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How to start Acad with /switch to close dialog boxes?


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I've been using Autocad 2017 hobbyist/student version for a few months, all was going well until I wanted to play with materials. I downloaded medium resolution materials, installed service pack 1, went well. Got materials to work. If I tried hitting things in dialog box without waiting a few seconds for lines to populate, I'd get a fatal error: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at 459fda4h, ff31fda4h, 209fda4h etc. I can't close (docked) dialog boxes before fatal error so I tried switches in shortcut, like /safemode, /nohardware, no change. Is there a switch that closes all dialog boxes on start up? I tried: Cntl+0 clean screen, Cntl+3 toggle tool palettes, Cntl+Shft+H hide palettes at startup, I even renamed the acad.cfg to see if it would build a new one. I also used control panel uninstall/repair to repair it. I'm using Lenovo Yoga 11e laptop, Intel N2940 Quad-Core, above minimal specs for program to run.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Ramon

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If you close ALL dialog boxes how do you expect some commands to work since not all commands that activate a dialog box have a command line version?


Have you heard of the system variable CMDDIA? Well before you get too excited there is a caveat to using it. Read this...



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