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Found 11 results

  1. Swibbs

    Database Creation?

    I am trying to create a database that contains additional information about the components that I am going to use in a one-line diagram. If possible I would like to create some kind of prompt related to the component in use, which allows the user to input complete specifications for that component and compiles them into a data base of some kind. I have already created dynamic blocks for each component that I will be using and there is some basic information attached to each block that will show on my drawing, but I would like to be able to create an additional database linked to the components so that I don't clutter my one-line drawing. I already know that I could hyperlink documents to the components, but that is not the route I would like to take if at all possible. Does anyone know of a way to create a database like this or if it is even possible? If I am not clear on what I am asking or if anybody has a question I will do my best to answer or rephrase my current question.
  2. In Feb fixo helped me to write aSQLCon function. I used the function tooquery SQL databases. I have tried towrite one enabling me to query an access database in the same way. But I am at a total loss. (defun SQLControl ( query_statement / adocmd ADOConn adorst data field fields n sqlQuery tmp data1 data2) ;; Fixo ;; http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?84548-LISP-to-query-MS-SQL-Server-Database-return-results-as-list-of-strings (defun tostring (received / temp ) ; Function Syntax: (tostring received) ; received: Variable to be converted to a string (cond ((= (type received) 'STR) received) ((= (type received) 'INT) (itoa received)) ((= (type received) 'REAL) (rtos received)) ((= (type received) 'LIST) (progn (setq temp "") (foreach listitem received (setq temp (strcat temp " " (datatostring listitem) ) ) ) (setq temp (substr temp 2)) (setq received temp) ) ) ) ) (setq SqlCon "Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=SQL\\DESIGNSQL;Initial Catalog=engineering;user id=DraftingDesign;Password=12345" ADOConn(vlax-create-object "ADODB.Connection") ADORst (vlax-create-object "ADODB.Recordset") data1 (list ) data2 (list ) ) (vlax-invoke-method ADOConn 'Open SqlCon nil "" -1) (setq sqlQuery query_statement ADOcmd (vlax-create-object "ADODB.command") ) (vlax-put-property ADOcmd "ActiveConnection" ADOConn) ; optional ; (vlax-put-property cmd2 "CommandTimeout" 30) (vlax-put-property ADOcmd "CommandText" sqlQuery) (vlax-put-property ADOcmd "CommandType" 1) (setq ADORst(vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke-method (list ADOcmd 'Execute nil 2 1)));OK (setq fields (vlax-get-property ADORst 'Fields)) (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke-method (list ADORst 'movefirst)) (while (not (equal :vlax-true (vlax-get-property ADORst 'eof))) (setq tmp nil n 0) (while (not (vl-catch-all-error-p (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-get-property (list fields 'item n)))) (setq field (vlax-variant-value (vlax-get-property (vlax-get-property fields 'item n) 'value))) (setq tmp (cons field tmp)) (setq n (1+ n)) ) (setq data (append data (list (reverse tmp)))) (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke-method (list ADORst 'movenext))) ; use garbage cleaner before of the closing connection: (gc) (vlax-invoke-method ADOConn 'Close) (vlax-release-object ADORst) (vlax-release-object ADOcmd) (vlax-release-object ADOConn) ; (alert (vl-princ-to-string data)); must use (vl-string-trim " " strvalue) for string values within the data list (foreach line data (foreach item line (setq data1 (append data1 (list (cond ((= item nil)"") ((= (type item) 'SYM)(substr (vl-symbol-name item) 7)) ((/=(type item) 'STR)(tostring item)) (T item) ) ) ) ) ) (setq data2 (append data2 (list data1)) data1 (list ) ) ) data2 )
  3. This is my first post. Although I feel like I may have posted on this forum before. I've definitely used the advice I've found here in the past. I have a question that CAD users who deal with vast quantities of drawings might have some answers to. I work for a company that has a database of scanned drawings some of which date back nearly 200 years. There are over 10,000, mostly in a .rlc file type. Since AutoCAD has been around there are also a few thousand .dwg files on our server. We used to search through the drawings using a program that someone here wrote. You'd type in a search term in 1 or more of the fields and it'd bring up a list of relevant drawings. You could then click on any of them for a preview and then save to your local hard drive or where ever. Unfortunately, the old program doesn't work on windows 7 and the server it's on is also being updated so we need to migrate everything to a new server and we need a new method of doing the same thing as the old program did. Apparently the database information is in a standard format SQL database or something and I've seen an excel spreadsheet that shows all the fields and the data. A rep came along and showed us Autodesk Vault which seemed very nice, but a total overkill for what we need to be able to do, not to mention that it would cost a fortune every year to have. So basically does anyone use, or know of a simply program that can replace our old one? Ideally it could preview the rlc files but that is probabaly a very specific function for what would otherwise only need to be a very basic search and retrieve type program. Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  4. Hello Community After many hours looking for a solution to my 'problem' I have been forced to sign up to a website in which there are far more skilled people than I in their programming skills. My issue isn't new but I am unable to find a straightforward solution. It is this...I wish to update individual blocks with different attributes using their handles from an excel spreadsheet on loading any applicable drawing. As I have it I have Handle | Blockname | Attribute 1 | Attribute 2 | Attribute 3 | etc. I have found Lee Mac's Update Titleblock Attributes and (as I see it) this is similar to what I am after in a different form however, I could be wrong...! Could someone please advise me? Many thanks in advance.
  5. I will try to explain this the best I can. I have several hundred miles of aerial and buried fiber. It is in AutoCAD map 3d 2012. I was given the task to create a database that links to the drawing and consists of information extracted from attributed blocks and cable information. The blocks are no problem. I am able to get all the info needed from ATTOUT, but getting the fiber info can be done manually. The cable in the landbase (.dwg) is represented by polylines and the access database links to the handle created by autocad. I can get all the handles and then manually type the pole to pole info. But if I can export the handle with the start and end coordinates it would be a much faster process. I have tried using the dataexport command but I cant seem to get the handle information. or if there is a way to export all attributed block info and polyline handles with start and end location at the same time, would be more of a time saver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have an idea for scheduling our plant’s production but I don’t know if it is possible. I would like have your input. We use AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD LT 2011. We also use Office 2010. I have some experience with Visual Basic. Here is the problem: We use Excel to schedule production of items in our plant. There are several workstations that produce several items each day. Presently, this activity is organized in a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is manually updated maybe 2-3 times a day to reflect many variables that affect production. The data for this spreadsheet originates in the engineering department. This data is entered once in engineering for their use. Then again by the plant scheduler for his scheduling use. Then again by the plant scheduler to update our production database once the item is produced. I want to stop the insanity by entering the data once then using it many times as required. Concept of a solution: In AutoCAD, define a custom coordinate grid with days along the x-axis and the workstation numbers along the y-axis. Then, to represent each item to be produced, define blocks that would hold data from a linked Access database and production information (time/workstation, x /y from the AutoCAD file. When item data is updated in the database it would be reflected in the schedule. When the production data and location is changed in the AutoCAD it would be seen in the database. The scheduler could reposition the blocks in the AutoCAD file as needed to change the schedule. I really have no idea if this is possible. The idea came to me during my commute home one day last week. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  7. Calen Anderson

    Excel Database and AutCAD

    Good day, This is my first post after hours of searching. I have bits and pieces related to my question, but nothing substantial. I have a database with ~350 computer's physical coordinates within the building (actually not yet, but a field to fill) and all related info for that computer. Is it possible to have an object for each computer, and have that object's coordinates within the drawing updated when the database is updated? Or anything that can help with IT's management of these assets? The long-term goal is to have the maintenace people to be able to see where an asset(computer) is physically within the building. We will soon be using HP Service Manager 7 which utilizes a database with said information. I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. I have only fiddled with AutoCAD and am now jumping in head-first. I have only about 30 days to figure this out. Thanks!!! (patience with the Noob )
  8. Hello, We are having problems with FDO Oracle Provider. Map3D 2012 id not able to see changes made on Oracle table (via SQL Developer). For example, when we delete, update or add a column in table, MAP 3D throws an error like this (Note that SIFRA1 does not exist in this table): Also, tables that are deleted in oracle are still visible in fdo oracle provider. For Example: Table MBUS_RHI1 does not exist in our database but it is still listed How can we fix this? We tried updating MAP 3D to SP1 and SP2 but problem persists. Where does MAP 3D store information about database structure? Can someone please help us! We are desperate! Thanks in advance!
  9. This may be a bit complex, so please bear with me. We are a water utility and have thousands of detail drawings of service taps and hydrant connections (maybe 11,000 total). These are in the old Microstation J format. Each drawing is divided into a top half and bottom half. The bottom half of the drawing is the actual drawing portion. The top half of the drawing is text that comes out of an Old Oracle database, into Microsoft Word 2000 through mail merge then is copied and pasted into the top portion of the card. Newer drawings done like this and opened in AutoCAD have the top portion identified as an OLE object (embedded object), while the older drawings just look like a drawing in the top. I'm looking to update the system to ArcGIS and AutoCAD. The data will be moved to a Microsoft Access database (probably later SQL Server), and I want to convert all the old Microstation drawings into an AutoCAD format. ArcGIS will provide the basemap and be linked to the database, with clickable hyperlinks to open the AutoCAD drawings. I would like to be able to keep the bottom drawing half while changing the top half of each drawing to reflect updated data in the database. If this can be automatically updated, that would be awesome. So, I'm looking for a couple things: One is the best program to automatically bulk convert the drawings from Microstation J to AutoCAD (I have 2011). Also, I'm looking for a method to display the text from the database in the top portion of the card using either mail merge with AutoCAD or some automatic method of pulling the info out of the database. Can I just copy-paste this info into AutoCAD as we did with Microstation or is there a better way? Thanks, Nick McNamara GIS Coordinator South Norwalk Electric & Water Norwalk, CT
  10. I have read many posts about linking attributes with excel files but have yet been able to receive any help with what i'm trying to do, so any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm an engineer that works for a company that designs offshore drilling platforms. Currently i am generating panel termination sheets (image attached) and i have to generate one for every junction box but i have several to do (several 100). What i want to do is link my excel junction box schedule (image attached) and set up my attributes in such a way that i input the originating or terminating device and the rest of the attributes auto populate based on my excel sheet. For example (view attached image as reference), i want to input "s-t4630", then i want my cable size (3x2.5mm2), and my cable id (t46-el-2005-01) to generate. REFERENCE IMAGES.zip
  11. I have an Acad2011 drawing with objects linked to a MS Access 2010 BOM database table via dbconnect. I have created my links successfully. However, I occasionally need to break a single object's link to its corresponding record either due to an error or change. A database record may sometimes link to multiple objects. How do I break just the one link while leaving the other objects' links intact.
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