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Found 18 results

  1. I'm almost there with my workflow, but I need a little help to get it just right. Here's what I'm trying to do: Type command Select block Pick Mleader arrow location Pick Mleader landing location Mleader content should automatically populate with the "SW_LENGTH" parameter from the block Everything works great up until step 5. After I pick both Mleader points, the Mleader text box opens for me to fill out (it's blank). But if I click in the drawing area, it exits the text box and fills in the correct info. So, how do I skip that last step and have the Mleader content fill in automatically without Autocad opening the text edit box? ;; Get Dynamic Block Property Value - Lee Mac ;; Returns the value of a Dynamic Block property (if present) ;; blk - [vla] VLA Dynamic Block Reference object ;; prp - [str] Dynamic Block property name (case-insensitive) (defun LM:getdynpropvalue (blk prp) (setq prp (strcase prp)) (vl-some '(lambda (x) (if (= prp (strcase (vla-get-propertyname x))) (vlax-get x 'Value))) (vlax-invoke blk 'GetDynamicBlockProperties))) (defun c:swtest () (setq blockName (car (entsel "\nSelect Block: "))) (if (and blockName (eq (cdr (assoc 0 (entget blockName))) "INSERT")) (progn (setq vlaBlock (vlax-ename->vla-object blockName)) (setq SW_LENGTH (LM:getdynpropvalue vlaBlock "SW_LENGTH")) (if SW_LENGTH (progn (setq textString (strcat "SW_LENGTH: " (rtos SW_LENGTH 2 2))) (princ (strcat "\n" textString)) (if (setq ins (getpoint "\nSpecify start point for MLeader: ")) (progn (setq endPoint (getpoint "\nSpecify end point for MLeader: " ins)) (setq curlay (getvar "CLAYER")) (setvar 'CMDECHO 0) (command "_.undo" "_group") (setvar 'CLAYER "S - TEXT") (command "CMLEADERSTYLE" "NORMAL - SW") (setvar 'CMDECHO 1) (initcommandversion) (command ".MLeader" ins endPoint "") (while (> (getvar "CMDACTIVE") 0) (command PAUSE)) (setq mleaderObj (vlax-ename->vla-object (entlast))) (vla-put-TextString mleaderObj textString) (setvar 'CMDECHO 0) (command "CMLEADERSTYLE" "Normal") (command "_.LAYER" "_SET" curlay "") (command "_.undo" "_end") (setvar 'CMDECHO 1) (princ "MLeader with SW_LENGTH created.")) (alert "Insertion point not specified!"))) (alert "SW_LENGTH attribute not found!"))) (alert "Selected entity is not a block!")) (princ))
  2. This is the code that I'm having issues with the TextAlignmentType property is the issue. How can I vla-get and vla-put it? (vl-load-com) ;; ---------------------=={ MLEADER_Recreate }==-------------------------- ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;; AUTHOR & ADDITIONAL CODE ;; Author: by 3dwannab, Copyright © 2023 ;; ABOUT / NOTES ;; - Recreates MULTILEADER/s with 2 or 3 points ;; - This solves the issues with MLEADER styles been overridden in the properties dialog ;; FUNCTION SYNTAX ;; Short-cut MR ;; Long-cut MLEADER_Recreate ;; VERSION DATE INFO ;; Version 1.0 2018.08.26 1st draft 2018.07.26 ;; Version 1.1 2019.03.18 Added ScaleFactor & TextFrameDisplay to newly created MLs' ;; Version 1.2 2023.08.02 Added TextBackGroundFill to newly created MLs' if it exists on old MLs ;; TO DO LIST ;; - To update with mleader_vlML.lsp in my Help folder ;; 2022.01.25 Test and it seems to be broken. ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;; ------------------=={ MLEADER_Recreate START }==----------------------- (setq *MLEADER_Recreate-Ver* "1.2") (defun c:MLEADER_Recreate nil (c:MR)) (defun c:MR (/ acDoc *error* cnt en endata getLay getTxtAlignType getTxtBkgFill getLeaderCnt getStyle getTxtRot getTxtStr getTxtWidth getScaleFactor getTextFrameDisplay ldxf10_1 ldxf10_2 ldxf10_3 lstpts lstptslen obj objnew sel var_cmdecho var_osmode) (defun *error* (errmsg) (and acDoc (vla-EndUndoMark acDoc)) (and errmsg (not (wcmatch (strcase errmsg) "*CANCEL*,*EXIT*")) (princ (strcat "\n<< Error: " errmsg " >>\n")) ) (setvar 'cmdecho var_cmdecho) (setvar 'osmode var_osmode) ) (setq acDoc (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) (or (vla-EndUndoMark acDoc) (vla-StartUndoMark acDoc)) (setq var_cmdecho (getvar "cmdecho")) (setq var_osmode (getvar "osmode")) (setvar 'cmdecho 0) (setvar 'osmode 0) (setq ss1 (ssget '((0 . "MULTILEADER")))) (setq sel (ssadd)) (setq sel_mls_not_compat (ssadd)) (setq cnt 0) (repeat (setq cnt (sslength ss1)) (setq cnt (1- cnt)) (setq en (_dxf -1 (entget (ssname ss1 cnt))) endata (entget en) obj (vlax-ename->vla-object en) getLay (vla-get-Layer obj) getScaleFactor (vla-get-ScaleFactor obj) getStyle (vla-get-StyleName obj) getTextFrameDisplay (vla-get-TextFrameDisplay obj) getTxtBkgFill (vla-get-TextBackGroundFill obj) getTxtAlignType (vla-get-TextAlignmentType obj) getTxtRot (vla-get-TextRotation obj) getTxtStr (vla-get-TextString obj) getTxtWidth (vla-get-TextWidth obj) lstpts (vl-remove-if-not '(lambda (p) (eq (car p) 10)) (reverse endata) ) lstptslen (length lstpts) ldxf10_1 (cdr (nth 1 (reverse lstpts))) ldxf10_2 (cdr (nth 3 (reverse lstpts))) ldxf10_3 (cdr (nth 2 (reverse lstpts))) getLeaderCnt (vla-get-LeaderCount obj) ) ;; setq (cond ((or (> lstptslen 5) (< lstptslen 4)) (ssadd en sel_mls_not_compat) ) ((or (= lstptslen 5) (= lstptslen 4)) (progn (if (= lstptslen 5) (command "_.MLEADER" "_H" "_L" "_O" "_M" 3 "_X" "_non" (trans ldxf10_1 0 1) "_non" (trans ldxf10_2 0 1) "_non" (trans ldxf10_3 0 1) "" ) ) (if (= lstptslen 4) (command "_.MLEADER" "_H" "_L" "_O" "_M" 2 "_X" "_non" (trans ldxf10_1 0 1) "_non" (trans ldxf10_3 0 1) "" ) ) (setq entnew (entlast) objnew (vlax-ename->vla-object entnew) ) (if en (progn (if (/= getTxtWidth 0) (vla-put-TextWidth objnew (/ getTxtWidth getScaleFactor)) ;; Testing the dividing the text width by the scale factor of the old mleader. ) (vla-put-TextBackGroundFill objnew getTxtBkgFill) (vla-put-TextAlignmentType objnew getTxtAlignType) (vla-put-Layer objnew getLay) (vla-put-ScaleFactor objnew getScaleFactor) (vla-put-StyleName objnew getStyle) (vla-put-TextFrameDisplay objnew getTextFrameDisplay) (vla-put-TextRotation objnew getTxtRot) (vla-put-TextString objnew getTxtStr) (entdel en) (ssadd entnew sel) ) ) ) ) ) ) ;; repeat (if (> (sslength sel) 0) (progn (princ (strcat "\n: ------------------------------\n\t\t<<< You've created " (itoa (sslength sel)) (if (> (sslength sel) 1) " new MULTILEADERS" " new MULTILEADER") ". A legend has been born >>>\n: ------------------------------\n" ) ) (sssetfirst nil sel) ) ) (if (and sel (> (sslength sel_mls_not_compat) 0)) (progn (princ (strcat "\n: ------------------------------\n\t\t*** Program found " (itoa (sslength sel_mls_not_compat)) (if (> (sslength sel_mls_not_compat) 1) " MULTILEADERS that are" " MLEADER that is" ) " not compatible ***\n: ------------------------------\n" ) ) (princ (strcat "\n: ------------------------------\n\t\t*** NOTE: " (itoa (sslength sel)) (if (> (sslength sel) 1) " successfully converted MULTILEADERS have been" " successfully converted MULTILEADER has been" ) " selected ***\n: ------------------------------\n" ) ) ) ) (*error* nil) (princ) ) ;; end MR defun ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;; ----------------------=={ Functions START }==-------------------------- ;;----------------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; _dxf ;; Finds the association pair, strips 1st element ;; args - dxfcode elist ;; Example - (_dxf -1 (entget (ssname (ssget) 0))) ;; Returns - <Entity name: xxxxxxxxxxx> (defun _dxf (code elist) (cdr (assoc code elist)) ) ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;; ---------------------=={ Functions END }==-- -------------------------- (princ (strcat "\n: ------------------------------\n\"3dwannab_MLEADER_Recreate.lsp\" loaded | Version " *MLEADER_Recreate-Ver* " by 3dwannab. Type \"MLEADER_Recreate\" OR \"MR\" to run.\n: ------------------------------\n" ) ) (princ) ;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;; -------------------=={ MLEADER_Recreate END }==------------------------ (c:MR) ;; Uncommet for testing
  3. Hi, running 2016 LT on Windows 10 machine. I have used Mleaders for years and it always give me a prompt in the Command Line for the value or text. For some unknown reason, it now opens the Edit Attributes window and I have to enter the text and then click OK. Really slow. What have it turned on or off and how do I fix it. ATTREQ = 1
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a lisp routine that sets all existing MLEADERs to a certain pre-set MLEADERSTYLE, the equivalent of doing a Quick Select for Mleaders, and setting the style under the properties window. I was able to write a similar routine that selects all dimensions and sets them to a certain DIMSTYLE, using entmod and DXF code 3 for dimstyle. So far, I have not been able to find a group code for MLEADERSTYLE Any help would be greatly appreciated! (defun C:dimstylechange (/ ENTITIES NO_OF_ENTITIES SSPOSITION ENTITY_NAME OLD_ENTLIST NEW_STYLE NEW_ENTLIST) (setvar "CMDECHO" 0) (setq ENTITIES (ssget "X" '((0 . "DIMENSION")))) (setq NO_OF_ENTITIES (sslength ENTITIES)) (setq SSPOSITION 0) (repeat NO_OF_ENTITIES ;***CHANGE STYLE*** (setq ENTITY_NAME (ssname ENTITIES SSPOSITION)) (setq OLD_ENTLIST (entget ENTITY_NAME)) (setq OLD_STYLE (assoc 3 OLD_ENTLIST)) (setq NEW_STYLE (cons 3 "BCR 11x17")) (setq NEW_ENTLIST (subst NEW_STYLE OLD_STYLE OLD_ENTLIST)) (entmod NEW_ENTLIST) ;***CHANGE LAYER*** (setq OLD_ENTLIST (entget ENTITY_NAME)) (setq OLD_STYLE (assoc 8 OLD_ENTLIST)) (setq NEW_STYLE (cons 8 "DIM")) (setq NEW_ENTLIST (subst NEW_STYLE OLD_STYLE OLD_ENTLIST)) (entmod NEW_ENTLIST) (setq SSPOSITION (1+ SSPOSITION)) ) (command ".CHPROP" ENTITIES "" "C" "BYLAYER" "LT" "BYLAYER" "") (princ (strcat "\n..." (rtos NO_OF_ENTITIES 2 0) " Dimension(s) changed...")) (setvar "CMDECHO" 1) (princ) ) dimstylechange.LSP
  5. See screenshot of problem and .dwg attached. DIM ASSOC PROBLEM.dwg
  6. I've only been learning LISPing for a few weeks so C&C's are most welcome. LINK TO VIDEO: One of my most used LISPs is the LeaderToMleader.LSP. Found here. It was last updated many moons ago, so I decided to try learn and modify it to suit. Many thanks to the original author Lyle Hardin. I just need some guidance on how to get UCS working with it. EDIT. Using the TRANS fn. It works okay. Took a bit of tweaking but I got it. Please test. Here's a list of things I've changed at the top of the code: Main ones are: Multiple Selection - User can now select the LEADER and MTEXT together and no longer individually resulting in a much faster conversion. Strip text - Of formatting option - LM:UnFormat fn written by LeeMac. Annotation support - Program simply matches the (entget) object to that of the (entlast) object. With the help of AT:isAnnotative written by Alan J. Thompson. Case conversion - Built in fns using (load "TcaseSup.lsp") - OPTIONS: Titlecase Lowercase Uppercase Sentencecase toGglecase Keepcase Verts - Leader_To_Multileader now supports 2 or 3 points. (Old method was only 2). It uses the 1st, 2nd (if applicable) and last verts of the LEADER. The 4th vert or more, will get removed. Text Rotation - MTEXT rotation is now preserved. Undo levels - As opposed to one command at a time. PS. How easy would it be to calculate the distance between the start point of the LEADER point and pos of the MTEXT and then for each of the closest pairs make them an MULTILEADER. That would be cool. ;;; CADALYST 08/08 www.cadalyst.com/code ; Tip 2305: Leader_To_Multileader.lsp LEADER to Multileader (c) 2008 Lyle Hardin ; Pick an old style LEADER and text to create a new MLEADER entity and erase the old LEADER and text. ; March/2008 ;;; EDITED ON 15/04/2017 BY 3DWANNAB ; Reason for creating this, was to learn and create a LISP that I use on a regular basis. ; Commandline Syntax: Type "Leader_To_Multileader" OR "LTM" to run Program. ; ; ADDED - Case Conversion. ; OPTIONS: ; Titlecase Lowercase Uppercase Sentencecase toGglecase Keepcase. ; ; ADDED - Annotation support. Program simply matches the (entget) object to that of the (entlast) object. With the help of AT:isAnnotative written by Alan J. Thompson. ; ADDED - Custom LM:ssget fn written by LeeMac. ; ADDED - Multiple Selection. User can now select the LEADER and MTEXT together and no longer individually resulting in a much faster conversion. ; ADDED - Round off points - To nearest round number. That been 1. round fn written by Doug Broad. Additional credits to Joe Burke, Peter Toby. ; ADDED - Strip MTEXT - Of formatting option - LM:UnFormat fn written by LeeMac. ; ADDED - Text Rotation - MTEXT rotation is now preserved. ; ADDED - Undo levels - As opposed to one command at a time. ; ADDED - Picking of existing MLEADER to use as new style. ; RMB-SPACEBAR-ENTER to skip this step and use the current MLEADER style ; SETTINGS TRANSLATED IF PICKED: ; (vla-put-Layer newmleader existingMlLayer) ; (vla-put-ScaleFactor newmleader existingMlScale) ; (vla-put-StyleName newmleader existingMlStyle) ; (vla-put-TextWidth newmleader existingMlWidth) ; ; SETTINGS TRANSLATED IF NOT: ; (vla-put-Layer newmleader existingTxtLayer) ; (vla-put-TextRotation newmleader existingTxtRot) ; (vla-put-TextWidth newmleader existingTxtWidth) ; ; CHG - Changed to 'vla-get-TextString' as more robust. ; CHG - Moved new MLEADER to TEXT Layer as opposed to existing LEADER. ; CHG - Picking never fails, prompts user to keep picking until successful. LM:SelectIf fn written by LeeMac. ; FIX - ACADs built in functions to convert ill-formatted MTEXT creates a bug in the string result. LM:StringSubst by LeeMac. ; FIX - End position of MLEADER. ; FIX - Z coordinate to 0, resulting in no fuzzy text. ; FIX - Forces the MLEADER to be created from the 'LEADER arrowHead first' resulting in correct results all the time. ; FIX - Vertices, Leader_To_Multileader now supports 2 or 3 points. ; If 2 (Straight) it straightens the MLEADER up to the Y axis of the LEADER point for those LEADERS at an angle. ; If 3 (Dog Legged) it recreates those as they originally were. ; If <3 (Multiple) it recreates the 1st, 2nd & end point point of the original LEADER. The 4th vert or more, will get removed. ; NOTE: Not really any need for more than 3 points on an MLEADER, I don't think. ; ;;; KNOWN QUIRKS, BUGS ; Works in different UCSs, if you are fixing MTEXT & LEADERS which are upside down then the new MLEADER might be a little wacky. ; ;;; FUTURE ADDITIONS ; Convert based on how close the LEADER and MTEXT are away from each other. To enable multiple selection. ; ;;; COMMENT OUT ; First off, Big THANKS to Lyle Hardin for the original code. ; Big THANKS to LeeMac for the functions he has put up on his website. ; Finally getting the basics of this LISP'ing lark thanks to guys like him. ; Lots of other places on forums and Users too. To many users to mention. ; Let me know your thoughts on this Program or if you want to drop a Thank you. ; e. stephensherry147@yahoo.co.uk (defun c:LTM nil (c:Leader_To_Multileader)) (defun c:Leader_To_Multileader ( / *error* cmde entLeader entLeaderName entTxt entTxtName entTxtVlaObj existingMlScale existingMlStyle existingMlvlaObj existingMlWidth existingTxtLayer existingTxtRot existingTxtString existingTxtWidth ldxf10_1 ldxf10_2 ldxf10_last lstleaderlen lstleaderpts os ss1 ss2 ) (defun *error* (errmsg) (and acDoc (vla-EndUndoMark acDoc)) (and errmsg (not (wcmatch (strcase errmsg) "*CANCEL*,*EXIT*")) (princ (strcat "\n<< Error: " errmsg " >>")) ) (setvar 'cmdecho cmde) (setvar 'osmode os) ) (setq acDoc (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) (or (vla-EndUndoMark acDoc) (vla-StartUndoMark acDoc)) (setq cmde (getvar "cmdecho")) (setq os (getvar "osmode")) (setvar 'cmdecho 0) (setvar 'osmode 0) (if (setq ss1 (car (LM:SelectIf (strcat "\nSelect an existing MULTILEADER to use as the new style\nor RMB-SPACEBAR-ENTER to use current: '" (getvar "cmleaderstyle") "'." ) (lambda ( x ) (eq "MULTILEADER" (cdr (assoc 0 (entget (car x)))))) entsel nil ) ) ) (progn (setq existingMlvlaObj (vlax-ename->vla-object ss1) existingMlLayer (vla-get-Layer existingMlvlaObj) existingMlStyle (vla-get-StyleName existingMlvlaObj) existingMlWidth (vla-get-TextWidth existingMlvlaObj) ) (if (/= T (AT:isAnnotative ss1)) (setq existingMlScale (vla-get-ScaleFactor existingMlvlaObj)) ) (princ (strcat "\nStyle to use: ' " existingMlStyle " '")) ) ) (initget "Titlecase Lowercase Uppercase Sentencecase toGglecase Keepcase") (setq ansCase (cond ( (getkword (strcat "\nChoose Text Case : [Title case/Lower case/Upper case/Sentence case/toGgle case/Keep case] <" (setq ansCase (cond ( ansCase ) ( "Keepcase" )) ) ">: " ) ) ) ( ansCase ) ) ) (initget "Keepformatting Removeformatting") (setq ansFromatting (cond ( (getkword (strcat "\nChoose Formatting : [Keep formatting/Remove formatting] <" (setq ansFromatting (cond ( ansFromatting ) ( "Keepformatting" )) ) ">: " ) ) ) ( ansFromatting ) ) ) (while (setq ss2 (LM:ssget "\nSelect 1 LEADER & 1 MTEXT: " (list "_:L" (append '( (-4 . "<OR") (0 . "MTEXT") (0 . "LEADER") (-4 . "OR>") ) ) ) ) ) (if (/= (sslength ss2) 2) (progn (alert "Select only 1 MTEXT and 1 LEADER.") (princ " >>> 'LTM' failed selection, try again ...")(princ) ) (progn (if (= (cdr (assoc 0 (entget (ssname ss2 0)))) "LEADER") (setq entLeader (entget (ssname ss2 0)) entTxt (entget (ssname ss2 1)) ) (setq entLeader (entget (ssname ss2 1)) entTxt (entget (ssname ss2 0)) ) ) (if (or (and (eq (dxf 0 entLeader) "LEADER") (eq (dxf 0 entTxt) "LEADER")) (and (eq (dxf 0 entLeader) "MTEXT") (eq (dxf 0 entTxt) "MTEXT"))) (progn (alert "Please, check your Selection !\n\nSelect only 1 MTEXT and 1 LEADER.") (princ " >>> 'LTM' failed selection, try again ...")(princ) ) (progn (setq entLeaderName (dxf -1 entLeader) entTxtName (dxf -1 entTxt) existingTxtLayer (dxf 8 entTxt) entTxtVlaObj (vlax-ename->vla-object entTxtName) existingTxtString (vla-get-TextString entTxtVlaObj) existingTxtWidth (dxf 41 entTxt) existingTxtRot (dxf 50 entTxt) lstleaderpts (vl-remove-if-not '(lambda (p) (eq (car p) 10)) entLeader ) lstleaderlen (length lstleaderpts) ldxf10_1 (cdr (car lstleaderpts)) ldxf10_1 (mapcar '(lambda (x) (round x 1) ) ldxf10_1 ) ldxf10_2 (if (>= lstleaderlen 3) (cdr (nth (- lstleaderlen 2) lstleaderpts)) ) ldxf10_2 (mapcar '(lambda (x) (round x 1) ) ldxf10_2 ) ldxf10_last (if (< lstleaderlen 3) (list (car (dxf 10 entTxt)) (cadr ldxf10_1) (caDDr (dxf 10 entTxt))) (list (car (dxf 10 entTxt)) (cadr ldxf10_2) (caDDr (dxf 10 entTxt))) ; (list (car (dxf 10 entTxt)) (cadr ldxf10_1) 0) ; (list (car (dxf 10 entTxt)) (cadr ldxf10_2) 0) ) ldxf10_last (mapcar '(lambda (x) (round x 1) ) ldxf10_last ) ) (cond ((= "Keepformatting" ansFromatting) ) ((= "Removeformatting" ansFromatting) (setq existingTxtString (LM:UnFormat existingTxtString nil)) ) ) (progn (if (>= lstleaderlen 3) (progn (command "._MLEADER" "_L" "_H" "_O" "_M" 3 "_A" "_N" "_X" "_non" (trans ldxf10_1 0 1) "_non" (trans ldxf10_2 0 1) "_non" (trans ldxf10_last 0 1) "") ) (progn (command "._MLEADER" "_L" "_H" "_O" "_M" 2 "_A" "_N" "_X" "_non" (trans ldxf10_1 0 1) "_non" (trans ldxf10_last 0 1) "") ) ) (setq newmleader (vlax-ename->vla-object (entlast))) (cond ((= "Titlecase" ansCase) (setq existingTxtString (acet-tcase-change-string existingTxtString "TITLE")) ) ((= "Lowercase" ansCase) (setq existingTxtString (acet-tcase-change-string existingTxtString "LOWER")) ) ((= "Uppercase" ansCase) (setq existingTxtString (acet-tcase-change-string existingTxtString "UPPER")) ) ((= "Sentencecase" ansCase) (setq existingTxtString (acet-tcase-change-string existingTxtString "SENTENCE")) ) ((= "toGglecase" ansCase) (setq existingTxtString (acet-tcase-change-string existingTxtString "TOGGLE")) ) ((= "Keepcase" ansCase) (setq existingTxtString existingTxtString) ) ) (setq existingTxtString (LM:StringSubst "\\\H" "\\\h" existingTxtString)) (vla-put-TextString newmleader existingTxtString) (vla-put-TextRotation newmleader existingTxtRot) (if ss1 (progn (command "._MATCHPROP" ss1 (entlast) "") (vla-put-TextWidth newmleader existingMlWidth) ; (vla-put-StyleName newmleader existingMlStyle) ; (vla-put-Layer newmleader existingMlLayer) (if (/= T (AT:isAnnotative ss1)) (vla-put-ScaleFactor newmleader existingMlScale) ) ) (progn (vla-put-Layer newmleader existingTxtLayer) (if (/= existingTxtWidth 0) (vla-put-TextWidth newmleader existingTxtWidth) ) ) ) (command "_.erase" entTxtName "") (command "_.erase" entLeaderName "") (command "_.move" (entlast) "" '(0 0 1e99) "" "_.move" "_p" "" '(0 0 -1e99) "") (princ " >>> 'LTM' has done the business ...")(princ) ) ) ) ) ) ) (*error* nil) (princ) ) ;; Unknown Autor (defun dxf (code elist) (cdr (assoc code elist)) ) ;; Doug Broad ;; additional credits Joe Burke, Peter Toby (defun round (value to) (setq to (abs to)) (* to (fix (/ ((if (minusp value) - +) value (* to 0.5)) to))) ) ;;--------------------=={ String Subst }==--------------------;; ;; ;; ;; Substitutes a string for all occurrences of another ;; ;; string within a string. ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Author: Lee Mac, Copyright © 2011 - www.lee-mac.com ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Arguments: ;; ;; new - string to be substituted for 'old' ;; ;; old - string to be replaced ;; ;; str - the string to be searched ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Returns: String with 'old' replaced with 'new' ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; (defun LM:StringSubst ( new old str / inc len ) (setq len (strlen new) inc 0 ) (while (setq inc (vl-string-search old str inc)) (setq str (vl-string-subst new old str inc) inc (+ inc len) ) ) str ) ;; ssget - Lee Mac ;; A wrapper for the ssget function to permit the use of a custom selection prompt ;; ;; Arguments: ;; msg - selection prompt ;; params - list of ssget arguments (defun LM:ssget ( msg params / sel ) (princ msg) (setvar 'nomutt 1) (setq sel (vl-catch-all-apply 'ssget params)) (setvar 'nomutt 0) (if (and sel (not (vl-catch-all-error-p sel))) sel ) ) ;;---------------------=={ Select if }==----------------------;; ;; ;; ;; Provides continuous selection prompts until either a ;; ;; predicate function is validated or a keyword is supplied. ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Author: Lee Mac, Copyright © 2011 - www.lee-mac.com ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Arguments: ;; ;; msg - prompt string ;; ;; pred - optional predicate function [selection list arg] ;; ;; func - selection function to invoke ;; ;; keyw - optional initget argument list ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Returns: Entity selection list, keyword, or nil ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; (defun LM:SelectIf ( msg pred func keyw / sel ) (setq pred (eval pred)) (while (progn (setvar 'ERRNO 0) (if keyw (apply 'initget keyw)) (setq sel (func msg)) (cond ( (= 7 (getvar 'ERRNO)) (princ "\nMissed, Try again.") ) ( (eq 'STR (type sel)) nil ) ( (vl-consp sel) (if (and pred (not (pred sel))) (princ "\nInvalid Object Selected.") ) ) ) ) ) sel ) ;;-------------------=={ UnFormat String }==------------------;; ;; ;; ;; Returns a string with all MTEXT formatting codes removed. ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Author: Lee Mac, Copyright © 2011 - www.lee-mac.com ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Arguments: ;; ;; str - String to Process ;; ;; mtx - MTEXT Flag (T if string is for use in MTEXT) ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; ;; Returns: String with formatting codes removed ;; ;;------------------------------------------------------------;; (defun LM:UnFormat ( str mtx / _replace rx ) (defun _replace ( new old str ) (vlax-put-property rx 'pattern old) (vlax-invoke rx 'replace str new) ) (if (setq rx (vlax-get-or-create-object "VBScript.RegExp")) (progn (setq str (vl-catch-all-apply (function (lambda ( ) (vlax-put-property rx 'global actrue) (vlax-put-property rx 'multiline actrue) (vlax-put-property rx 'ignorecase acfalse) (foreach pair '( ("\032" . "\\\\\\\\") (" " . "\\\\P|\\n|\\t") ("$1" . "\\\\(\\\\[ACcFfHLlOopQTW])|\\\\[ACcFfHLlOopQTW][^\\\\;]*;|\\\\[ACcFfHLlOopQTW]") ("$1$2/$3" . "([^\\\\])\\\\S([^;]*)[/#\\^]([^;]*);") ("$1$2" . "\\\\(\\\\S)|[\\\\](})|}") ("$1" . "[\\\\]({)|{") ) (setq str (_replace (car pair) (cdr pair) str)) ) (if mtx (_replace "\\\\" "\032" (_replace "\\$1$2$3" "(\\\\[ACcFfHLlOoPpQSTW])|({)|(})" str)) (_replace "\\" "\032" str) ) ) ) ) ) (vlax-release-object rx) (if (null (vl-catch-all-error-p str)) str ) ) ) ) ;; https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/visual-lisp-autolisp-and-general/set-annotative-using-lisp-or-vlisp/m-p/3266716#M301077 ;; Check if entity is annotative and which accounts for objects that were once annotative but are no longer. ;; ename - ename to check (returns T if annotative) ;; Alan J. Thompson (defun AT:isAnnotative (ename / check) (and (setq check (cdr (assoc 360 (entget ename)))) (setq check (dictsearch check "AcDbContextDataManager")) (setq check (dictsearch (cdr (assoc -1 check)) "AcDb_AnnotationScales")) (assoc 350 check) ) ) ;; https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/visual-lisp-autolisp-and-general/set-annotative-using-lisp-or-vlisp/m-p/3266684#M301075 ;; By User pbejse ;; (IsAnno-p ;; (setq itm (vlax-ename->vla-object (Car (entsel)))) ;; ) (defun IsAnno-p (ent / exd ano) (vl-load-com) (and (eq (vla-get-HasExtensionDictionary ent) :vlax-true) (setq exd (vla-GetExtensionDictionary ent) exd (vla-item exd "AcDbContextDataManager") ano (vla-item exd "ACDB_ANNOTATIONSCALES") ) (not (zerop (vla-get-Count ano))) ) ) (load "TcaseSup.lsp") (vl-load-com) ;; End (princ (strcat "\n:: Leader_To_Multileader.lsp edited on " (menucmd "m=$(edtime,0,DD-MO-yyyy)") " by 3dwannab (stephensherry147@yahoo.co.uk) loaded ::" "\n:: Type \"Leader_To_Multileader\" OR \"LTM\" to run Program ::" ) ) (princ) MLEADER Test Drawing.dwg
  7. I have a bit a head scratcher. I want a lisp that when run I will be able to select the whole drawing and all the mleaders will automatically justify to the side that the leader and arrow is on. Occasionally our leaders get move and it is time consuming to change them individually. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello, My manager made this LSP file for me and it doesn't work and we are both not sure why. Seems correct to me. How it works: Creates the E-Anno-Note layer, otherwise makes it current, then creates an MLeader (to avoid creating leaders on incorrect layers). (DEFUN C:NN () (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (if (not (tblsearch "layer" "E-Anno-Note")) (command "-layer" "n" "E-Anno-Note" "c" "2" "E-Anno-Note" "")) (command "-layer" "m" "E-Anno-Note") (COMMAND "mleader") (princ) ) Thanks!
  9. I need to select all existaing MLeader on a specific MLeader Style and change them to an other MLeader style. I already create a similar code to dimension that work good for exemple. ________________________________________________________________ (setq dimstyle_old (ssget "_X" '((0 . "*DIMENSION") (2 . "dimstyle_old") ))) (COMMAND "OPTCHPROP" dimstyle_old "" "D" "dimstyle_new" "") ________________________________________________________________ The problem is: I am not able to find a dxf group code that work for MLeaders... Thank you Patrick
  10. Hello. I'm attempting to create a custom mleader style for keynotes, using a user defined block. This works great when I start the leader on the left and pull to the right. However, when I do the opposite, the block does not flip and the leader landing is attached to the wrong side of the block. (See attached) Is there a way to get the block to flip? I have no experience with LISPing, so if that 's the only way to resolve the issue, I will find another way. Thanks in advance. mleaderblock.dwg
  11. I have the command syntax in my lisp file to create a splined Mleader but I when I try to add text to the Mleader using the Mleader settings, I end up getting text at the landing. How can I put the text at the arrowhead?
  12. Does anyone know how can change to new text style in Multileader text? i set up the new Mleader with the new text style and set as current, but when i used mleader on model space it's still show the same type of text and when i came back and checked on the mleader manager box, it still goes by the default
  13. Is there a way to create a lips program or a vba macro to offset a line on both sides, keep the source, then trim all the content between the two offset lines and delete them. Or is there a way to create the same effect around a MLeader? Something like the described on the attached imaged
  14. Hey guys. I have a LISP I wrote this morning that asks for an insertion point, grabs the layer of the object, then draws a MLEADER on an associated layer. I have it working completely, except when a block is selected. Can anyone take a look at the code and help out? Thanks in advance! (defun c:wtags (/ p1 ) (setq oldlayer (getvar "clayer")) (setq os (getvar "osmode")) (setvar "osmode" 531) (setq p1 (getpoint "\nSelect wire to tag: ")) (setq ent (entget (car (nentselp p1)))) (setq wlayer (cdr (assoc 8 ent))) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-SPKR")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-SPKR")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-INDC")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-INDC")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-DTCT")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-DTCT")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-PWR")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-PWR")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE")(SETQ TAG "")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-SPKR")(SETQ TAG "S")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-INDC")(SETQ TAG "V")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-DTCT")(SETQ TAG "M")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-PWR")(SETQ TAG "P")) (command "_MLeader" p1 pause tag) (setvar "osmode" os) (setvar "clayer" oldlayer) )
  15. I have an old project where the mleaders were all created in WCS and aligned to it for a preliminary plan set. Now that the plan has progressed to CDs (over a year later) they have rotated the views to a new alignment for the final plans. I'd love to not have to re-do all my mleaders in the new UCS to match the new alignment. Has anyone found a way to update existing mleaders to follow a new UCS? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Okay so two questions both relating to text in a multileader. 1) I have written a lisp that sets layer, creates a revcloud but when it gets the point at which it generates an mleader, I run into problems. Basically it draws the leader then ask me for the text in the command window. But soon as I hit space (as in between words) it finishes the command. I am hoping there is a way to pop up the normal dialog box that happens with multileaders so that the user can type in there entry hit okay then it finishes the lisp. 2) Second question, I am using a portion of a lisp from Ken Jolly that uses a series of texts in quote marks and then the user can select from them in a dialog box. it works great but for some of our longer texts I would like it if it could insert a 'return' to bring it to the next line. Is there a way to do that? See attached code. The one I have modified but not posted utilizes a mleader not a leader. '\n' did not work. Any help would be appreciated. note.zip
  17. Hi all, I just purchased Autocad 2010 and going through the mleader settings I can't figure out which settings will have the mtext come in at a 90 deg. angle. The option to have the text placed for "reading from right" places the text at maybe a 80 deg. angle w/ ortho on. The horizontal setting does its job. Could I be overlooking a setting? Greatly appreciate your suggestions.
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