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David Bethel

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Much better this morning!  In two days, CADTutor.net has seen more improvements than the entire web staff of a giant CAD corporation has managed to do in over 4 months on their forums.

When a topic needs approval or rejection and I click the appropriate button, it takes ~30 seconds to process and refresh the page. This is one action that is still very slow. Thanks.

Just an update on the situation. It looks like the site is the target of a bot attack, which is continuing. However, I'm putting some defences in place that should start to take effect over the next 2

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12 hours ago, Cad64 said:

Ouch! I just approved a post and it took over 30 seconds. 🙁


Oh damn. I thought I'd cracked that one :( thanks for the feedback anyway. I'll see what else I can come up with.

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I approved a post early this morning and it only took about 2 seconds, so I thought maybe you had fixed the issue, but I just approved another post and it's back to taking 25 seconds again. So this is strange. Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it's very slow.

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I've just been informed by tech support that there is a patch for this issue, which I have now installed. Fingers crossed the patch solves our problem. Please let me know if post approval speed has improved or if it continues to take a long time.

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Well it looks like that patch has not solved our problem :( I've approved two posts since the patch that both took almost 30 seconds to complete. I'm going to run some diagnostics over the weekend as this requires closing the forum for a short period.

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Takes a while now both to open a link or just to open the reply box.  Haven't had any issues with other sites or forums.

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Seems okay here today. Just real slow yesterday. I thought it was on my end. 3 Forums I use were very slow yesterday.

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2 hours ago, SLW210 said:

So now it seems to be lagging still, not as bad as yesterday.

Still really slow here. It took 15 seconds to load up this thread. Yesterday I could not get on though so I guess it is better :).

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3 hours ago, ronjonp said:

 Yesterday I could not get on though so I guess it is better :).


Agreed, I thought it was down yesterday. 

Today, still super slow.

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