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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I am using an old acad.lsp file with custom modified commands. After years of using it without any problems, it suddenly stopped working. This happened on two different computers with different versions of autocad (17 and 18) and without any software or windows updates. AutoCAD prompted me to change "command" to "command-s" in the lisp file and it resumed working. The problem now is that whenever i open a .dwg file it keeps asking me if i want to save the file on c: drive. I would like this to stop. Does anybody know if this is a lisp file issue and how to solve it?
  2. I am new to lisp and programming in general. I get the basic gist and i'm not very proficient at reading it yet. I have 2 major issues. I have a hard time understanding samples given when researching issues i'm having, and no matter how hard I try I just cant seem to understand Arguments. I am also working on a very basic function: (defun c:Burnbot ( / ) (GetN) (Insult) ) (defun GetN ( / ) (princ "\nHello there.") (princ) (setq ans (read (getstring "\nHey what's your name big guy?"))) ) (defun Insult ( / que an mrk ) (setq ans an) (setq que "\nWhat kind of a name is") (setq mrk "?\n") (princ (list que an mrk)) (princ) ) (princ "\nInsult Loading...") (princ) Output: ( What kind of a name is nil ? ) This is the closest I have gotten to success. But I just cannot get this variable to load. I've tried adding some of these to my different argument areas but have had only errors. I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me whats going on or/and if anyone can tell me where i can find a comprehensive guide to arguments.
  3. Hello All, Does anyone else have an issue with the command LAYUNISO? Every now and then when using this helpful command after using LAYISO it says that "Layers isolate by LAYISO command have been restored" but that is not always the case. Sometimes the layers are not restored and are left in a frozen state. To get the layers back on a LAYTHW or an UNDO is neccessary to get them back. This is counter productive because this adds extra work. Any layers previously frozen are turned back on or if you use the UNDO you have to redo the work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Miller
  4. I received a CAD file from some one else when opens I received the messages during loading of AutoCAD software. 1. Proxy Information. 2. References - Unresolved References Files. 3. Annotation Scale - Large Number of Scales. I understand somehow the first two points but on third one a great confusion. please provide me some solution that these popup boxes not appear. i.e. solution.
  5. I am trying to draw an octagonal luminaire arm with a slight taper for a light pole by sweeping along a polyline profile. Sometimes it lets me do it, most of the time it doesn't. I can do a scaled sweep along a straight path and an unscaled sweep along a curved path, but I cannot do a scaled sweep along a curved path. I've spent hours on this and can't seem to figure this one out. What am I missing?
  6. meyerforhire

    VBA Selection Set Issue

    Hey gang! Quick question (hopefully).... Would there be any reason why several block references with (Locked and Constant) attributes do not get added to a Selection Set created using the .Select acSelectionSetWindow method? It's picking up all of the other items including block references, text, and even a block reference with an attribute that is not locked nor constant. The problem blocks are right in the middle of the window surrounded by everything else that is getting added. I am not attempting to use a filter. I am using AutoCAD 2012.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new in this LISP world and I'm having some trouble on this project of mine. Here we go: I need a LISP to draw a PLINE and create a text with the PLINE's area. The area is always different and I don't have the points to draw the PLINE, so I have to draw it with the mouse and when I finish I want to have the area value in a text placed inside that PLINE (I can place it with a mouse click, but I don't want to have to write the area). This is the code I already wrote: I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
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