm trying to make an ATTDEF (in combination with a circle/reference object) to show coordinates in meters, even though the drawing units are in mm.

The general drawing units may not be changed.

I want the output to be 7,453 rather than 7453.

Yes, with comma and three decimals...


But how ?


Please help, Thank you.

Sorry for my english

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If you are using a field in your display you should be able to apply a formula (/1000) to get the magnitude corrct but I think you will have problems with the comma. When I last tried to default the decimal point to a comma lots of odd things happened so I went back to using the . symbol. There are a few other europeans on here so maybe one of them will know how to get the comma.

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Thank you.


When selecting a single polyline, I can choose Elevation for property - and here, the Conversion factor is editable, but no matter what placement along the Z-axis the block have, the output is 0.

When selecting a single line, I can choose Delta, uncheck X and Y, but here the Conversion factor are set to 1 and greyed out / not editable.

Same when selection a circle, and I choose Center for the property, the Conversion factor is greyed out.


I have been messing around and tried to apply a formula to the field, but cant get any other output than ####


It seems strange to me, that such a simple task should be such a hassle.:cry:

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OK, try this......


Open up your field definition and copy what you already have in the "Field Expression" panel. Select "Formula" instead of object and paste the expression you have just copied. You can now apply your /1000 to convert from m to mm.


I had this working for all but the Kote_X block. I will leave you to sort out the presicion and comma (I see have have done it in one :) ).


Note that you need to REGEN after changing the Z value to see the changes.


edit - dwg added



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Now it nworks! Thank you


I've attached my blocks for anyone to use.

One where it possible to write, what the height refers to and one just with the height.

Both for tagging heights in meters, with three decimals (precision in mm).


You might want to rename them altitude or height?


Best wishes



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