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have you tried Topify?

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Just in case some users run across this, Tapatalk has changed a lot since this thread and most of it's posts were first written.


The apps been completely rewritten and updated at least two times in a full on "frame-off renovation" and of course the thousands of incremental updates.


There's now a free version of tapatalk in the play store that's the latest and greatest generation, it just doesn't have all the bells and whistles although it's close. For example, the free version lets you upload and post pictures and they look just as good, but it has the tapatalk logo in the bottom corner.


Some people will still use the browser and that's fine too, but some people who tried tapatalk in the past may want to try the newer version especially now that you can try the newest style tapatalk for free. I wrote this reply because there was at least two specific reasons for someone not using tapatalk that don't exist anymore. I'm a steel detailer and in no way affiliate with them. It's just that I learn and lurk way more than I post on here.

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