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David Bethel

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2 hours ago, rkmcswain said:

In two days, CADTutor.net has seen more improvements than the entire web staff of a giant CAD corporation has managed to do in over 4 months on their forums.

Amen To That !


Much better

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No more comments about speed today so I'm guessing things have been running pretty smooth?

Server resources look to be under control without any of the spikes I was seeing previously. Let me know if you experience any lag.

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No problem here in the UK. I'll check the server...

Looks like there may have been a minor spike earlier but nothing like what was happening after we first migrated. I'll keep an eye on it.

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When a topic needs approval or rejection and I click the appropriate button, it takes ~30 seconds to process and refresh the page.

This is one action that is still very slow.


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I think this must have been a bug in the software that has recently been squashed. I can't take any credit for the result but I'm glad it's now working as expected. Thanks for the feedback :)


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I've made a few changes to the way caching and data storage works on the forum, just to test if that is the culprit. Let me know if you notice any difference or if you see no difference so I can rule it out.

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