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Michael BeallFrom: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #133
Originally published: April 2014

To or From the Current Layer

by Michael Beall

There are two really handy buttons on the Layers panel—Make Object's Layer Current and Change to Current Layer.

Make Object's Layer Current

Make currentUse this command to set the current layer by selecting an object that's on the layer you want to be current.

Ex: You just added the topographic lines to the site plan on the TOPO layer, and now you need to add more notes to the NOTES layer. Click Make Object's Layer Current, click on some text that's on the NOTES layer, and that becomes the current layer.

Change to Current Layer

Change to currentThis is a great editing feature when you need to move objects from one layer to another.

Ex: The NOTES layer is current as you add text to the drawing and discover text objects that are a different color. So you hover over the object to display the rollover tip where you see it's on the wrong layer. Click Change to Current Layer, then select the errant objects and press [Enter] to change them over to the NOTES layer that happens to be current.

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