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Michael BeallFrom: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #135
Originally published: August 2014

Rotate with the Copy Option

by Michael Beall

Grips don't get a lot of respect, but they are really quite powerful [See ‘The Lost Art of Grips’ in Michael's Corner March 2005], and the introduction of multifunction grips a few versions ago [Covered in Michael's Corner in July 2011 & April 2012], really kicked 'em up a notch.

However, what I want to mention here, is the Copy option of the Rotate command (…which is a similar feature when using grips, if you were wondering about the relevance).

Chairs to copy and rotate

In the following exercise, the chair arrangement must be completed on all four sides.

How to Copy with Rotate

  1. Launch the Rotate command, select the objects to rotate, then press [Enter].

  2. To pick the middle of the conference table, Shift + Right-click and click Mid Between 2 Points, then click two diagonally opposed corners to specify the rotation basepoint between them.

  3. Click the Copy option (or enter C if you have a version prior to AutoCAD 2013).

  4. Turn on Ortho if necessary, then click to rotate—and copy—the selected objects!

Chairs copied and rotated

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