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Find all angles between curves


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I am writing a LISP to find subtle kinks between curves. Right now I'm stuck on finding all the angles. Is there an efficient way to do this?


I'm hoping to find the angles between connected curves, including arcs and polyline curves, and then highlight (draw a red circle?) around all angles with less than 20 degrees difference (160 to 200 degrees) between the lines.


If possible I'd eventually like it to be able to automatically smooth the kinks, but I think that that part will have to come at a later time.


On a completely unrelated note, I can't stop seeing this :idea: as a cyclops.

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Smooth the kinks would require picking the control radius to make true tangential. I would go down the pline route as you would write the routine once. The maths is pretty simple check for tangent angle on end pts just draw a line from end pt to centre and get its angle. Take into account possible 180 direction. 20 degrees is a pretty high angle of non tangential.


Lee-mac has a nice pline info lsp may be a good starting point.

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