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Found 11 results

  1. Does six months a Zombie thread make? I found a different thread in a different sub-forum in which someone had asked a very similar, but somewhat different question. I thought I'd start my own thread rather than pollute his. I am learning Inventor. I have been tasked with a sample job to draw. I have been going through an organized Tutorial Program my employer has footed the bill for. I have also watched a lot of Neil Cross "TFI CAD" videos. He makes it easy to understand. My task is to create production drawings of an assembly draw in 2D AutoCAD like a manufacturer might show to an Architect for approval. The output is to be 3D modeled in Inventor for production. As I've been bringing my parts across, they are coming scaled down like they are drawn in millimeters. In AutoCAD when I check a dimension it shows inches and there aren't any strange setting in the DIMSTYLES that I can find. They are set to inches. The donor AutoCAD file had INSUNITS set to 4. I switched it to 0. That didn't seem to change the behavior. This is the Zombie thread: Insert Units Thread I have not tried this: Editing Acaddoc.lsp Any enlightenment would be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As an aside, re: Neil Cross's work; here is an example of a well done tutorial on the steering wheel. I've used it like a wood saw on a steel pipe for years... I posted a remark on it here a couple days ago. It's after hours and I'm doing a little self-improvement time and wanted to share this.
  2. Hi- I'd like to dimension a drawing in both feet and centimeters. Is there some sort of DimStyle workaround to get this to happen automatically? Yes, I know I could manually overwrite each dimension and do "inches", but is there a way to do it automatically? Thanks!
  3. rosswhiteeca

    Metric scaling

    Hi, I've created a drawing in model space in centimeters which I originally drew on A4 paper @ 1:100. When I bring it up in paper space I have to make it 1:10 to fit. Do I need to scale the drawing in model space using z enter s enter 1/10 xp enter to make it the correct scale? I find the scaling issues very confusing! The site itself is fairly large, 15m x 3.5m
  4. Hello, I’m a draftsman and I have a calculator that has feet and inches which of course makes things easy assisting in draft. I was wondering for those who do not have such calculator – I was considering creating a simple iphone app that does just that – add/substruct as well as conversion from metric to imperial and vise versa. Just gauging to see if there is interest. If there is interest, is anyone interested in beta testing such app during development? Thanks, D
  5. Hi All, I created a new annotation scale to convert mm to inches and changed my DIMSTYLE to dimension to annotative as well, but when I go to dimension nothing happens. My dimensions, arrows and extension lines are still small. What's more bizzare is when I click the dimension and right click properties, it says my annotation scale is 1:1 and it's not set to change to annotative even though my DIMSTYLE says to. So I have to manually click the dimensions and change them all to my DIMSTYLE and change the annotation scale. What did I do wrong when I created the new annotation scale?!?!
  6. Hello I'm trying to make an ATTDEF (in combination with a circle/reference object) to show coordinates in meters, even though the drawing units are in mm. The general drawing units may not be changed. I want the output to be 7,453 rather than 7453. Yes, with comma and three decimals... But how ? Please help, Thank you. Sorry for my english
  7. 1) Which of the crypically-named Templates in AutoCAD LT 2013 for MAC would provide me with an A1 Portrait sheet layout? 2)Is anyone else having issues whereby they can enter metric measures, but the display in Model Space is something else (either coordinate or imperial), and in Paper Space, View Port Windows is only in Imperial Scaling rather than simple 1:200 format? Is there anyway to get CAD to DISPLAY in metric?
  8. Hi...having some trouble with a group of files I received from someone working for me and was wondering if someone can help me. I have a file that is x-reffed into another file. In both instances the drawing has the same measurements, but when I make a viewport in the receiving file the drawing (in the viewport) is 1000x smaller than it should be. It should be noted that I am working in metric units AutoCAD 2011. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. And if you know this to be a simple fix, please help me to understand. Thanks.
  9. Hey hi all, maybe i should poke a stick in my eye because the answer is looking at me. I'll bet but heres my first question... I have created a project in a metric template, then found that the scale factor is haywire. Is there some way to rest the template with out loosing my work or changing anything other than the physical line properties? Second, I have loaded the same file onto another students file who's scale factor is A OK and metric. My file LOOKS fine but when i start to add lines or dimension all the properties are imperial! Thanks for reading, gejay.
  10. I have a dwg sent to me i think it was in metric they provided no scale I need to have it in units of feet, inches. one distance that came with the dwg shows as 111 996 another dim that i know from another dwg at scale of 1=20 measures about 24'-6 that dim shows as 7-5/8 not sure what to do that will make the dwg work. any suggestions.
  11. Am trying to use millimeters for the first time. In model space, I set UNITS to millimeters. I draw a 5 unit line. No problem. I go to a layout tab and the viewport shows a 5" line, using a 1:1 scale. How do I make the viewport show a true 5mm line? What am I missing? If I choose inches as my units, the viewport scale is true 1:1 scale
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