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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Is there a way to choose a piping class based on ASME B16.5, then a component and its size, and let AutoCad automatically show their dimensions in the isometric drawing and create a bill of materials? Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to get all of my common data (detail numbers, sheet numbers, and when I bubble an item from my BOM) to update easier. The best way I found to do this seems to be using Field. Field works with regular text really well, but I cant figure out how to get the correct data from Mtext or from a table. Meaning, Field pulls all data from Mtext, and only table data from tables (i.e, nothing inserted inside the table, just table height and whatnot). I would like to use a table so that I can copy paste my BOM from excel, and Field reference to the data in that table. If you have an easier solution I would appreciate that too.. Using full Autocad 2017, Mechanical. Also, I tried using Custom Drawing Properties but that maxes out at 10, and I cannot populate it easily from the excel file. I know I can use sheetset for the sheet numbers, but see no way to use it for the BOM.
  3. From a Wondows7 Command Line... I would like to extract the part numbers of iam files in a folder. CSV output would work fine. I'd like to have 2 columns... one for the Parent Number and one for the Child of that assembly. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  4. I've seen it done before, but it has been awhile. I have an assembly that I dropped another assembly in that has a few items I want to call out on the BOM and balloon them on the print. How do you expand the assembly in the BOM to do so?
  5. How do I get parts that are in a sub-assembly to show up in the BOM and balloon them? I'm sure I've done it in the past so it must not be too difficult but I cant remember...
  6. I am trying to find out if there is a way to use an existing block as a template for a b.o.m. in autocad mechanical instead of the one generated by autocad
  7. I'm quite new with the BOM thing with Autocad, though I have used xref a lot. Is there a way to create a BOM or at least a list/table of the xrefs I have attached to the drawing with the number of times used or occurrences in the drawing? The drawing I made have about 50+ xrefs and some of it is attached more than once, if i'm going to use the AMPARTREF, and made a reference on an xref, i have to input the quantity manually. Is there a way to automate this?
  8. I have some questionsconcerning AutoCAD Mechanical 2012, especially related the Bill Of Material (BOM)features. I have been using AutoCad for over 20 years, but am new to Mechanical and creating BOM's. I have been trying to create blocks of my companys parts, and cannot get the part references to work the way I'd like them to. I have searched the tutorials, help menus, videos and online forums (including this one) but cannot find anything that helps. Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you can help. My questions are: 1. Oncea part reference is created and information is filled out, does it only retainthe information if used in the same file? Shouldn’t it retain itsinformation if copied to another file? 2. Doesincluding the part references within a block interfere with its ability toperform, or its ability to be used as a master part file and inserted intoother drawing files as a block? 3. Ifyou can include a part reference within a block, does it still work well withmultiple part references within the same block? 4. Canyou modify or edit the colors and fonts of the BOM (parts list)? i.e., the color of the table/schedule and the fonts and color of text asthey appear in the parts list. 5. Cana new template be created with a customized BOM/parts list that is unique toour product?
  9. My company has over 5,000 blocks ( parts ) each with an attribute added to them. In this case the PRICE. When we have a price change, we need to open all files / parts affected and change the attribute. is there an easier / better method of doing this ? Its very time consuming and simply isn't working as the prices are fluctuating too much due to supplier changes. Any ideas most welcome. Thanks:cry:
  10. EthanMNT


    Hello, I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong area of the forums. The company I work for uses AutoCAD 2010 with the TSI product CAD Duct; the project manager for on one of the jobs I designed has asked for a Bill of Materials. I know CAD Duct can generate a bill of materials, but the only person in the company who knew how to do it spoke poor english and gave us a 15 minute lesson before he quit 8 months ago. If anyone can lend me a hand in this I'd greatly appreciate it.
  11. Ricardo Diez

    Editing Reference Layer

    Hi all Ive just discovered how to set objects onto the reference layer in inventor through the part/assembly browser. I have also managed to get into the Styles Manager to edit the linetype reference items are dropped in as. I've even managed to sort of out the nice little cropping function it threw in for a laugh.......... Is there a way to control the transparency of reference objects? It doesnt matter what linetype it is set too, it always becomes 'transparent' once set to reference. I can see where it useful, but in other cases not so much. Any help much appreciated!! R.
  12. Bryan

    Making a Bill of Materials

    Does anyone know a good way to get a bill of materials for piping or ductwork out of AutoCAD 2010 MEP? I am playing with VB, and schedules and data extraction but I cannot get it the way I want it.
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