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Planting Beds

by Ian Ibbotson


The main planting beds are created by using the same method as the car park ie by creating a terrain. Furthermore, more detail can be added to the terrain objects after creation by adding splines. Beds that are delineated by a closed boundary can be created using a simple Subdivide modifier

Download Sample Data (262kb)

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Inner planting bed

  • Either start from the previous stage or open kf305_01.max

The planting bed near the right retaining wall needs creating next using a simple Subdivide modifier:

  • Detach the spline delineating the planting bed: Bdy planting beds.01 shown below in spline sub-object mode
  • Apply a Subdivide modifier to a value of 0.3
  • Convert to Editable Mesh

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Outer main planting beds

  • Snap a new line to the edge of the pavement ramp
  • Select this new line and Surface bed topline.02
  • Create a Terrain Object
  • Draw a line in the Top viewport in the middle of the terrain to control the mid points of the terrain thus:

  • Add the line to the Terrain Object by pressing Add Operand
  • Move the vertices of the line sub-object up and down to give the bed form and relief
  • Convert to Editable Mesh

  • Finally, remove unwanted faces spanning the paving area from the planting bed in face sub-object mode
  • Repeat the operation with the last and largest planting bed planting bed

Finally add relief to the inner planting beds thus:

  • Select the inner planting beds. These are called Bdy maze whole.02 if not renamed
  • Isolate Selection
  • Subdivide to a value of 0.3
  • Convert to Editable Mesh
  • Move up to a value of 0.1
  • In Edge sub-object mode select the open edges and move the edges down 0.1
  • Apply a Smooth modifier and turn smoothing Off
  • Convert to Editable Mesh

  • Repeat this procedure with the smaller planting bed near the wall
  • Complete the site surfaces by selecting the seat base, extruding to 0.1 and converting to an editable mesh

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