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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I need use (command ".save" pth) in my reactor for automatic back up after 30 minutes. But I can not figure out how to write this in Visual LISP. I want save current unsaved dwg to new file, but current dwg has to remain unchanged and still be active. Method (vla-saveAs doc) makes new file but makes active just this new file and close the old one. (vla-save doc) saves only without creating new file. Following code is a part of commandEnded callback reactor: (defun GM:createBackUp (cmd / doc pth) (setq doc (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) (setq pth (strcat (getvar "TEMPPREFIX") (vl-string-right-trim ".dwg" (getvar "DWGNAME")) "_" (rtos (getvar "CDATE") 2 6) ".dwg")) (if (not (wcmatch cmd "QSAVE,SAVEAS")) (progn ;(command ".save" pth) ;;;!!!! (princ "\nCurrent drawing has been saved.")) (vl-file-copy (strcat (getvar "DWGPREFIX") (getvar "DWGNAME")) pth)) (princ (strcat "\nBackup \"" (getvar "DWGNAME") "\" has been created. (" pth ")"))) Thanks.
  2. Hi, is there a way to save my drawing with its name in a directory by using a Attribute value. Example: Drawingname: test.dwg blockname: TitleBlock Attribute: SF:WE Attribute-Value: test2 And it should save the drawing in: C:drawing/test drawing/(attribute-value)/... but it should be in a dialogbox, so i can choose the specific subfolder the direcotry up to the attribute-value is fix.
  3. Hello all and thank you in advance for help. I am familiar with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical, but I am new to Inventor. There are several detail files that I have had to go into and make changes. When I save, the plot command either pops up prompting me to plot or all the pages in the detail automatically plot. If I have my printer properties open, I can cancel this before it plots. Is there a way to turn this off in Inventor 2014?
  4. pharrold

    EXPORT Dialog

    Hi, When using the Export function on the command line is there a way to type the destination in rather than having the save dialog pop up? Thanks.
  5. I work on my own, and only on the one machine. I have no need to access my work from anywhere else. I have this uneasy feeling that when I click on the "Floppy Disc" icon my work goes whizzing off into cyberspace. That makes me uneasy! Call me old-fashioned. Call me a dinosaur. Call me a Luddite if you will! I just don't feel happy sending my work off to places unknown and unseen in the clutches of persons unknown and unknowable. How can I ensure that my work stays on my machine and only on my machine?
  6. Hello i would like to have a script that can be batch-applied to multiple drawings to do the following: -vports,2,v visretain,0 reload all xrefs save and close Can somebody please help me with this Thanks
  7. Hi, I've been given a dwg file to work with but it's read only so I can't save my work! How can I solve this? Is it possible to convert the file so I can save it?
  8. hi all I work using AutoCAD 2010 i think an old drawing that i have taken over was created using cad2007, and due to the compatibility issues between them, every time I save the dwg (Ctrl+S) i get prompted/asked whether I realllly want to save the drawing in 2010 format (yes/no) It's always yes. is there a way to permanently disable this prompt either: - for just this drawing, or - for all dwg's i work on in the future ??
  9. What I know from office programs, is that if I make a template file, upon saving the file, it will ask for new name, like as it is a new file. I was expecting same concept in AutoCAD, so I made a template with dwt extension and save it in template folder of cad. I opened it to draw a drawing and upon saving I was expecting it to ask for a name and save location, but it saved under same template file. What is wrong with my steps and is template concept different in AutoCAd from other programs?
  10. apost201

    Linetypes won't save

    I created 3 layer states, continuous, hidden, and dotted, for those respective linetypes. I created a drawing using each layer when appropriate. I saved, closed, and opened the file back up and the linetypes were all replaced with continuous (or hidden, etc. it just depended on which layer it opened on). Why is this? I've had this problem before but never figured it out. Why won't AutoCAD save my linetypes?
  11. I would like to save a version #2 of a an existing assembly and its containing parts. Meaning when I edit parts in version #1, the #2 parts should not be effected, and vice versa. (When I use "Save as" only the assembly file is copied and it is linked to the original parts in #1.) What is the correct way to do this??? Thanks
  12. I am having an issue with saving a drawing as an AutoCAD file. The drawing involves an assembly with which I have created several section views, using the 'include slice' and 'slice all parts' options for each view. I have then rotated some of these views as that allows me to rearrange the sections on the drawing sheet independent of the main part. The problem I get is when I save a copy of this drawing file as a .dwg, only the main part appears in AutoCAD. There are no section views included. Is this something that happens with the 'slice' feature on the section views? I am using Inventor 2009 and trying to open with AutoCAD 2010, so maybe that is an issue also?
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