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Found 13 results

  1. i like the float toolbar which will automatic show up in refedit instead of the contextual ribbon,but how can i like the toolbar to the refedit command just as the old classic userinterface?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently writing a C# plugin for AutoCAD. I have a form containing several buttons among other things. One minor function I would like to add is to open the Group Manager via my custom created button inside that form. Now my problem is I can't seem to figure out how to access or find that command. Any ideas how I can open the Group Manager by code? -Mike
  3. Hi, I have an issue when replacing the 'acad.cuix' on a 2nd PC with my existing one. To do this I literally replace the file on the C:\ drive. I've tried loading my custom file into the CUI but I get an error message: Partial customisation file cannot have the same Customisation Group Name as the main customisation file which I have no Idea what it means. AutoCAD loads fine and I'm able to select my workspace, however, many (but not all) of the icons seem to either get replaced by the wrong icon or are completely blank (see and compare images). I'm not 100% sure, but I have a feeling that the icons are replaced by what would be there by default for that toolbar on a fresh install of AutoCAD and that the blank icons are where I've added or enhanced a toolbar, for example where I added the Layers II icons to my expanded 'Layers' toolbar. The problem is only a graphical one as the actual commands behind the wrong icons are as they should be. Any ideas why this happens and how to fix it? Please click images for better clarity. Correct setup: Corrupt setup:
  4. Hey guys, I don't know what I did, but one of my toolbars moved somehow? see below for what I'm talking about. How do I get the above toolbar back down? I've tried clicking and dragging it... I don't know how I got it down. Any help is appreciated
  5. I have two lisp routines I'm using to enforce some CAD standards in our office. The first, STANDARD11x17, changes Dimensions, MLeaders, and MText to the appropriate styles. It prompts the user to "Include MText?" Yes or No. The second, NORMAL, changes all layer plot style names to "Normal". I've created toolbar buttons for these, using ^C^C (load "normal") normal When I type in the commands at the command line, everything works fine, but when I try to use the NORMAL button after running STANDARD11x17, I get the following error: Command: STANDARD11X17 Include MText?(load "normal") Can't reenter LISP. Invalid option keyword. Please help!
  6. Hi, I am writing code on modifying items in pickfirstselectionset. Everything goes well in VBA editor. But after I attached macro to a toolbar button, the selection is cancelled when clicking the button and then no changes to the previous selected objects. I used vbarun in command line, it's the same. anyone knows how to fix it? Thx in advance. I'm familiar with VBA, but absolutely new with AutoCAD. I kind of sense it's a rookie questioin but I can't find a solution on the web.
  7. duckndon

    Profile Toolbar Locked?

    Running Civil 3D 2010: It seems to me that after a long session in DeepCAD, one loses the ability to use the profile toolbar. Has anyone else experienced this? It can easily be fixed by closing out of the drawing (and sometimes even the application) and then starting back up... But that just seems like an archaic approach to a present-day problem. Honestly, I don't know much about the system variables, but it seems like something is resetting itself during my CAD sessions. I haven't tried it yet, but after brainstorming, I feel like there has to be some forgotten variable that resets and leaves you wondering what happened. I refuse to believe that shutting down and starting over is the be-all, end-all solution.
  8. Dear all, What should I do to make my 'Civil Design' toolbar in AutoCad Land Desktop 2007 more complete? That must be something like this.. But is not.. your early reply would be appreciated
  9. Hi everybody, as you can see, AutoCAD sometimes grays out true items in Ribbon or Toolbars (e.g. undo, redo, ...) when the associated commands are not allowed. Is there a way to control this ability via lisp? Note: As documented, I know it is not possible. but I am searching some ways discovered by intelligent programmers of the forum (like Lee).
  10. Hi i have a custom toolbar that someone at my company made to do stuff that is unique to the company (ie run lisps and stuff.) I want to make just one button and i have no idea how to do it i have a small understanding of lisp and don't know how do this from the code If somone knows of a resource that i could learn about creating buttons. P.S. i don't want somone to just make somthing want to see how its done
  11. What is the symbol for Toolbar menus in menucmd:unsure:? As I remember, there was no toolbar menu when the function established, and even now there is no extensions about toolbar menus, palettes and ribbons:?. Is there any other way to manipulate toolbars visibility through AutoLISP? Any help is appreciated.
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