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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, this is a cutout of a dcl file with toggle boxes. How can I predefine the selection "lathe machine"? (So that this checkbox is always checked). Currently, the selection that was previously selected is always applied. With radio-buttons it works with "value=1", but not in this case. : toggle { key = "tool"; label = "lathe machine"; value = "1"; } Thanks so far.
  2. sandiegophil

    Dialog Box behavior

    Hello, I am working with C3D 2018. All of the dialog boxes that permit input are behaving poorly. If I highlight a field I typically do not have time to enter the data before the pulldown closes or the box stops allowing input. Another example would be if I was trying to change an alignment style, the dropdown displays but I do not have time to scroll down fast enough to select one of the options before the list collapses. the dialog boxes themselves remain on screen, just the fields that allow input are failing. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks, Phil
  3. We are looking for a way to revise multiple layout tabs (single .dwg file) at one time. We design our product in 2D in one .dwg file. We use the layout tabs for multiple views of the objects that are in modelspace, (each layout tab has the project titleblock on it, but each layout tab has its own set of revision blocks.) We "stack" the revision blocks in the Y direction, please see first screenshot) There are times in the project when ALL layout tabs need the same revision description. For example, Issue for Construction, P.E. comments, As Built... etc. This was previously done by inserting the RevBlk, editing attributes, Copy-Basepoint, switching to each layout tab, and pasting above the existing RevBlk. So we would like to be able to insert a revision block into each layout tab using a dialog box or excel. Explained simply (hopefully): The routine would find the revision block (RevBlk) with the largest Y value (because we "stack" the revision blocks in the Y direction, please see example) and insert a new revision block (RevBlk) above it. The height (in Y direction) of the block is .1271, so the new RevBlk would need it's insertion point @0,.1271,0 in relation to the existing RevBlk with the highest Y value. Please see first screenshot: Our Layout Tab labels follow this sequence: Following that numbering sequence these are possible but not so frequent: It would be nice if we could control the insertion of new revisions from a dialog box: (the routine would need to detect what tabs were available?) I'm sorry for the way it looks, the only way I know how to make one is in Excel's VBA Also, I have a grander vision to define project parameters in Excel and then the appropriate blocks will be inserted (from the block library) into the new .dwg file. So I'm hoping this smaller task will help me along with the larger endeavor. InsertNewRevBlocks.dwg
  4. *Disclaimer* I'm not sure where this code came from, it's probably hashed together from several forum posts. I'm working on revising this layer renamer that didn't quite work. I've got the dialog box setup and working fine. I've got the layer renaming functions setup and working fine. The problem is when I try to execute the layer renaming function from the dialog box it crashes. I think it's getting stuck in a loop because the VLIDE gets stuck until I close the AutoCAD drawing and open a new one. I've simplified the code down for brevity. If any can take a look at it and give some suggestions I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance! ;|------BEGIN---LAYER RENAMER DIALOG BOX---------------------------------------------------------------|; (defun C:layerRenamer (/ dcl_id fn fname) (vl-load-com) (create_dialog) (setq dcl_id (load_dialog fname)) (if (not (new_dialog "layerRenamer" dcl_id)) (exit) ) ;if (action_tile ;This action tile causes a crash when using the UnitLayer function. It works fine when using the testFunction. "btnUnit" "(c:unitLayer)" ) (start_dialog) (unload_dialog dcl_id) (vl-file-delete fname) (princ) ) (defun create_dialog () (setq fname (vl-filename-mktemp "dcl.dcl")) (setq fn (open fname "w")) (write-line "layerRenamer : dialog { label = \"Automated Layer Renaming - V06-08-15\"; : column { : boxed_column { : button { key = \"btnUnit\"; label = \"Fix Standard Unit Layers\"; is_default = false; } } : boxed_row { : button { key = \"cancel\"; label = \"Close\"; is_default = true; is_cancel = true; } } } }" fn ) (close fn) ) ;|------END-----LAYER RENAMER DIALOG BOX---------------------------------------------------------------|; ;|------BEGIN---BASIC RENAMING FUNCTION----------------------------------------------------------------|; (defun c:renameLayer ( oldLayer newLayer / ss i ent ) (cond ((and (tblsearch "layer" oldLayer) (not (tblsearch "layer" newLayer))) (command "._rename" "la" oldLayer newLayer) ) ((and (tblsearch "layer" oldLayer)(tblsearch "layer" newLayer)) (setq ss (ssget "x" (list (cons 8 oldLayer)))) (setq i -1) (repeat (sslength ss) (setq ent (entget (ssname ss (setq i (1+ i)))) ent (subst (cons 8 newLayer) (cons 8 (cdr (assoc 8 ent))) ent) ) (entmod ent) ) ) ((not (tblsearch "layer" oldLayer)) (prompt (strcat "\nLayer " oldLayer " not found. ")) ) ) (princ) ) ;|------END-----BASIC RENAMING FUNCTION----------------------------------------------------------------|; ;|------BEGIN---DRAWING SPECIFIC RENAMING FUNCTIONS----------------------------------------------------|; (defun c:unitLayer ( / newLayer ) ;This function runs perfectly when run from the command line but crashes when run from dialog box. (setq newLayer "1_ANSI") (foreach oldLayer '("ANSI" "_ANSI" "F.H." "1_F.H.") (renameLayer oldLayer newLayer)) (command "._purge" "la" "" "n") ) ;|------END-----DRAWING SPECIFIC RENAMING FUNCTIONS----------------------------------------------------|; (defun c:testFunction () (print "Test Function Ran") (princ) )
  5. Hello all, I've tried to get some help with this in the past and haven't been able to achieve what I'm after. I think overcomplicated it before. Can you manipulate a dialog box (proper term may be user interface?) with lisp? I have custom commands that bring up a dialog box with various options that I would like to automate some things. When the box comes up, I can use "SHIFT+TAB" to cycle to the option I want, hit enter to then select an object and hit enter one more time to bring the box back up to change various things. Can lisp do all this? Thanks again, -Nobull
  6. Hi everybody! I'm trying to create dialog box for creating new layer, I googled everything I could remember, but I can't find anything. Set newLayer = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("NameOfNewLayer") should create new layer, but how to define color or weight or type of lines? P.S. I'm using VB6...

    Dialog Box Missing

    I was on my previous employers computer with auttocad (he says)2009 (it says 2007). I was helping him make a few tweaks. In short I made his SAVEAS dialog box dissapear. Now when hitting "saveas" it shows in the comand line- no popup dialog box. Please help me fix this error (and get me out of hot water) Thanks ahead
  8. new to the dialog boxes. Been trying a routine and failing. Can't figure out why. The routine opens the dialog, which should allow me to pick 1 out of 3 blocks to instert and to define the scale of the block, text to be inputed, and the text style to be used. The idea was planed to first define defaults for the dialog. Once the dialog is opened I could change or except the defaults. It should then insert the selected block and print the text. If the lisp file is executed a second time it should use the last values used as the defaults. So far all I can do is call up the dialog box, change my inputs or leave them as default, but once I select OK autocad locks up. here are the files: tree.dcl tree.lsp as a note, tree.lsp file in in c:/program files/autocad.../lispfile folder, which is called to in autocad. it is where all my lisp files are stored and autoloaded from. and the tree.dcl file is in the Express folder. I originally saved it in the Lispfile folder, but for some reason it would not load from there, but did load once I saved it to the Express folder. But now it crashed all the time. I even tried putting tree.lsp file in the Express folder, but did not change the results. Still crashed.
  9. Hello All, I tried to solve a problem lisp and DCL but it is clear that I have a lot to learn. With lisp's trying to insert text in Autocad list opens (see DCL). Any help is welcome. Dialog Text.zip
  10. Eric Beagley

    Custom Dialog Boxes

    I work for a manufacturing company. We use AutoCad to do our estimates. We take custom block and overlay them on tiff backgrounds of the architectural plans. Then we export the block info into spreadsheets to complete our takeoffs. As of now we use dynamic properties and attributes in the blocks to gather the options for the particular product we are bidding. I use many dummy look up tables to select options like color, finish ect. for the blocks. Then other data is entered into attributes. Is there a way using AutoLisp or some other method to create a dialog box that pops up when you click on a block that contains a mixture of fields, pulldowns, check boxes to pick all the options of the product. Then be able to extract this data. I am just wonder about this capability before I start learning AutoLisp. Thanks
  11. Okay so two questions both relating to text in a multileader. 1) I have written a lisp that sets layer, creates a revcloud but when it gets the point at which it generates an mleader, I run into problems. Basically it draws the leader then ask me for the text in the command window. But soon as I hit space (as in between words) it finishes the command. I am hoping there is a way to pop up the normal dialog box that happens with multileaders so that the user can type in there entry hit okay then it finishes the lisp. 2) Second question, I am using a portion of a lisp from Ken Jolly that uses a series of texts in quote marks and then the user can select from them in a dialog box. it works great but for some of our longer texts I would like it if it could insert a 'return' to bring it to the next line. Is there a way to do that? See attached code. The one I have modified but not posted utilizes a mleader not a leader. '\n' did not work. Any help would be appreciated. note.zip
  12. I am currently using Autocad Map 3D 2010, which uses alot of the same commands as AutoCad 2010. Atleast that is what i have been figuring out since i cannot find any help really online with trying to learn this version,(Map 3D), so i have just been learning the regular Autocad 2010. But that is another post. I must have changed a setting that affected this and not known it, but recently when I click Open to bring up the dialog box to search for and open a document or template the dialog box does not come. Instead it says "Enter name of drawing to open :" in the command line. Does anyone know how to get the dialog box to start coming up again?
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