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Steal from Drawing

Lee Mac

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I tried it with "*" wildcards with no success. It seems I must study deeply in your code.


Hi Ahankhah - there should be an example using the "*" wildcard at the very top of the code for the 'StealAll' command. :)


Lee, it is excellent.


Glad that it works for you :)


I think if there were no computers at all, you invented something like or even better than it. :o


Thanks Ahankhah

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Based on the feedback submitted by several users of this program, and the numerous suggestions for improvement that I have received since the program was first released to the public, I have invested some time implementing many of the proposed ideas and have injected a few additional features of my own into the new release of this program.


The new version also improves the general performance of the program, with much of the original source code rewritten and restructured, furthermore, some previously undetected bugs have now been ironed out to provide a more stable and reliable program.


A number of the more significant changes and new features are detailed below:


  • The Steal file selection dialog will now remember the directory of the last selected drawing between drawing sessions so that the user will spend less time navigating a project folder structure when selecting a drawing to steal from.


  • Groups, Drawing Properties and Custom Properties have all been added to the list of collections from which the user can steal items. The inclusion of Drawing Properties was a popular request for the last program, so this new addition should hopefully benefit a large proportion of users.


  • A Refresh button has now been incorporated into the dialog to enable the user to refresh the drawing data after importing items with object dependencies (for example, importing blocks or groups will also import dependent layers, linetypes, nested blocks etc.).


  • The Search button has been exchanged for an appropriate bitmap icon and I have replaced the multiple alert dialogs with a rather more subtle dialog error tile for a more streamlined user experience.


  • Two new commands have been added to the program: StealLast allows the user to immediately steal from the last selected drawing (if available); and StealTemplates enables the user to steal items from a specific template file, selected from a list of template files found in the template drawing path.


  • Several other general improvements and bug fixes have also been implemented and are detailed in the program code header.

The new version and updated program description can be found on my site here, and the program is also attached to the first post of this thread.



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Following a minor bug report from a member at the Swamp (pertaining to the program throwing an error if all items in a collection are deselected using the Ctrl key, and then the 'Import' button is pressed), I have updated the program in the first post and on my site here to Version 1.8


This update also implements a slight change so that the active drawing is only regenerated (following program completion) if one or more items have been imported by the program (rather than being regenerated even if no items have been imported before the 'Done' button is pressed).



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greatttttttttttttt greattttttt great Mr LEE \\\ THE KING OF LISP ///

You are number one

that's very useful and i'm looking for it so much.


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Many thanks for your kind compliments hosyn, I'm delighted that you find the program useful :)

As always, all of my applications may be found on my site here.



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Mr lee i make dwt file for my project , i have to located some value in my text object in any project (like that no floor no apartment and more ) .i wanna when i open new dwt file after run a lisp ,it give us a window for fulfilling that and report it in my drawing in text object ..for example::: id building ? ....... (result save in variable xx) how many floors ? .........(result save in variable yy) how many apartments ? .......(result save in variable zz) now in my drawing have so many text same as " xx-cabinet" ,"(yy*2)-doors" , " (zz+1)-fan" what's the best way for do it with lisp ? are there any lisp next to do this?

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