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Found 9 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to write a LISP command where I can click on multiple pipe network pipes from an XREF, and it copies them into my current drawing on the current layer, changing the linetype to contiguous, color to ByLayer, and seta global width of 1. Current theory on how this 'might' be accomplished: -click on xref pipe network pipe -it ncopy's item with base point 0,0 -explode items -burst items -set global width of all items to 1 -change linetype to contiguous for all items -change layer to current layer for all items -join all items that are touching (create one polyline from a group of pipe network pipe items) Thoughts? Thanks. --Matt
  2. michaelfadden

    parts list organization

    A simplified version of my problem: I have been adding new pipe sizes to an existing parts list. As I add a new part, it is automatically inserted at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to reorganize the parts list by something meaningful like part name, style, or ideally inside diameter? It appears the order of the parts list dictates the order of the drop-down menu used for selecting pipe types and it would make life much easier if this list had some kind of organization. For example my pipe parts list reads: 42" storm pipe 36" sewer pipe 18" sewer pipe 36" storm pipe I would like it to read: 18" sewer pipe 36" sewer pipe 36" storm pipe 42" storm pipe
  3. sandiegophil

    Pipe network in 3d view

    Hello, I am giving a presentation of a rather extensive pipe network I created. It doesn't seem to matter if I walk, fly, drive through or orbit the model, all pipe to pipe connections look like two paper towel tubes stuck together at the center. The plan view is fine, with bends and such but not in 3d. Any help or suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Regards, Phil
  4. Hello, I have a large pipe network. All works well with one exception. I am trying to apply a render material to the pipes and it renders very poorly. I drew a cube and sphere next to the network at an appropriate size, applied the same material and the cube and sphere render great but the pipes are nasty. I tried adjusting my ucs to one of the pipes and reapplying the material but I get the same result. Then I drew a cylinder in plan view the same size and length as a pipe and it worked great too. What am I missing? All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  5. sandiegophil

    Pipe grips in profile view

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to grip edit pipes in profile view. I can get the invert and crown grips to work fine but I need to find a way to grip the outside top of the pipe. I have a lot of pothole data and an offset profile clutters up the profile view. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  6. Hello, I spent a good amount of time making a structure in part builder over the weekend. The part works great but I can not figure out how to add it to the catalog on our network. All help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  7. sandiegophil

    Pipe network creation shortcut

    Hello, I am short on time and looking for a fast fix. I have the following situation: 100+ pipe network All alignments are in place and named correctly and styles applied 80% of the pipes are the same size and type Does anyone know a way to make a pipe for each alignment named the same as the alignment and all in a single pipe network? Ideally selecting all the alignments at one time and have the pipe style applied. I know the answer is probably 'tough beans' but I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks, Phil
  8. Hello! My problem is when working in this project that one of my files that doesnt contain any civil 3d entities references some of my pipe networks from another dwg without me having telling it to do so:ouch:. So I delete all the pipes thats comes in uninvited but the next time i open the dwg its there again. Any solutions?
  9. SwChilly

    Pipe Network Question

    I'm using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010. I'm new to pipe networks so bear with me. What I'm trying to do is create pipe network from objects. So I go to Pipe Network> Create Pipe Network from Object> then slect my object.... but what if I want multiple objects under the same network? If I call multiple objects the same network name, it just adds a counter (ex. Proposed Water, and Proposed Water (1)). I don't want that. I want them all under the same network but different pipes. One of our older drawings have mutliple pipes under the same network.. Help! I've got another one... is there a way to move a pipe from one network to the next? Oh! Also... how do I add a structure to a pipe? The tutorial is way confusing. Thanks in advance!
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