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  1. Help on an old r14 LISP
  2. find intersect point
  3. Lisp for arrow
  4. lisp to filter modified dimensions
  5. issue regarding fillet ( arc and radius)
  6. Feeling older ...
  7. Extract Z data from a point
  8. Modify lisp to ignore locked layers.
  9. points at vertixes and inbetween???
  10. [Help] What wrong in Fix defun ?
  11. Call vba function from within Visual LISP?
  12. Autolisp for time spend on editing particular drawing
  13. Coordinate table
  14. lisp for "osnap mistake" - help
  15. Lisp to change colour from Bylayer to actual colour
  16. lisp to ddedit dimensions
  17. Insert Text from Dialog Box
  18. about dwg to pdf...
  19. Points to a Z-height based on Texts?
  20. Routine to add modified text below existing text (copy/replace?)...
  21. how to delete block that name is "a"
  22. Lowest y value - coordinate for a polyline
  23. i have important block i want close the editor with password
  24. Lisp to create tabs from Selection Window
  25. Help with PDF plot lisp
  26. filtering layers (containing numbers) and to ignoring letters in layer names
  27. Want to Fix Command For *.Fas
  28. add/subtract to a number in an attribute
  29. deselect objects on screen
  30. Arraying Block - Spiral Curve - Roller Shutter
  31. need help on text placement
  32. LSP for Audit / purge / quick save to run on Open file
  33. Initget/Getkword: press any key to do A or Enter to do B
  34. Breaking a long text string at a double space or Tab?
  35. offset multiple text
  36. The perfect recursive function
  37. Wipeout Inside Blocks Issue
  38. Adding AnnoScale without Command
  40. ttr method
  41. Auto numbers
  42. Variable to Store Current Color and Linetype
  43. How do you figure out the cammand prompt for a LISP?
  44. Lisp tools for isometric drawing
  45. Scaling LISP - can you guys please help me tidy it up a litte...
  46. Redraw polylines
  47. Using entmake as insert?
  48. Plot paper sizes in lisp routine
  49. Move all objects closer to origin in multiple drawings?
  50. Plotting Routine - Allow word with spaces for text entry for paper size??
  51. How to open a password protected drawing via Visual LISP?
  52. Repeat Loop
  53. How to distinguish a read only drawing without opening it?
  54. .LSP File for Auto-Numbering?
  55. Extracting object data (LIST, ENTGET, etc)...?
  56. Read autocad file
  57. Help troubleshooting Autolisp that pulls text from drawing
  58. Viewport Checker
  59. How to get properies and methods
  60. An article on recursion
  61. Not able to filter the circle
  62. Lisp to select and hatch objects
  63. need help with field
  64. Close all without save
  65. Alter behaviour of "measure" command
  66. Linetype Orientation
  67. Offset to different distance
  68. Point inside closed polyline
  69. lisp to select all hatch then calculate total area
  70. Convert annotative blocks to normal blocks
  71. swap values of layer name and layer description
  72. Modify linetype
  73. XYZ table for attributed blocks
  74. A lisp remove the last character of a text.
  75. write numbers in the z coordinate
  76. Problem when selecting by window.
  77. 'reference Manager' type program for layers
  78. Adding Geometry with Lisp
  79. Determine a specific Z value in 3D lines
  80. Combine 2 lisps to select last n entities drawn
  81. Lisp insert a dynamic block
  82. Insert acad point at text ins pt
  83. Lisp routine for changing a polyline into arcs and straight lines
  84. Mac AutoCAD LISP routine with no drive letter
  85. Can you protect a LISP routine so no-one can see or modify it?
  86. Lisp management a starting point
  87. Arc angle to Polyline Arc
  88. Lisp for creating new drawings from a CSV filename list
  89. Wipeout Lisp That helps me avoid the manual typing.
  90. volume calculation - parallelepiped - lisp
  91. program to link from excel to cad
  92. Lisp to create an offset construction line with indefinite length.
  93. save dwg file to server folder
  94. [LISP] Offset without indicating the point
  95. need an emergency lisp changes all text styles to one
  96. Delete all layers except current
  97. lisp tool to convert closed polyline to a viewport - help me make it better.
  98. Problems with LISP For Plot
  99. How change inside xref without open main drawing
  100. Need Help for this Lisp Routine...
  101. LISP to get a 3d polyline to update itself by reading a coordinates (xyz) file
  102. Automatically number vertices on a pline
  103. Need Help for counting the layouts and updating the same in title block
  104. Lisp to Alter Mapping
  105. round up number in autolisp
  106. Create viewport with a scale using a lisp
  107. Is lisp Calculating?
  108. "CECOLOR" error
  109. Testing polyline
  110. How to get the name of Dynamic Block ??
  111. Batch import Shape files
  112. Round down to the nearest foot
  113. Need a LISP routine to select lines and copy them to a block
  114. Break the line and change the line type
  115. Check if points is Line
  116. Help me mistake drawing
  117. Need Lisp for Pipe Fittings Take Offs
  118. Select one line of a Polyline
  119. Help troubleshooting LISP to insert titleblock
  120. Getting entity Position XYZ and Rotation XYZ ?
  121. Hatch Pattern as an Name Object...
  122. Problem IDE Editor Visual Lisp in Civil 2011/2012 x64 in Windows Ultimate 7 x64
  123. Help with Stud.LSP
  124. Layer Filters
  125. Line perpendicular to curve or spline
  126. Draw a line in profile using stations and elevations
  127. extract data seen in viewport only + paperspace data
  128. Problem with Date & time stamp
  129. Incrementing Number Lisp
  130. (defun c: LISP THAT I NEED)
  131. smooth polylines in line- and arc-entitys
  132. AutoLISP: Help for beginner
  133. Lisp help - delete all objects on 4 layers but exclude blocks
  134. Maximum decimal in AutoLISP
  135. Changing Printers Names for multiple layouts
  136. Need Block Insertion Lisp
  137. Locate a point on "Ellipse arc" to get chord of desired length
  138. Layer Properties Filters
  139. Routine to copy data from one ATTRIBUTE to another?
  140. overkill for block
  141. Lisp to join hatches
  142. activated (modelspace) viewport in paperspace after startup routine
  143. multi erase?
  144. LM:ListBox Help :(
  145. Autolisp Beginner
  146. OLE object
  147. command Band
  148. Getting error while running Visual lisp program in ACAD2007.
  149. open drawing using lisp
  150. Make Layers (Mr. Lee Mac) add description at lisp some error are comes
  151. 3D mouse
  152. VB.Net Thumbnail Challenge
  153. Adding Scale to scales list - Error; Function cancelled Scale "xxxx" already exists
  154. Area Extraction
  155. Autolisp needed for Mech & Elec Take-Offs
  156. Can someone please help? Getting STRINGP NIL error
  157. Help to correct autolisp program
  158. fraction in kword
  159. "while" loop Misunderstanding
  160. Autolisp Help
  161. Setting Command Properties in Startup.lsp
  162. Reacting to Reactors
  163. Save Current DWG to Another Location
  164. Lisp Won't Continue to Next Step
  165. LISP newbie help...
  166. LISP for Room Size 2 horizontal points & 2 vertical points
  167. Ammend output of chainage
  168. Need Help for this Lisp Routine. (Lat Long to UTM)
  169. Delete all text from block lisp
  170. Dynamic block counting!
  171. Greating a lisp to get a rectangle and impotting a block in it
  172. Delete and Import Page Setup Names
  173. I want just Blocks and not Xrefs
  174. Get Blocks definitions without opening the drawing
  175. Needed a better alternative for Text Explode of Express tools
  176. Add segments to pline
  177. Would like to kno how to make command line open up !
  178. NCOPY command
  179. Environment Variables
  180. Search and Replace in layers
  181. I need a way to check if a pdf file is open?
  182. bad function: -4.0
  183. Request:Text count
  184. Converting x and y back to point!
  185. Mleader, Mtext and AutoLisp
  186. really noobish question
  187. Break lines around blocks with selection
  188. create layer lisp
  189. Break Intersecting Lines with Selection Set
  190. Is it possible to do a zoom command while a dialog is loaded?
  191. Replacing an Xref with a new Xref Using LISP Routine
  192. LISP Routine Question
  193. [Help] Setq a function to another function ? What wrong ?
  194. Adding Prefix or Suffix to block attribute
  195. polygon command
  196. Lazy Typist Text Edit:<Mid Sentence Edit>
  197. error
  198. REQUEST: Change Wipeout Color
  199. Change colour of ByLayer by selecting entity in drawing
  200. Unknown Command?
  201. Realtime zoom and pan on multiple drawings
  202. Find attrubutes in a block/s
  203. automated block and attribute creation from csv file
  204. [Help] Sort a list point by distance
  205. Looking for the Join polyline lisp that is in this forum!!!
  206. Draw rectangle on polyline's vertex
  207. Help with Trans function
  208. battman sync
  209. Is there a way to remove all .lsp from the startup suite via lisp?
  210. Insert a block w/o inserting a block?
  211. All blocks to be set to ByLayer (color and linetype)
  212. Routine to delete part of a raw description
  213. inserting variable in alert message
  214. Layers
  215. How to use DTEXT in autolisp
  216. Lisp routine.. I think is what i need
  217. Regen Reactor crash
  218. Text edit lisp routine
  219. Layer filters
  220. A couple questions for the CAD Tutors...
  221. Text count modify?
  222. Vlr-pers??
  223. Help requested! Want a Lisp routine that loads a prefix dwg and changes layers to it
  224. Chamfer - Trim Only 1 Line
  225. [Help] Save and load all tile in DCL ?
  226. Fillet Parallel Lines
  227. Block Attributes
  228. coordinate labeling
  229. pplot, save, close
  230. A Tool to search Autolisp Functions, by description.
  231. Help on Lee Mac's "Areas 2 Attribute"
  232. Restore layers Visibility after layiso command - LayerState??
  233. block inserted and scaled
  234. Help Lee Mac for LM:GrText ...
  235. Travel path HELP... Lee Mac may be...
  236. Speed question
  237. AutoCAD Block Insertion using Custom menus
  238. How to select a layer with his name and put it bylayer?
  239. How to get block name By Autolisp?
  240. Help with Area command ?
  241. Text hight only change
  242. [Help] How can i decide which Vlr do in runtime ?
  243. Count Text By layer filter?
  244. break circle at one point lisp doesn't work in 2012, anyone?
  245. Replacing a Font and width by another in the whole drawing lisp
  246. Block insertion not working same in ACAD 2012 vs 2011
  247. autolisp
  248. Lisp apploading
  249. Is it wise to load all LISP codes at ACAD startup?
  250. Help on Offset