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Found 8 results

  1. Several hundred (or more) of the hyperlink paths from my predecessors are absolute paths, but the network drive names have changed. This, of course, leads to not being able to find the destination. When I find them I convert them to relative paths, and in about 65 or 70 years I will probably have them all "fixed". So I'm hoping, much like using ATTOUT to get a list of block attributes (and more importantly, the list of blocks) the is something that will generate a report of hyperlinks. From there I'm hoping there's a simple method of converting them to relative path. Or maybe there's something even better and easier that I'm not aware of (which is what I'm guessing). These are utility infrastructure maps, and they are based in 1/4 section, and utility. So the Water Dept. maps number about 50, and Electric Dept. has about 30 maps... so all in all there are 80 maps (or so) saved as individual files. Each file has between 2 and 60 hyperlinks. The last page I worked on was about 50/50 for relative or absolute path. Quick crash on math, there could be as many as 1200 Absolute Path hyperlinks that need to be corrected. (Averaging 31 hyperlinks per page, 80 pages... 2480 hyperlinks. About 50% were absolute paths... 1240. Being optimistic and rounded down to 1200 ;-0) Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, I have a drawing with approximately 4400 points in it. and a file folder with the same number of files. What i am looking for is a lisp routine that will use the point description and then create a hyperlink to the file in the folder with the name that is the same as the description. So if i have a point thats description is 43804152000, the lisp routine would go to the folder where all the hyperlink files are saved and hyperlink to the file named 43804152000. I have zero knowledge in lisp routines and would appreciate any help! Thanks,
  3. I have hyperlinks to attach with names like 360-001.html or http://www.website.com/360-001. I was wondering if I could get help automating the hyperlinking process for these blocks. So block with attribute "001" would automatically be hyperlinked with http://www.website.com/360-001 when the command is run.
  4. Hey guys, Just this morning I had a thought of creating a DWT template containing a bunch of hyperlinks to our job/model directory. The philosophy is that you would start your ACAD session and be presented with a series of links (prepared in the DWT) to various job/drawing directories and models. This would make it easy for the use to simply boot up ACAD, and then they are only 1 or 2 clicks away from accessing their job DWG. For the most part, setting this up has been pretty easy. But I have a few questions as to ways to smooth out the process even further. 1. Is it possible to remove/disable the hyperlink 'open warning' message when trying to access a DWG via a hyperlink? Please see image below: 2. Is it possible to enable single click access to hyperlinks? This template/launcher DWT will be the only drawing in our office to utilise hyrperlinks, and I would like not to need the CTRL+CLICK to access the linked files/folders. This is of course not a huge issue, but I am curious about it. 3. Is it possible to have a text/attribute tag (containing a FIELD) within a BLOCK to display the path/file name of the hyperlink of the BLOCK. ie. the BLOCK will have the hyperlink, rather than the text within the block being linked. I hope that is clear. I will probably have a few more questions as I progress with this project. I look forward to hearing back. Thanks a lot for any help.
  5. I'm plotting a Township Dimension sheet that has links to corner tie sheets on each section corner. Ideally I'd like to plot this using the "DWG to PDF" plotter and have it saved as a PDF so when it's put on our website you can easily pull up each relevant tie sheet from the links. If I plot this as a .DWF file the hyperlinks work great. However, I highly doubt too many people can easily open DWF files so I'd like to keep it in a PDF format. Is there any way to plot to PDF using AutoCAD and keep the hyperlinks? I'm starting to think the only way to have hyperlinks in a PDF document is to create them manually using Adobe Acrobat (which would be A LOT of work). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Basically, I have a 6 story building and I want to click on the room name in each room and pull up excel spreadsheets (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing or Architectural). I have found that if I create an attribute for each spreadsheet I can assign different hyplerlinks to each attribute navigating me to the different spreadsheets. My question is though, how do I get it to open to a specific cell. Each floor has hundreds if not a thousand room names and I don't really want the user to have to scroll through that whole list to get to the one room they are looking for. Any suggestions? Should I try Data links instead? I tried creating a .dvb, but I think I still have the same problem. I have attached those files, just in case that might be helpful. You have to open the .dwg, load the .lsp and and .dvb, then type dd and select the blank room name to see it in action. I do not need the table in AutoCAD, I just need a link to navigate to excel. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi there, When I a have a drawing with items wich contain hyperlinks. They work perfect in autocad. Also in DWF they work great! But when I plot to PDF. The items are not clickable. I guess this is a "problem" with the PDF plotter. Do you guys know wich PDF plotter CAN recognize hyperlinks and put's them on the PDF. Anyone who uses PDF Creator plus 5.0?
  8. Hi, I have a table with three columns: X, Y, LINK I'd like to populate a point layer from this table with points located at X and Y coordinates and the hyperlink automatically filled from LINK column (this is a path to a external file different for any point). Table is in MSaccess but I can convert it in other formats or ascii text file. is that possible maybe with scripts or other tools? thank you very much in advance Mario
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