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Michael BeallFrom: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #147
Originally published: August 2016

Dual Dimensions in a Dimension Style

by Michael Beall

Alternate Units‘Alternate Units’ doesn't always mean Metric.

To follow along, set the current Dimension style to one you like. The following exercise begins with a Dimension Style with the Unit format set to Architectural on the Primary Units tab.

How to Display Ft′-In″ as well as Inches

  1. Launch the Dimension Style dialog box [Alias: D], click New and enter a name, then click Continue.

  2. Click the Alternate Units tab.

  3. In the upper left corner, put a check in the box for Display Alternate Units.

  4. Set the Unit Format to Fractional.

    Note: I would suggest you set the values for the Precision and the Round off to the same values as those on the Primary Units tab.

  5. Set the Multiplier for Alt Units to 1.00.

  6. In the Suffix edit box, put the inch marks ( ″ ).

    Dimension settings

  7. The last setting you may want to make is to set the Placement feature radio button (under the preview) to Below Primary Value.

    Primary location

  8. Click OK, Close the Dimension Style dialog box, then check out your new dimension!

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