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Dynamic door block flip and stretch error


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I'm trying to create a dynamic door with a 25 degree opened angle, however, I also want to be able to stretch the door while flipped horizontal/vertical. This is where I'm having trouble.


I can only stretch the width of the door if both or none of the axis are flipped. If I flip it horizontally the door leaf does not stretch in the same angle.

Does any body know how to correct this? I have checked the sample doors in Autocad that are opened 90 degrees, and they work with flipping. Not sure if it has to do with the 90 degrees or some other thing they have done.


As a bonus, if you could help me with one other thing... I also would like it if the flip would continue to stay centered even if I stretch the width or depth. So if I stretch the door from 700mm to 900mm it would not offset when flipping it, and if I would change the depth of the door it would stay centered on the wall.


Please point me in the right direction if you could! 🙂🍻


DWG of the door is attached.




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Okay so I figured out how to keep the actions centered and just put a move action with 0.5 multiplier.

But the first mystery is still unsolved! 

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2 hours ago, steven-g said:

You need to include the "stretch 1" action into the "flip 1" and "flip 2" selection sets (not the parameters) just the action

I see! Although I'm not sure how to do that. How do I only select the action?

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That will depend on what you see inside the blockeditor, if you see the yellow "lightening bolts" then thats what you need to select, if you don't see those then change the variable "bactionbarmode"=0, If you then single click on the Flip1 action you will see that only Stretch2 is highlighted, if you double click on Flip1 it will prompt you to add to the selection set and you can pick the Stretch1 action. Do the same for Flip3.

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@steven-g I did what you said earlier with BARACTIONMODE=0 now everything is flipping perfectly except the stretching/scaling grip. what to do ?

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You probably need to add the stretch grip and/or the parameter into the objects selected for the flip (sometimes it is a bit of trial and error to find wether you only need the grip or both the grip and the parameter selected).

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