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Found 9 results

  1. I have been drafting for years and i am familiar with Microstation and AutoCad. I used Microstation for 5 years, then changed jobs, the new job requires AutoCad. My issue is the way the 2 systems treat lines. Microstaation treats all lines as complete entity ie: you can sellect and snap to the "blank" space in a hidden line. I cannot do the same in AutoCad. example: Multiple hidden lines select for trim; i have to make sure my selection window intersects the visible part of a line or it won't trim, this is extremely tedious. The only option i have found on the internet that works is to change LTS then change it back. Is there a better way? also choosing the point where 2 hidden lines intersect (perpendicular snap doesn't work when the lines are not at 90degree angles)
  2. I am interested in seeing if anyone has a modified CLIP routine. I like what it does but I would much rather the "clipped" part of the object to be controlled in a different way. Instead of completely 'wiping out' the target part of the object, I would like it to be put on a "hidden" layer as we have it here, where the linetype is dashed and the color is light. Any ideas? See picture and look forward to discussion
  3. When i try and plot my 3D model in the Hidden style, so it simply looks like a black line drawing the plot comes out weird. The plot for some reason adds a thick black line around my entire plot, and makes all the other lightweights look faded out. How can i fix this??primary bar 3-Layout2.pdf
  4. Im trying to plot a 3D object in Autocad 2009 but can't remove the hidden lines. The "Hide" command removes the appropriate lines in the viewport and in the print preview but the print-out still appears with all the lines.
  5. We use a specific program for our line of work (KCL) in which the blocks of equipment we bring into autocad dashed lines only show up with an LTS scale of 10. By doing this I can never get our regular dashed or hidden lines to show up at that scale so I have to adjust the properties of each line to .025 or something like that for it to read. Is there something globally to change to make this work better? Also, does PSLTSCALE have anything to do with it? What should this be set to? Thanks for all your help!
  6. QWAAK

    Conduits are hidden in plan veiw

    Hey guys and gals new Forum member here so I hope this a good place to post this question. I am running ac mep 2012 and working for a electrical eng firm. My question is in 2012 when I draw 3d conduit and draw conduit crossing or on top of current conduit at a different elevation what ever is below is shown as a hidden line. now even if I isolate and regen it still doesnt show up or parts ar still shown as hidden. its driving me crazy trying to find the right disply to fix and help would be much appritiated. Thanks Qwaak
  7. Gday All I have been taught a few years ago to draw in 3D, then solprof a copy of the file, cut and paste the hidden lines into the original files viewports. I find that this process can be problematic , in that when it comes to solprofing, many mistakes can be made. if there are any changes made to the 3d model, this isnt reflected /updated in the viewports as the solprof has already been done. my pc sometimes crashes at the solprof part of the process. Id like to know if there is a better way to get hidden lines on a 3d drawing. Have i been taught the wrong way to do things? Cheers
  8. I've read several threads about having problems with lines that are supposed to be hidden or obscured continuing to show up in paper space and plotting, but none of them have been able to help. Here's the situation: I'm drawing objects (walls, platforms, etc.) in 3d made up primarily of extruded polygons. I want to be able to plot these objects in a way that hides all of the lines which are obscured by other objects. Currently I have my viewports set up with a 2D Wireframe visual style and a Hidden shade plot. This isn't working for me. I'm still getting all of the lines in the drawing visible no matter what. Here's the strange thing: It seems to work perfectly fine in plan view, but not in front view. Also, it's worked fine in the past. It seems that the problem has gotten progressively worse over the past year or so. I don't know if I changed a setting without knowing it or if there's some software problem or what. Any ideas? FYI, I'm using AutoCAD 2008.
  9. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to stop AutoCAD LT 2010 from hiding my leaders and multileaders behind elevated solid objects, when using the hide command (or plotting with hidden lines enabled). I can find no way to elevate those items, nor any command to set a general override (like the HIDETEXT setting). Leader has a vertex Z property. but when I set it the darn thing always resets to 0 immediately. Neither leader nor multileader have an elevation property. I see two workarounds: a) place the annotations down in paperspace b) move all solid objects below the base plane advice?
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