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Found 6 results

  1. Drawing A: old tag definition Drawing B: new tag definition Hi Guys, I have an opened drawing file A with an old attribute tag definition and brought in another attribute block with the same name but having a new attribution tag definition from a drawing file B. I had purposefully purged drawing A’s attribute block containing the old tag definition, hoping to bring in the same-name attribute from drawing B, having new tag definition. It went well except the Enhanced Attribute Editor still contains the old tag definition of drawing A – even though Battman shows the new defined tags from drawing B. This means that I need to somehow, Purge the old defined tags from drawing A. Am I able to purge the attribute’s definition from a drawing? I am doing this so I may not have to change the attribute block’s name and keep the new tag definition. Thanks for your time, "Mitch"
  2. So basically what i've done is i've made a single dwg with all the blocks we use for drafting, which can then be taken to a tool pallete for ease. It was my intention to add some extended definition data that would have the scale of the original block from that dwg, then, when the block is inserted into a new drawing, i can run another lisp that looks for the extended data in the form of (-3 ("ES" ("1040 . 200))) shown here for a 200 scale block. Then a simple entmod of all the scale factors for these blocks based on a desired scale would correctly resize them. So far it works really well for blocks in the model space (the the defn data is appended with ) and then a simple click, and entering of a desired scale, allows all drawings with this appdata to be resized; this also works is the block is copied over, or copied to multiple drawings. But using the tablenext method to go through the blocks in drawing explorer, they wont get inserted with this extra data, which means inserting the block wont have the extended data included, and im guessing it wont work by inserting from a tool palette either. Any hot tips of how to overcome this?
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently editing a pre-existing Title block to suit my needs, I've made my title block and when I'm in the block editor it looks how I want it too, The only issue is when I exit the block editor and return to the normal layer all my attribute editors disappear and the original blocks appears, I've tried deleting the layer the original are on but to no avail. I've attached a word document with the block editor view and the layout view any advice will be greatly appreciated Block Editor Version.docx
  4. Thanks to this forum, I can avoid this particular "quirk." Sorry if it's been posted before. I set out to make several blocks annotative. I would insert one, explode it, and redefine it with "Annotative" turned on. When I finished, the insertion point moved to (0,0) for some reason. In other words, if I inserted the original block at (200,200), I would pick the insertion point at (200,200), but the block would be redefined with the insertion point at (0,0). That meant the block would appear at (400,400). I could subsequently edit the block and move the objects back to (0,0). That's not the point. Someone with a block with an insertion point not at (0,0) would have a serious problem here. I don't know what's going on, I don't care, I suspect Autodesk doesn't care either, but I'm posting it to warn other users. So, if you encounter this quirk yourself, you can edit the block normally, open the properties window while in Block Editor, and toggle the Annotative setting. That's it. See this thread.
  5. See the attached file. It came from a surveyor. The surveyor is not answering his phone today. There are three blocks that show the elevation of the edge of pavement. When I edit the block, there is only a point, no attributes. When I double-click on the block, I can edit the attributes. Can anyone tell me: a) what type of object(s) I'm dealing with here; and more importantly b) how to change properties of the attributes all at once instead of one at a time? ACAD-survey.dwg
  6. Hello friends, how is it possible to get all blocks in a drawing and use them entirely in current session, without opening it. I mean something like ADCenter via VisualLISP.
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