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Found 10 results

  1. I have contours of a site as well as an alignment with stationing. Along the alignment, points were taken and show how deep we need to go in respect to existing grade. What is the best way to show these points at the certain depth needed (X) taken at the station along the alignment (Y). I was going to create a separate feature line along top of the alignment to follow stationing and edit the depth/points in the panorama to then project the feature line to the profile. However, this seems tedious for the amount of profiles I have.
  2. Hey all, I'm setting up some plan and profiles (I DON'T HAVE CIVIL3D) with MAP3D. I have a couple of autolisp routines to help with the profile grid, but one thing that confuses me, the grid should be in paper space and the vertical scale set based on paper space, right? I'm assuming that the actual contours/polylines (once I have them georeferenced) will go in model space. Thanks for any tips,
  3. I understand how the current extrusion command works - You have a 2D polyline profile and you apply the extrusion command to that, getting your 3D shape. However, I have a drawing full of different sized extrusions based on the same 2D polyline, and now I want to change that initial 2D polyline without having to manipulate each polyline separately. I thought it would be much better if the initial 2D polyline were referenced, allowing you to swap that inital 2D polyline with another 2D polyline. Is there a way - or a plugin - that is available to do this in AutoCAD? FYI - the profiles are used in kitchen doors, and I want to be able to simply change the door profiles without resorting to re-extruding the whole lot.
  4. SAFeSTeR

    Auto load profiles

    Hi, I have recently started using AutoCAD 2012 and after changing my OPTIONS settings I renamed the default profile (or whatever it is called) so it is the only profile in the list. Now every time I launch AutoCAD, all of my settings remain except for the font I use in the command line area despite the current profile being the one I renamed and the correct font shown as selected in the OPTIONS > Fonts. I have to manually select my profile to get it to display as intended. How can I fix this? On a side note, is it true to say that profiles store settings in the OPTIONS menu while workspaces store eveything visible on screen, like toolbars etc? Is there anything I can do to link everything to one setting or config file? I've also seen another more advanced options menu mentioned in this forum but I forget where. Can anyone tell me how to access this? I think users Dadgad or dbroada post it a few times... Sorry for asking so many questions and thanks in advance.
  5. I want to print a bunch of profiles I made in Civil3d. The title of each won't appear in print preview or when printed. Anyone know why this may be happening?
  6. Hi All, I am currently working in a profile where the end point is very close to a grid line and the two labels are overlapping. I would like to remove the end point label on the grid altogether. Is there a way of doing this? Would I need to do this on the alignment first? Thanks Sooz
  7. Hi everyone!! So, I am looking for ways to broaden my control over subassemblies. My issue, is that I would like to tie a 'BasicSideSlopeCutDitch' (or something comprable) subassembly to an alignment (with profile)...similar to what I would do with a 'BasicTransistionLane'. Ideally, I'd use the associated Profile to tie the verticle, while using the alignment to tie the horizontal...Problem is, I am having a hard time doing this. I am given the option of tying the BasicSideSlopeCutDitch to a surface only, which creates the corridor that looks like I am proposing to grade within a street that isn't going to be affected by my project. Any ideas?
  8. Hi I wonder whether it is possible to use Revit Architecture for Shop Drawing i.e Doors and Windows. I have a library of metallic sections in 1:1 and construction details. I want to use those to automatically generate elevation and sectional views of windows, doors, fanlights, fixed partition and so on using a CAD Software. I will like to know if Revit Architecture is appropriate for such a job and if this is not the case what type of application is most suited for such tasks. The shop drawing are on 2D level. Regards, Nicolas.
  9. Hi! Apologies if this has been discussed before, but as I not sure what I am looking for it quite hard! Here is the situation, I have worked in several offices now where AutoCAD is installed on each machine and the Windows Profiles are on each machine and are not roaming. Each computer is linked to a server that manages the domain, serves files and hosts outlook. This means if I log onto a machine that is not my usual one, windows creates a new profile and the AutoCAD profile is back to default. The means that any new user, or anyone using someone elses machine, does not have access to the company's printer settings, toolbar (or ribbon), plot styles etc. Is there anyway that when the above happens a "default" profile is loaded with basic settings already activated. it will save me a lot of time! I hope this explains it?!! (Oh we are still using XP if that is any help).
  10. I have 3 machines running LDD 2006. 2 do not have Profiles or Cross sections as a menu option. 1) Why? 2) can I just copy over the menu files without adversely affecting these machines and their license managers. 3) do I need to reinstall? thanx in advance The Goob.
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