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Mechanical Drafting Symbols


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;)Sure that's not a cow?


Minds me of that old joke.

City woman to Farmer: "These cows don't have any horns. Why do some cows not have horns and some cows do?"

Farmer: "Waall, ma'am, most cows have horns, but some cows are born without 'em, and some cows have to have 'em cut off cuz they're mean. Now these here particular cows ain't got no horns cuz these here cows are horses."


S'long as we're showin' an tellin', here's Daisy's other end.

Daisy 3.jpg

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Daisy's big enough to be a horse! Beautiful girl!


Sorry, Giants fan. Born 'n raised NYC but, have relatives on the Eastern Shore.

Love it there!


If it doesn't have anything to do with fishin', forget about it!



Oh, OK then. I figured only an Eagles fan would confuse a dog and a horse. But then, I confuse my dog all the time.;)


Yeah, I love the Eastern Shore too, except for Ocean City, but Down around Smith Island and Leonardtown is real mo' betta.

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If you are still trying to get those symbols, what I did when I was using LT and not mechanical, I had to use the text override to get them in the dimension. Here are the ones I remember:

{\Famgdt;v} for a counterbore

{\Famgdt;w} for countersink

{\Famgdt;x} for depth of hole


You also have unicode or the alt method like \U+00B0 or alt+248 for the ° symbol.

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So we're talking about: countersink, depth, bore, radius, spotface and diameter for example. Right?


OK...had another cup of coffee so the old noodle is synapsing away like a locomotive. I believe the font you are looking for is GDT.SHX. Take a look.


Best source to date! The gdt.shx works for me. Thanks ReMark!

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Oh really?

Go to google.com in anything but IE and type "do a barrel roll"


unfortunately i don't have that ability here at work, hopefully i can remember to take a look at it from home tonight :)

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Correct me if I am wrong but when one uses the word "mechanical" they are referring to HVAC right?


I am a mechanical Design Draftsman, working in a civil environment at the moment, everyone assumes i mean HVAC.

Then i have to point say heavy Industrial Mechanical


god civil shirts me, fudged dimensions, changing dimensions and not the model, drawing in meters not millimeters, dimensions in model space ...everything has a dodgy factor to it.

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In terms of Building and building services, mechanical means mechanical services, so mostly hvac .an mechanical engineer can do mechanical services, hydraulic services, fire protection and vertical transportation design.

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