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Found 4 results

  1. I have written a little small command to run revision cloud on last object (i.e. rectangle, pline, circle...etc) and it works fine but I was trying to figure out a way to run that custom command after drawing my rectangle or pline. Instead of having to type the shortcut immediately after, every time. Here is custom rev cloud command I am referring to, this one works flawlessly when run as a standalone after I finish drawing said object that it will be used on but I would like to combine.. see below: (DEFUN C:RCL () (COMMAND "REVCLOUD" "O" "L" "") (COMMAND "-INSERT" "REV-TRI" PAUSE "" "" "") (COMMAND "EXPLODE" "L" "") (COMMAND "DDEDIT" "L" "") (PRINC)) Here is rectangle command with the attempt to run custom afterwards. It works but looks buggy and most likely written wrong. (take it easy ive been learning): (DEFUN C:RECL () (COMMAND "RECTANGLE" PAUSE PAUSE) (C:RCL) (PRINC)) Here is my attempt at the pline one but I dont even know where to start so it allows user unlimited points then hitting "c" for close afterwards AND THEN running the custom command: (DEFUN C:PLR () (command "_.PLINE") (coMmand pause) (C:RCL) (PRINC))
  2. Hi to all, So, this is my lisp. It does the following: 1) Adds revision clouds to multiple entities 2) Adds Layer (or create if required and add properties) 3) Adds hatch 4) Inserts a block for leader and text (already formated) I have very limited knowledge of the lisp. As you can see I have copied few different codes and combined it to make it work for my application. It works but I know this is not systematic at all. I dont know if my error handeling is correct. One thing that I wish to add is if the revision cloud is too big or too small, it should allow to do that without closing and undoing everything. In other sense, I need undo and reset arc length option in this. Can someone help me on this please? (defun c:RVC6 (/ *error* oce mflag ans) ;************************************Error handling********************************************* (defun *error* (msg) (setvar "cmdecho" OCE) (setq *error* nil) (princ "\nRevision cloud program is done.") (princ) ) ;************************************Program begins********************************************* (setq OCE (getvar "cmdecho") OOS (getvar "osmode") ) (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (setq mflag nil) (while (not mflag) (prompt "\n*** Enter option C, H, L, or E ***") (initget 0 "Cloud Hatch Leader Exit") (setq Ans (getkword "\nconvert to revision Cloud/Hatch/Leader/<Exit>: ")) (if (= Ans nil) (setq Ans "Exit") ) ;end if (cond ( (= Ans "Cloud") (convcloud) ) ( (= Ans "Hatch") (Addhatch) ) ( (= Ans "Leader") (Addleader) ) ( (= Ans "Exit") (setvar "cmdecho" OCE) (setvar "osmode" OOS) (quit) ) ) ;end cond );end while );end defun ;************************************Program ends********************************************** ;*******************************Start of "convcloud" program*********************************** (defun convcloud (/ al ss) (initget (+ 2 4)) (setq al (getreal "Specify Arc length <0.5>:")) (if (= al nil) ;If user do not input a value here (setq al 0.5) ;Consider "Enter" as 0.5 ) ; end if (if (setq ss (ssget '((0 . "LINE,*POLYLINE,CIRCLE,ELLIPSE,SPLINE,ARC")))) (progn (repeat (setq i (sslength ss)) (command "_.revcloud" "a" al al "" (ssname ss (setq i (1- i))) "") (if (not (tblsearch "LAYER" "CONSTRUCTION")) (command "-layer" "N" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "1" "CONSTRUCTION" "LT" "continuous" "CONSTRUCTION" "") ) ; end if (command ".-layer" "S" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "red" "" "") (Command "Chprop" "l" "" "la" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "BYLAYER" "Lt" "BYLAYER" "LW" "BYLAYER" "") );end repeat (princ "\nRevision cloud(s) created on CONSTRUCTION layer.") );end progn (princ "\nNo objects selected.") ) );end defun ;*******************************End of "convcloud" program************************************* ;*****************************Start of "Addhatch" Program ************************************* (defun Addhatch (/ htype selset thisobj setlen entname) (initget 1 "D R") (setq htype (getkword "\nSpecify hatch type? Demo(D)/Rebuild(R):")) (if (= htype "D") (setq htype "ANSI31") ) ;end if (if (= htype "R") (setq htype "DOTS") ) ;end if (princ "\nSelect object(s) to hatch:") (setq selset (ssget)) (if selset (progn (setq thisobj 0) (setq setlen (sslength selset)) (while (< thisobj setlen ) (setq entname(ssname selset thisobj)) (Command "-bhatch" "Advanced" "Style" "Outer" "" "") (command "-bhatch" "p" htype "3" "" "s" entname "" "") (if (not (tblsearch "LAYER" "CONSTRUCTION")) (command "-layer" "N" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "1" "CONSTRUCTION" "LT" "continuous" "CONSTRUCTION" "") ) ; end if (command ".-layer" "S" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "red" "" "") (Command "Chprop" "l" "" "la" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "BYLAYER" "Lt" "BYLAYER" "LW" "BYLAYER" "") (setq thisobj(+ thisobj 1)) ) ; end while (alert "\n ***WARNING*** Hatching could not skip the inner objects. To solve this, Double click hatch and `Add: select objects' and select inner object & click OK") ) ; end progn ) ;end if selset (princ "\nNo objects selected.") );end defun ;*******************************End of "Addhatch" program************************************* ;*****************************Start of "Addleader" Program *********************************** (defun Addleader (/ pt1) (while (setq pt1 (getpoint "\nInserting task description note, Specify Arrow End Point or hit Enter to close:")) (Command "_INSERT" "CP TEXT" pt1 "" "" "") (command "explode" "l") );end while );end defun
  3. Hi there, I am making revision clouds on some record drawings. They come out all peachy, but when I save the file and reopen it, all of the wonderful little clouds change to jagged straight lines. Can anyone offer a solution? Thanks, Brian
  4. barry2104

    Revcloud linetype

    Hi all I'm not sure if this is at all possible, but if you know either way, please provide insight! I wonder whether any of you have a LINETYPE you could share (preferably as a dwg, or alternatively share the code with me?). this would be more useful than a REVCLOUD element, as it would be not only faster to draw, but would also overcome SCALE problems. at the moment i have a plan drawing with some amended areas clouded. I also have detailed drawings (different scale, i.e. 1:50 instead of 1:500) of some particular/tricky areas, in which I also want to see these revclouds. At the moment all I can think of is to have to create two separate REVCLOUD elements and assign each to a different layer (one for the 500 and one for the 50 scales), so i can turn them off/on where required. BUT if i had a LINETYPE, which displayed a continuously cloudy-looking boundary, then I would avoid a lot of mess. Ideally I'd simply type in PL (Polyline), trace my around amendment-boundary, then assign this polyline this new linetype/layer property and it would be finished, and would automatically adjust the curve length of each of the cloud puffs whenever I adjust the scale. is this at all possible??
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