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  1. Hi, I have a little AutoCad experience but not a lot so I am spending time over my summer break learning more about autocad. I have been given a project in which the dimension are in feet and in My question is that how can I make lines and circles in feet and inches in autocad? For example, if I have a line that is 40' 8'' (40 ft and 8 in) how can I make a line on autocad like that? I am using autocad 2012. I would appreciate anyones help. Thank you
  2. Hi I have a block which contains dimensions and am wondering if it's possible for the dimensions to be hidden if the block is not selected? They are on a separate layer so I can hide them in the layer manager but it would be slick for them to autohide unless I select the block. Anybody have a suggestion? Thanks John
  3. This used to work, then my computer dies and AutoCad was reinstalled. I am trying to dimension some cut-outs in a 19" rack panel. I can dimension them, it shows the correct dimensions but then when I hit enter it wont save the dimensions. I've gone into DIMSTYLE and everything looks fine but I cant get this simple task to work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. I've looked around and have found Suffix/Prefix routines for Text, Mtext and Attributes. I thought it would be easy to modify one of those to work with dimensions but easier said than done. I cannot figure it out. I was hoping one of these two routines would be easy to rework to work with dimensions. For this first one, I thought adding DIMENSION to the associative list would work but my understanding is limited evidently... My desire is to add a prefix/suffix to multiple dimensions. As far as dimensions are concerned does (0 . "DIMENSION") cover them all? (defun c:ftxt(/ cMod cStr tSet) (vl-load-com) (initget 1 "Prefix Suffix") (setq cMod(getkword "\nAdd [Prefix/Suffix]: ")) (if(and (setq cStr(getstring T "\nSpecify string: ")) (setq tSet(ssget '((0 . "TEXT,MTEXT")))) ;Adding DIMENSION didn't work for me ); and (foreach tx(mapcar 'vlax-ename->vla-object (vl-remove-if 'listp (mapcar 'cadr(ssnamex tSet)))) (if(= "Prefix" cMod) (vla-put-TextString tx (strcat cStr(vla-get-TextString Tx))) (vla-put-TextString tx (strcat(vla-get-TextString Tx)cStr)) ); end if ); end foreach ); end if (princ) ); end of c:ftxt The other routine I thought would be easy was this one... (defun c:test ( / as el en i ss str typ ) (initget "Prefix Suffix") (setq typ (cond ((getkword "\nAdd Prefix or Suffix? [Prefix/Suffix] <Prefix>: ")) ("Prefix"))) (setq str (getstring t (strcat typ " to Add: "))) (if (setq ss (ssget '((0 . "INSERT") (66 . 1)))) (repeat (setq i (sslength ss)) (setq en (ssname ss (setq i (1- i)))) (while (eq "ATTRIB" (cdr (assoc 0 (setq el (entget (setq en (entnext en))))))) (setq as (cdr (assoc 1 el))) (if (eq "Prefix" typ) (if (not (wcmatch as (strcat str "*"))) (entmod (subst (cons 1 (strcat str as)) (assoc 1 el) el)) ) (if (not (wcmatch as (strcat "*" str))) (entmod (subst (cons 1 (strcat as str)) (assoc 1 el) el)) ) ) ) ) ) (princ) ) Help please!! Big thanks to the original code writers!
  5. I am trying to dimension a 1/8" drawing (in model space) and the text height on the dimensions is so small it is not even readable. I have tried modifying the dimstyle to have an "Overall Scale" of 96 (under 'Fit') and a "Scale Factor" of 1 (under 'Primary Units') and vice versa, but neither is working. I have never had this problem before. I am working in AutoCAD Architecture 2010. Also, when i try to dimension this in paper space, the size comes out ok but it is saying a 6' line is 576'... I would rather dimension in model space anyway but what's up with this? I realize 6 times 96 is 576 but how do you get it to be the right length in paper space? Thanks!
  6. A few times we have had a problem > Drawing geometry in model space Associate dimensions paper space through viewport. Dims snapped to correct model space points. Dimension correctly displayed. Drawing Saved and closed then opened at a later stage > Incorrect values displayed on some of the dimensions in paper space? Any input welcome.
  7. I am recently having trouble with a few dimensions not wanting to adjust there position via grabbing the grip at the arrow/extension line intersection. It seems to only happen when the dimensions are:1. created using "continue dimension" 2. Then updating the dimension (to get rid of the angled text leader on a small dimension) 3. Then moving the text, with a grip, to the opposite side of the dimension. After that I can't move the dimension location via grips anymore. If I create the exact same dimensions using "Linear Dimension" I have no problems.
  8. hi, we usually draw elevations around the floor plan (world, 90, 180, 270) and im having trouble when i copy a set/s of DIMENSION and paste it in a different UCS position, most of the time the dimensions are upside down and not in the proper reading position. earlier on i came across a lisp that correct this but did not manage to copy the code, can anyone point me there again please,, i have tried the search but could not find it. thanks in advance...
  9. Greetings everyone; I am trying my hand at annotative text and I am about to pull out what little hair I have left in trying to figure out how exactly to set the dimension text in model space so I can see it and still be annotative. Here's the problem. I am creating a drawing 1:1 in model space like I'm suppose to. Let's say it's a rectangle, 500mm by 300mm. I draw it, then select it, go into properties and select yes to make it annotative at a 1:20 scale (metric) .Now when I dimension a line the dimension text is so tiny it might just as well be a grid dot. I just don't understand it. I need step by step, hand holding instructions on how to set up my dimension text height in model space and still be annotative. Eventually I want to be able to take a drawing created in AutoCAD 2007 with it's callouts in one size and it's dimensions in another and leader text and arrows in yet another size and read all in model space (without a magnifying glass) and print (oops) I mean plot in paper space without issue.
  10. rhines57

    BMX Frame Help

    Hello all, I'm drawing a bmx frame from scratch using Inventor but I'm having trouble finding the right specs for it. What would work better is if there was a model already made that i could use. I'm drawing an electric trike compose of 3 bmx frames framed together. Thanks!
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