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Found 11 results

  1. I am trying to adjust a block that I got from the AutoCAD Design Centre to my specific length but it would only grow / scale to its preset constraint measurements, EXAMPLE I want 2000 units but it has options of 1008 and 2016 units. Will Block Editor help me, maybe? AutoCAD 2015
  2. GregD

    CAD LT 2013 Block Authoring

    Hi, It's a bit difficult to explain my problem I would like to know how (or if it's even possible) to have an object follow a block in rotation (authored) without the object rotating itself. Kind of like a piston in a car, the piston will only move up and down but the rod and crankshaft will be in rotation (good example I hope). Or a luffing crane hoisting up and down and the counter ballast will follow the line of rotation but not rotate itself... Help would me much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I have some dynamic blocks in an old file. I am trying to use the same blocks in another file with some modifications. But when i try to edit it in block, it still remains the same. Can anybody guide how this is possible or what command I should instead of Bedit?
  4. Hi, I'm working on a project in which we have a large volume of drawings, there's information in the title block that is required to be changed on regular basis. Would anyone know if there is a quick method to doing this. I've tried a few things I've found on other forums but they didn't work. Could be me screwing it up or the information could be not compatible with newer version, the version of Autocad I'm using is AutoCAD LT 2014. Thanks
  5. thbaiju

    Block explode

    Hi all, here Iam attaching a drawing which I need to edit the text. If I explode the block all are coming with lines and arc...do you have any solution Test.dwg
  6. Had this problem for a while now, however, I have managed to solve it so thought I would share it. Not sure if it is a common issue and I currently use AutoCAD 2012. As the thread title suggests, sometimes after exiting the block editor, my drawing begins to 'lag'. It becomes very choppy when panning or using the mousewheel zoom and commands take a little longer than usual to respond. For me, all I have to do is a zoom extents and it's fixed, no idea how or why. Hope this may help others in the future
  7. I'm struggling to create an MLeader object with MText: \LCONSTRUCTION NOTE:\l\P[ATTRIBUTE] I wish to: 1) use command "ATTOUT" to create a text file "[drawing]ATTOUT.txt" in the drawing folder (in Windows Explorer) containing a seperate block named "POINT" with attribute [POINT] and MLeader(or block) named "CNOTE" with attribute [CNOTE], 2) change [CNOTE] value for all [POINT] values in Excel workbook, 3) save Excel workbook to (Tab-delimited) "[drawing]ATTIN.txt" in the same drawing folder (in Windows Explorer), 4) use command "ATTIN" to change [ATTRIBUTE] and [POINT] values. I'm running AutoCAD 2014 Map3D, Windows 7, and Excel 2010. Thank you for any advice or routines to make this possible!
  8. Hi all. I think a setting changed on my pc this weekend. I used to be able to double click the block and edit the attributes in the editor. Now, I can't change any values. I can only get to the dialog that shows info on the block and when I right click, I only have a few commands come out of the flywheel. Any ideas? I rebooted, but no go. Thanks
  9. Hi, new here, so hello all I would like to know how to turn off hatching using the block editor. thanks in advance Loopy121
  10. Hey I am struggling to edit the standard set of blocks that comes with AutoCAD such as receptacles junction boxes etc. I want to edit the standard blocks and then save my changes for future use. Right now the blocks come in at different sizes then I would like. I try to edit them in the block editor however the changes I make do not apply to any other or new drawings that I make. Please help me, any and all help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you! I have attached an image of the differing symbols and sizes. I want them to be consistently sized.
  11. Block Flattening/ how to enable UCS within a block. I am working on a job that has hundreds of blocks added which have various random z-axiz added. I have been in to the block and tried to Flatten it... I get a forced error returned saying "unable to flatten block z-axis isnt enabled in block editor". So, my question is how do i enable the UCS within Block editor with using the "super flatten" lisp which basically expodes every single block and flattens it and then creates a new block. There must be a way to enable the UCS? Cheers Kepners.
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