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Found 8 results

  1. I have a mac, first of all, and because of this its hard to find help for any Autocad questions. I am trying to change the background color in paperspace from the eye straining white to a neutral grey. Everywhere I search I am told that the answer is in options>display and then change it to what ever you want. However, mac has preferences instead of options and no display tab. And in all the tabs i do have, there is no obvious alternative. Am I the only one using Autocad on a mac, and if not is there anyone out there that can help?
  2. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I've tried using the commands Purge, Filedia, but nothing works. Any thoughts?
  3. maddog1995

    2013 Ribbon clicking

    A co-worker is having issues when using the ribbon tools in 2013. It seems that he has to click the tool twice to activate it. Has anyone else encountered this problem? And if so, how can we set it so he has to click the tool only once. I've searched the different variables, but none of them seem to have any effect, so far. Thanks.
  4. I'm playing around with 2013 (full version) and when I select MOVE (ribbon or "M") the object, as well as everything that it's connected to moves....?? Could someone tell me how to modify this? I can't figure it out! I just want the object I've selected to move! I'm also on an iMac...........
  5. Hello you all I am so frustrated about one thing that has been changed in the newest version (2013) Before, in PL command, 2D, I could point my marker at one snap point on a line for example, then I drag my marker to one direction towards where I want the Polyline to start. I write in an number (ex. 1000 mm) for the distance from the snap point, and ENTER it. The polyline starts now 1000 mm from the snap point I chose. NOWADAYS it attaches in an RANDOM, and for me, inappropriate place on the current drawing when I ENTER the distance Is it some settings I have to change to get this as it was in the 2012 version? I am a terrible explainer, so ask if you don't get it. I will marry the one, or those, who can help me with this, I bought some fantastic rings for us. EDIT: Attached file Skissing.dwg
  6. paisis123

    2012 vs. 2013

    What is the main differences in AutoCAD 2012 vs. 2013? I looked at the website and it didnt really give a chart or explain much ALL the differences or changes. Mods, please move this thread as you see fit. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a noob to this forum and to 2013... I was using 2006 for too long, and now have finally made the switch to 2013 (yay?) So I (and some colleagues as well) have been having a problem with our blocks. Upon opening some of our files, we have noticed that the blocks in the file have duplicated themselves, also renaming themselves with the extension "-flat-1", "-flat-2", and so on, for as many instances of that block that exist in the drawing. Also, the block layer has changed to 0, and the linework layers within the block have changed to the layer that block was on previously! This is EXTREMELY annoying and problematic for our workflow, obviously, as it essentially removes the convenience of blocks! Recently this happened with a file that was very "clean" to start, and with extremely "clean" blocks... with the exception of having some xrefs from an international client (Turkey). We're trying to replicate this occurence intentionally to try to troubleshoot, without any luck. Is this something we're doing unintentionally, or could it be something viral from our "dirty" xrefs?? ps... my colleagues are using 2010 and 2012. **fingers crossed that someone has an answer!!** Thanks! multipule block error.pdf
  8. Hi there, we recently updated our suite to 2013 (not recomended) we broke the company rule of waiting for the first update to be released before doing any upgrading, but we wanted to see if some of the new features would help with what we might be getting into. I know that 2013 has the new format that autocad updates every 4 years bla bla bla. All of the projects we are working use the old file format, so we save to the 2010 option. I have several lights that I created devices for in 2013, when this file is saved as a 2010, and brought into Navis or MEP 2012 all of the lights are inserted at the insertion point of the world coordinate system (under additional information in the properties box). Has anyone else had this problem? I have changed proxy graphics, blocked things, ex.... If you have found a way around it I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you to all of those who have sharred other information in this forum in the past!
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