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2012 vs. 2013


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Yeah I've know about the GhostScript/GSView method for years. Not as user friendly but certainly workable.


Search for VectPDF, it uses GSVIEW and PStoEdit to create line work from vector PDFs in AutoCAD. Makes it very user friendly.

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"raster-to-verctor conversion" as I have said before, the Holy Grail of CAD. Sure it can "be done" but I have yet to see it "done" where I would not spend as much time fixing the conversion as I would have just re-drawing it.


We use a company from Toronto that specializes in this. They have software that makes the initial conversion, then they have CAD techs that make blocks, layers etc. The price is not to bad and they have a decent turnaround. We ytpically get all of our backgrounds and existing drawings from the architects, but occasionally we get a job that we need to do this ourselvs. Best part is the quality of the PDF doesnt matter (to a certain dgree, no napkin drawings). We recently started doing this (4 jobs in 3 months) and we have been very happy wath all of them.

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So it's like a "CAD" sweatshop? ;)


I guess it is!:P


Best part is, the CAD techs they have actually worked in the industry at some point so everything actually makes sense. I have seen some with arbritary block names because the ones making them have no idea what they are looking at.

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I had a good kick out of that. Though since im the only in-house designer for the ENTIRE company, I have to do the intern work myself. Its not fun I tell you.


Is there a way to import a PDF into Autocad and trace what ever is there with a polyline? If so, direct me to the right thread or method you use.


We use this converter - http://anydwg.com/pdf-to-dwg.html


Maybe you can obtain a trial version and check it out for yourself.

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