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  1. rstadtman

    Block, Image, Extraction

    Is there a way to add an image or icon as an attribute to a block? I have created a lot of dynamic blocks and use eattext to extract data to a table for an equipment legend/table. I always have to add the legend symbol to the list manually and was wondering if there is a way to insert or link an image so that when I create the legend the symbol will automatically be loaded.
  2. Hi! I'm working for a civil engineering firm, with about a year's worth of real-world CADD experience. I'm familiar with the block editor and with creating and using dynamic blocks, but I'm envisioning a block to help us set up our plan and profile sheets and I'm not quite sure how to go about creating it. This block would be made up entirely of text attributes and it would be built to line up with the profile grid. Horizontally, there would be stations and vertically there would be elevations at preset intervals. I'm wondering if there's a way to dynamically link these attributes so that when the block is inserted, you would just have type in the beginning station (say, 1+00) and the beginning elevation (say 885) and it would fill in the rest for you. I know this could be done with a LISP routine, but I would rather have a block that could just be inserted into each sheet as necessary. Is this at all possible? Does anyone have experience creating something similar to this?
  3. Hey All, Okay so I have s dynamic block (green in my example) that is built in the x-y plane. I can change its length, width, extend it and rotate it about the base point. Yada yada yada. Bunch of feature that the company I work for needs. When we insert it into a 3D model we position it such that the Y axis becomes the Z axis and the the X axis can be anywhere within the the X-Y plane. I am trying to create a lisp that will move it relative to a second block (red in my example). Does any know a way to get the rotational information for the dynamic blocks. I can't use the "Rotation" from the misc section since it operate in the blocks x-y plane instead of the models x-y plane. I created an image below with Axis. To hopefully clarify. These aren't the actual blocks just example shapes. Hopefully someone can help. I have tried a few things without success.
  4. Hi, I am new to dynamic blocks and I would like some advice. I have searched the web for a tutorial for this and I cannot find anything similar to what I want to achieve. I want to make a dynamic block of just text. I want to be able to insert a block with a drop down pick list of preset texts and select the text I want it to display. The attached file containing the various options of text I want to be able to pick from the list. I want to maintain the insertion point common to each text variation shown with a crosshair and the justification of the text as right and the height as 10. I would like to know how to add/remove variations to the block too. LINK TO FILE IF ATTACHMENT DOESN'T WORK https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12331630/ACAD/PROCESS%20TAG.dwg Does anyone know how to do this, I am not familiar at all with the controls in the block editor. Feel pretty dumb, however I know if you don;t ask questions you don't learn! Thanks PROCESS TAG.dwg
  5. I have been working with dynamic blocks - windows and doors - and I have trouble getting them into the right orientation and keeping them there. If this video works it'll give you some idea. My major problem is that when I try to move the hinge of the door to the door jamb the block orients itself any way it wants to go. I have a real job tricking it into going into the right place the right way around. Would someone please lay out the steps so that the process works, and works consistently.
  6. I found a small collection of Dynamic Blocks buried deep in the bowels of C drive; C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\sample\en-US\Dynamic Blocks. 1. Rather than remember this file path, is there a shortcut to access them? I assume they were put there for students to use but I don't have much luck trying to copy and paste them - not into a blank drawing anyway. 2. How do I use these dynamic blocks?
  7. I am trying to get a window (dynamic block) in a wall. I can get it to rotate to the axis of the wall. I can get it to fit the thickness of the wall. I am darned if I can get it to fill the full 2m allocated (upper solid line). It seems a window can only be 1.5m wide, but that seems a bit odd:ouch:. How di I control this? Thanks
  8. NightMist

    Dynamic blocks

    Dear Community, I am not an autocad professional and I am not trying to be one. But I produce windows and doors. and I reproduce the same drawing in the attachment a lot. Is there a way to make it a dynamic block where I change the three dimensions in the drawing and the whole thing grows or shrinks symmetrically and proportionally? Regards, dynamic block.dwg
  9. Hello! I'm trying to make a dynamic block that: - you can either see the lines that come from the projector or not (with a visibility parameter) - you can choose between 3 different angles (it has a consult table where you can select one) - you can adjust the end of the lines to another point without losing the chosen angle (now with an stretching parameter/action at the end of the lines) I've done it with no problem with just one angle. The problem is when I choose another angle. Which solution do you think it's better for what I want to do? Thank you very much!!!! Sonia Dynamic block.dwg
  10. Experts, Since I'm a n00b to LiSP, I have been doing research to try and piece together some LiSP to help me with this seemingly tedious task/ritual that I endure daily. Lee Mac posted a reply on another Thread (Rotate multiple blocks around their individual origin point) and it works to an extent, rotates the individual block but it's not everything I need. and please offer any advice on how best to achieve this using using LiSP. I have attached my Dynamic Block should you need it for testing. Brief explanation: I have several dynamic blocks that I created in 3D and was forced to lay them down on the Y-axis in order to get the stretch function to work on the Z-axis. My sequence on inserting the dynamic blocks is to insert my block, select the block, click on the top left corner of my viewcube, using the isometric view I am now able to utilize the 3Drotate command and rotate the block about the insertion point on the X-axis 90 degrees -- doing so now brings my block to the correct orientation to use in my 3D modeling of metal stud framing members, however, now I must rotate the blocks using world ucs (X,Y) about the Z-axis to align with the Architectural floorplan. door.dwg
  11. To anyone out there, I'm working on a project and I need to get a block count of a select number of blocks within model space broken down to the various visibility states . I've used some of the Lee-Mac.com .lsp's, which work awesome but what i'm looking for is a combination of the three .lsp files. To put it simply how can I add a breakdown of visibility states to the COUNT.LSP that can be found on Lee-Mac.com. Thanks in advance. cadtutor.net newbie
  12. Does anyone have any common wood lumber dynamic blocks? I am trying to draft up some elevated planter beds. Thank you
  13. Hey guys, I would like to create an "Y" dynamic block, see bellow. The hole lenght and the "cross" point will be variable, between the two sticks will be 90 deg, and it will be FIX. I would like if I change the "variable 2" distance the two sticks follow the cross point, and the top of the sticks stay in the same level, but between the sticks the 90 deg stay! Is possible somhow? Please help me if you can! Thx T
  14. We made a slick little dynamic block for inserting doors in floor plans before we found the one that comes with AutoCAD. We now want to add attribute data requests to it but every time we do, our block loses its actions. Any ideas?
  15. I am working on a block where I need to illustrate counter-rotating objects... does anyone have an idea on how to apply an independant basepoint rotation action that would allow a clockwise rotation?
  16. AutoCAD 2012 QUESTION: Is it possible to add the value of one ATTDEF to another ATTDEF where the second ATTDEF obtains one value from a BlockPlaceholder? E.g. A dynamic block width Parameter named "Width" = 300 ATTDEF1 named "Pocket" = 25 ATTDEF2 = BlockPlaceholder ("Width" selected) + ATTDEF1 ("Pocket" selected) ATTDEF2 = 325 BACKGROUND: This may seem a little convoluted, so let me explain the application. We currently use a dynamic block of a simple rectangle which is STRETCHed to fit the daylight opening of a curtain wall frame (those aluminum/glass walls on many commercial buildings). By inserting this block into every opening of a building it is possible to visually confirm a complete take off as well as verify all sizes are exact (and many many sizes are typical). Glass sizes, however, differ from the daylight opening. The pockets of the frame differ depending on the specific design: resulting in typically 16 mm, 19 mm , and 25 mm larger glass sizes. On the other hand, some frames use a fin retention and may result in glass sizes being 13 mm smaller, not larger. BEST WORKING SOLUTION: Create a dynamic block of a rectangle that has a "Width" and a "Height" Parameter Place a multi-line ATTDEF centered in the rectangle Insert a Formula in the default value of the ATTDEF Right-click in the Formula to add a BlockPlaceholder for "Width" Set units to decimal with 0 precision (forces Metric) and "+ 25" to Formula add new line, then "x", then another new line Right-click in the Formula to add a BlockPlaceholder for "Height" Set units to decimal with 0 precision (forces Metric) and "+ 25" to Formula As you can see, this results in a result like the following: 325 x 400 WHATS WRONG WITH BEST WORKING SOLUTION: Unfortunately it does not offer flexibility: Dynamic block permanently set to add a 25 mm pocket Requires multiple dynamic blocks for each frame type Forces all units to be Metric IMPROVEMENTS: GOOD: Ask user the pocket size (e.g. -13, 16, 19, or 25 mm) when inserting the block and use that value in the Formula field. BETTER: Allow user to select a pocket size from a list: e.g. Flush Glazed frame: 16 mm Curtain Wall frame: 25 mm Window frame: -13 mm ULTIMATE: BETTER + works in Metric and Imperial
  17. Hi all, I can't seem to get my visibility sets to work out. I just use the parameter set - visibility set. I create a few new visibility states such as rectangle and circle. When I switch between sets and make changes (such as deleting my circle and creating my rectangle) then switching back between visibility states, I am simply left with the rectangle on all my sets. I seem to be missing something that "locks in" my visibility sets and leave the others unmodified. I played with the architectural-imperial block template that autocad has built in it, and their visibility sets work. But I can't recreate them inside that template. Any help appreciated.
  18. I have a drawing with several dynamic blocks (over 1000 block references) with visibility states. I recently noticed that all of the blocks no longer have the option to change the visibility state (i.e. the upside down blue triangle no longer appears when clicking on the block). If I insert a new block it comes in with the option to change the visibility state. However, the previously placed blocks still do not have the option of changing the visibilty state. Even if I update the definition of all block references in my drawing nothing changes with the previously placed blocks. Is there an option/command to bring back the option of changing visibility states on my previously placed blocks?
  19. I need some help with this dynamic block. The visibility states are not working properly and always show the attributes. I'll be grateful for your help. P&ID Valve Symbol.dwg
  20. Hi. I am new to this forum but not necessarily new to cad. I have been working with dynamic blocks lately and I am fascinated with the tool and its capabilities. However, something that I have not been able to figure out and not sure if its this is doable ----> ???Can you make a dynamic block table driven, say from an excel table??? -For example, lets say you have a dynamic block with parameters/actions set up that allow you to set the width, length, height, distance from edge, # of object arrays, etc. Rather than grabbing each grip and specifying the desired dimension, can you make it so the dynamic block is table driven? such as, where you might have a list of desired dimensions (say in excel) and you want to quickly input them into a table in autocad, so that the dynamic block will adjust to those dimensions???
  21. sinbad92

    AutoCAD tool palettes

    Anyway so here's the problem: I am struggling to edit the standard set of blocks that comes with AutoCAD such as receptacles junction boxes etc. I want to edit the standard blocks and then save my changes for future use. Right now the blocks come in at different sizes then I would like. I try to edit them in the block editor however the changes I make only apply to the drawing I am currently working on. The changes do not apply across the board on all drawings in all files. Please help me, any and all help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!
  22. dwillmschen

    dynamic block

    does anyone know if it is possible to use a user defined parameter to drive a action parameter. I have several polar and linear stretch actions i would like to drive from one parameter. i think i have attached my dwg. the block name is config1 FOAM_DRAIN_PAN_DYN_BLOCK.dwg
  23. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if someone could offer some advice. We have some dynamic blocks that we have put a lot of hard work and development into but unfortunately they keep showing up in our competitors drawings and models. Does anyone know of a way to lock a dynamic block or remove it parameters without exploding them? (If you explode you drastically increase the files size.) Can you copyright/trademark a dynamic block? Your knowledge and guidance is always appreciated. John
  24. Hi, I am trying to insert a block into a drawing that uses dynamic blocks. I want the block to be associated to the dynamic block, so that when I alter a linear stretch parameter on the dynamic block it moves the other block. I am probably missing something obvious, but have now googled my mind into a numb state and can't make any more progress. Thanks Tom
  25. Hi, the place I work at has (over the years) produced a number of standard structural details, made up of an number of blocks & dynamic blocks. Some of these blocks have been rotated, stretched, etc. When I copy, highlight and drag or "CO" the image in to an other drawing the blocks revert back to the original length or un-rotate, etc. I have to: re-rotate/re-stretch/etc the altered blocks, how can I solve this problem. Cheers Billy Bob
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