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Pavement Ramp and Car Park

by Ian Ibbotson


Here, the ramp surface created in a previous tutorial is rotated down to meet the bottom steps and the geometry edited to fit the staeps. The car park is also formed using splines snapped to existing geometry

Download Sample Data (260kb)

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Pavement Ramp

  • Either start from the previous stage or open kf304_01.max
  • Whilst viewing the Pavement ramp from the Front View, rotate it on the Y axis using spinner snap of 0.01 (to control the rotation finely) so the bottom meets the steps
  • Adjust the vertices to flatten the ramp where it joins the steps

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Car Park surface

  • Snap a line to the edge of the site geometry and extend this to form one edge of the car park
  • Adjust the height of the end vertex
  • Snap another line to the building path corner and extend to the other corner of the car park
  • Adjust the height of the end vertex
  • Insert (Refine) a number of vertices on both lines to give uniform detail (when a terrain is created)
  • Select both lines and create a Terrain Object
  • Convert to Editable Mesh
  • Subdivide to give uniform faces
  • Rename the terrain: Car Park surface
  • Delete any splines left over from the terrain creation

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