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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I'm trying to create a dynamic door with a 25 degree opened angle, however, I also want to be able to stretch the door while flipped horizontal/vertical. This is where I'm having trouble. I can only stretch the width of the door if both or none of the axis are flipped. If I flip it horizontally the door leaf does not stretch in the same angle. Does any body know how to correct this? I have checked the sample doors in Autocad that are opened 90 degrees, and they work with flipping. Not sure if it has to do with the 90 degrees or some other thing they have done. As a bonus, if you could help me with one other thing... I also would like it if the flip would continue to stay centered even if I stretch the width or depth. So if I stretch the door from 700mm to 900mm it would not offset when flipping it, and if I would change the depth of the door it would stay centered on the wall. Please point me in the right direction if you could! DWG of the door is attached. Thanks! dynamic_door.dwg
  2. Greetings all, I've just joined the CADTutor site as I'm getting back into AutoCAD (using the 2018 version) and have very little prior experience (previously used AutoCAD 2008 / 2009 for basic balustrade drawings many years ago). I'm trying to become a freelance draftsperson in the Aluminium window and door industry and am currently working on Dynamic blocks. I'm using a hatch pattern on the glass with a gradient of 180 (so it appears lighter in the pocket) and have added several functions including a flip function into the block. Unfortunately when using the flip function the gradient remains unchanged (doesn't flip with the hatch or change the angle to 0) and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm using attributes for the extrusion codes / notes so I can mirror the block without any problems but it would just be so much quicker and easier to use the flip function. If anyone can provide some insight it would be much appreciated. Regardos, Scottie.
  3. Hi, I created some Dynamic Block and inserted them in a new Tool Palettes, but when I want to insert them in a new drawing the Block looses all the dynamic thing like rotation, flip... How can I solve this problem? Thank you. PID-SYMBOL.dwg
  4. Hello, I have a problem with a flip action in a block. I have attached cad file, so its easier to understand the problem. The more I ''flip'' the block, the more distorted it gets. Could somebody tell me please what the problem is, cause I'm out of ideas flip nonsense.dwg
  5. Solved! See the first response below to see the solution. (RobDraw's post) Hello, recently last night my mirror tool did not easily snap or flip to what I was trying to do in the red box shown in the picture below: It can do any other angles but the other angles use to let it flip above/below the x-axis. Is there a way to fix this? I do not know how it got changed since it also affected my rotate tool to not rotate at 90° and I had closed the program so I lost the command history to see what caused all of this. I already reset AutoCAD settings to default and restarted my computer. I was able to fix the other tools in snap settings but mirror is the only one left and I use this command the most. I know I can use the rotate tool, but on educational purposes, I was wondering if I can change it back or was I using it incorrectly all along? I tried to search online but I do not know much of the terminology to get the right keywords. Any insight of how to phrase for my search will be grateful as well. Thank you.
  6. I basically taught myself everything I know about AutoCAD in about 7 hours last night so I am very new, but I am very capable of this type of designing technique. I am trying to create a golf tee. I revolved a quarter circle all the way around to make a dome, then stretched the top of the dome to make a pointed cone (like an ice cream cone). That will be the bottom of the golf tee. I then tried to make a cylinder and then rotate it vertically so that it was sideways instead of straight up and down. The cone faces/points along the X-axis, meaning if I do a top view, I don't see a circle, I see the full cone. I want to attach these two object but they are not facing the same way. I could find a way myself, and I couldn't find a way on google to flip objects vertically so that they are flipped 90 degrees in space, making a vertical object horizontal. Is there any possible way to flip either of the objects? Are there any other ways of going about connecting a vertical cylinder to a horizontal cone? Also, how would I go about merging to object, I have tried connecting a downward facing dome to a vertical cylinder but I can get them to line up and would have no idea how to get them connected even if I did get them line up. I did see something about using "Union" but I couldn't find the tool and I don't know how to use it with the command. For the record, I am running AutoCAD 2014 for Mac. Any help would be great, thanks.
  7. I am attaching a rotate parameter and action to a dynamic block. I get the "Specify base point" bit okay but I can't figure out what "Specify radius of parameter" does. Do I have to include or exclude other parameters like Flip or Stretch? I get some weird results when I rotate an object with other parameters. Is it possible to place the Grip in a specific place? It always seems to like to sit on top of another parameter name. Thanks
  8. How do we flip the dimension numbers from one side of the line to another? My dimension always appears on the left hand side for a vertical line and on the top for horizontal line... Can I make them appear on the bottom or right side? How do I do it? Command: DIMLINEAR
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