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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, i have received one CAD drawing, in drawing, two plan is arrange one above another (two layer) in model. but when i switch it to layout, two window is there with both layer separately. how they did it ???
  2. I have a layer for boiserie that needs to be printed out in a dark brown, but I can barely decipher it in Model Space on the black background. So, I've been tending to change the layer color to light brown just so I can see it. Yesterday, I accidentally ordered 30 huge colored sheets with the wrong layer color!! What a waste! Anyways, I know you can go into individual Viewports and can change a layer color one by one. My question is the inverse- I want to change the layer color ONLY for viewing purposes in Model, and for the layer to print out in its original dark color in ALL the viewports, as normal. Does anyone know how to do this?
  3. I am trying to hide a specific object that is a part of other layers. I do not want to hide other layers or have this line hidden in other view ports. Is there something that can be done? i have tried in the view port to hide object, and the object was hidden in my other view ports as well. Isolate object hides all objects in that layer - so that won't work. I have heard this can be done - but don't remember how to do it.
  4. I have a simple drawing (very suitable since I am very much a newbie) with the object drawn on Layer 0 and the dimensions on another layer named (by way of novelty) Dimensions. When I sent this drawing to print I only get Layer 0 - no dimensions. In photoshop-type applications the process is called flattening, whereby all the layers are compressed into the base layer. Is there a similar process in AutoCAD? Do I have to use it to get all layers in the one print-out? How should I go about getting both object and dimensions to print?
  5. Hey guys. I have a LISP I wrote this morning that asks for an insertion point, grabs the layer of the object, then draws a MLEADER on an associated layer. I have it working completely, except when a block is selected. Can anyone take a look at the code and help out? Thanks in advance! (defun c:wtags (/ p1 ) (setq oldlayer (getvar "clayer")) (setq os (getvar "osmode")) (setvar "osmode" 531) (setq p1 (getpoint "\nSelect wire to tag: ")) (setq ent (entget (car (nentselp p1)))) (setq wlayer (cdr (assoc 8 ent))) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-SPKR")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-SPKR")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-INDC")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-INDC")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-DTCT")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-DTCT")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-PWR")(setvar "clayer" "F-ANNO-TAGS-PWR")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE")(SETQ TAG "")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-SPKR")(SETQ TAG "S")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-INDC")(SETQ TAG "V")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-DTCT")(SETQ TAG "M")) (if (= wlayer "F-ALRM-WIRE-PWR")(SETQ TAG "P")) (command "_MLeader" p1 pause tag) (setvar "osmode" os) (setvar "clayer" oldlayer) )
  6. This only happens from time to time. I have a sheet set up with multiple viewports. I double click in one viewport, type LAYER, and the layer dialog appears but my viewport has changed. Anyone else have this problem and more importantly have a solution? Thanks.
  7. mrisaacpounders

    Layer Issues Concerning Plant Layout

    I recently started an internship with a company who makes radiators for power transformers. The first task they have given me is to clean up their plant layout file. The file currently has 125 layers in it due to machine blocks dragging in unwanted layers whenever they bought new machines. (presses, rolling machines, powdercoating, welding, ect...) I have been having trouble getting rid of and simplifying their floor plan. I tried creating blocks for each group of machines and changing the layer of the block to the desired layer. This seems to change the block to the right layer, but it still references to the other layers it was previously in. I want to keep the separate colors that show different parts of the machines, but I still need to eliminate the unwanted layers. Is there any way to consolidate the layers while keeping the different colors within the blocks I tried to create? Any help would be greatly appreciated. They have me working on Autocad 2006.
  8. When I highlight any object in model space the layer control, color control or line type control does not change from the current layer status to the layer of the high lighted object if it is different. I am also not able through this layer control bar able to high light an object and use the fly out arrow to go into the layers and change this object to another desired layer for this object. I have never seen this function just not work before and can find no setting or preference that might not be turned on to make it function. Does anybody have any ideas to why it is not functioning?
  9. tigger29900

    Layer Properties using VBA

    Newbie here i have been using this forum frequently as of late and had a question i was hoping you could help me with. I am building a program in visual basic to select certain layers and change their color to outline a certain path on a layer diagram. I need to program a clear button that sets all of the layer colors back to color 7 as efficiently as possible any help would be appreciated Secondly and less important I was trying to figure out a way to select all of the text in the selected layers and export them to excel to build an effected equipment list. )I'm not sure if this is even possible) Any help would be greatly appreciated
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