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Technical Drawing Question

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Basic geometry, the ellipse major and minor would be 0.7071 of the distance between the diagonals of the isometric (square). So copy the rhombus using its own center and scale one of them from the center by a factor of 0.7071 and then use the points of that to draw your ellipse.


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It's a "command modifier" when a command is active and is expecting you to select a point with the mouse, you can type m2p or mtp, and Autocad will then let you pick 2 points and it will work out a position halfway between those 2 points 'm2p' mid 2 points or midway between two points. It's worth looking in the help file for other command modifiers.

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I don't know about the others but I'm old school (well old anyway), I learnt on the drawing board and you had to know how to construct certain types of geometry.

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