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Create a 3D Landscape

Preparing an AutoCAD drawing for 3D

This tutorial explains the main issues to consider when drawing in AutoCAD and preparing a drawing for use in 3D work.

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The first and perhaps most crucial stage in creating a 3D landscape scene is the creation of accurate and seamless surfaces. This tutorial explores a number (not all) of techniques for creating quick and accurate surfaces from 2D lines and should give the user a feel for the range of tools available.

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Edges exist where one surface meets another. Usually an edge is a surface edge detail such as pavers, a retaining wall or stepped features such as steps or terracing. This tutorial explores ways of working with them to create 3D elements.

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Pavement Ramp and Car Park

A ramp surface created in a previous tutorial is rotated down to meet the bottom steps and the geometry edited to fit the steps. A car park is also formed using splines snapped to existing geometry.

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Planting Beds

This tutorial completes the sequence by adding planting beds to the scene using a Subvivide modifier.

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