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Found 24 results

  1. I have several blocks that have fields created withing them, when I insert the block into a drawing then go to Drawing Utilities -> Drawing Properties those fields are not in the list to edit. I know how to go through the tedious steps of manually re-entering every single field but wondered if there is a way to get those fields to "add automatically" upon insertion into the drawing. Please advise.
  2. Hi, Good day to you all.I'm new to this forum. I hope you people can help me out. I'm working on, automatic creation of title block with required scale setting in 'Model space' not in layout. by clicking a button or comment, it should ask the user to select the 'title blocks' among the list, which is in 1:1 scale. Then it should ask the user to select the scale among '1:2, 1:10, 1:20'. once selected it should scale the title block(eg. if 1:10 selected entire title block to be scaled to 10). also the size of dimension arrow and text size to be changed accordingly. Also we have a set of 10 drawing each as a blocks in it which we will be using as symbols on drawings. that should also get scaled accordingly whenever they gets inserted. please help.
  3. Hello! I have a question like this before but after some answer and help i couldnt make it. I have googled for like 15 hours overall and this is my last way out What i need is to extract data of mutable drawings and change for example the description in the "title block". Not the same description for every drawing, thats why I need it to be in excel. "extract data" is good to get information out. BUT i cant get it into the drawings again... I have tried the LISP "Batch Attribute Editor" but the problem is that one change is for all drawing. I want it to be customsable. Maybe there is an program by it owns that can do this changes? Please help me, and see attached for an example. thats the attributes i want to change. BR Johan
  4. CADTutor

    Anyone use Rtext?

    Over the last week or so I've been updating some more of Kenny Ramage's old tutorials at AfraLISP. There are now 116 updated tutorials. Today I just completed an AutoCAD tutorial using a (little known?) Express Tool called Rtext (Remote Text). Although I was dimly aware of this feature, I've been blown away by how potentially useful it is. Basically, you can use Rtext in combination with DIESEL strings to automatically generate dynamic text objects that react to changes in the drawing or to changes in external text files. Take a look at the tutorial for some examples. Am I the only one for whom this is a revelation? Oh, sure, everyone else has been using this since for ever
  5. I have a title block with attributes and I want to be able to update just the first page with info (such as client name and address) and then have that data go on multiple versions of the same block on different layers/pages. I know it can be done but I've never created a title block from scratch. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, First the details: Autocad 2011, Electrical package, Fairly experienced user with some formal training. I have a problem that seems simple but has me stuck. I have an existing title block a few text attributes, to which I wish to add a watermark. I have added it in the block editor as a normal attribute, with the same details as the other attributes that work, only a different tag name. It has a default value, "DRAFT" and is tagged "WMARK". It works fine in the Block Editor, and If I test the block I can edit it to display whatever I want, but if I save the block and open it from Autocad proper, the attribute is not in existence, either as a default value, or editable from block properties, attribute editor or title block editor, whereas all of the other attributes are there. I have used BattMan to verify the settings of the attribute, and the only difference is that the others all have "L" in the "Modes" column, but I think that means that their position is "locked" whereas my new attribute is justified "aligned" therefore cannot be "locked" (This is some assumption on my part, as the documentation on the "Modes" column is almost non-existent). I cannot afford to waste much more time on this issue, as the boss is breathing down my neck, but editing watermarks on every drawing after every revision is frustrating, when it could be an attribute that is editable from the title block editor. It would be so much quicker! If any further clarification is necessary, or there is a post that deals with this, by all means just direct me. I have searched the archive but cannot find much that helps me this time. Thanks for your time, Barnaby
  7. i've learned a few different techniques for making an affective title block but i want to weigh in on what you guys think as I have not mastered this yet. Right now i'm drawing my title block linework and permanent text in model space. then I xref that file into paper space of drawing for each layout/sheet. I use fields for the unique text on each page. I copy and paste these fields into each layout/sheet. I don't see too much of an issue here, however its a little time consuming to copy and paste these fields every time i make a new layout/sheet. Is there a simple way to insert my title block xref and insert these fields in one step? I think this is where the dwt file comes into play but i dont know. whats the difference between dwt and dwg? What if i want to shift the position of the sheet number on every page? Can we setup the title block to allow one to shift the sheet number once and apply the change to every page? Thanks for your help in advance!
  8. Hi i'm looking for an Autolisp that help me to compile title block starting from a csv file. At the moment I know this Lisp http://www.lee-mac.com/updatetitleblock.html It is exactly what I need. The problem is that this program compile all the block title (present in "model" sheet) with the first line of the csv file. So all the block title will be equal. I need a routine that -for example- compile 5 block with attribute taking information from 5 different line of the csv file. This has to be done in "model" area. Does exist some progrma that colud be ok for this ?? Tnx in advance Nicola
  9. I'm using autocad2014 for mac. I've just started to use project manager for managing drawing for the project. I have some questions. 1. is there any way to generate the drawing list automatically from project manger ? like from all the layout's name ? (I use a title block with field(layout name) for each layout. Would like to know if there's anyway to automatically collect these information from the project manager and insert as a drawing list) 2. is there anyway to run the layout number automatically? ex. if you add layout / the number of the layout will also updated / and the layout number field in title block will also updated
  10. Hi I'm new to the site so I'll try and be as clear as possible! I am creating a new title block for my office. In the new block I am using fields to limit the amount we have to fill it out. This has worked well with the exception of getting the viewport scale to work properly. I have visited just about every forum on the internet to see how to make this work and all i can discover is that I don't appear to be doing anything wrong. So my question is this. I am using a field in a title block that links to a viewport to give its custom scale value. ie the viewport is set at 1:100 then in the title block says that the scale shown in the drawing is 1:100. If I have to change the scale in the viewport to 1:50 then i can regen my layout and my title block will now say that the scale shown in the drawing is 1:50. Like Magic!! However this is not working for the scales 1:5, 1:25 & 1:200. Instead of the scale the field in the block just says "CUSTOM". Does anyone know why and how i can fix this? It makes no sense to me and works with all the other scales that we use. Thanks in advance
  11. Does anybody know what happended? when i inserted the title block on paperspace, the lines and border were there but texts and Icon were missing, i change to difference layer when i inserted to see the difference was but still missing. Appreciate for any suggestion. Note: Layer was not turned off or frozen.
  12. i design pools, i am trying to find a way to have the title block for each company automatic populate from say a program like MAS. is there anyway to have CAD pull inforamtion from another program to auto populate a title block? i design for about 20 different companies a day so not having to fill out a new title block for every design would be very time saving. thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I'm currently editing a pre-existing Title block to suit my needs, I've made my title block and when I'm in the block editor it looks how I want it too, The only issue is when I exit the block editor and return to the normal layer all my attribute editors disappear and the original blocks appears, I've tried deleting the layer the original are on but to no avail. I've attached a word document with the block editor view and the layout view any advice will be greatly appreciated Block Editor Version.docx
  14. Hi all, I've just been given the mother of all assignments. I have abou 490 dwg files that have a title block in model space that is an old one and I've been told to take the dwg number and place it in a X,Y position in model space. As far as I know, the title blocks for all 490 files is the exact same one, however, the drawing numbers are all different. I can't open up all 490 drawings, that would drive me insane. If anyone would point me in the right direction for doing this, that would be great, otherwise... I have a basic idea for the pseudo code and am formulating some code in my head, but if anyone has a better idea... Many thanks for any help,
  15. Need help with figuring out what scale to type into my title block. I am in version 2010, doing this via correspondence, never use Paper space or Layout space (are those the same thing?), always draw at full scale, and submit my drawings in Model space. Here's the thing. In my previous drawings, once completed, I insert a title block and scale it up to fit around the current drawing (in Model space). I have been told to use the scale factor I used to fit the title block around my drawing as the scale in the title block (didn't understand why even tho' I asked and it was explained to me). It seems to work since I have been getting 100% on my previous drawings. My dilemma is now this: I have drawn my Driveway Profile to scale in Decimal units 0.00. I needed to scale this down so that my grid lines measured 1" x 1", so I scaled it down at 1/60 (the lines that need to be 1" were 60 units long), then I changed my drawing units to Architectural inches. When I use LIST, the line measures 1" so I'm pretty sure that is right. Now, when I insert my title block I need to scale it down as it's too big this time. I have scaled it down by 1/7. So do I note the scale in my title block as 1:1/7, or does the 1/60 scale come into play (when I originally scaled down my drawing)? Sorry about the wordiness of this post - I tried going back to my textbook -to no avail, and I read numerous threads which mostly include Layout space in the mix which I am not doing. Hopefully my question makes sense to someone who can help me.
  16. Hello, I’m trying to save myself a bit of time and was wondering if it is possible to have part of the file location displayed in the title block? The current title block we are using shows the full file location of the drawing but I was wondering if it is possible to show only part of this? The reason I am asking is that when a project progresses to the next stage we have to go through each drawing and change the status to warrant, tender, construction etc. so I am looking for a way that this can be done automatically and I was thinking if only part of the file location could be used this process could be done by simply moving the drawings to the next folder? Our projects folders are split down in to subfolders for planning, warrant, tender etc. which corresponds with the status field on your layout. So instead of having to update this status manually every time the project progresses this would update to the folder that the drawings are in. Example: I:\Projects\## - Project Title\Drawings\Construction\Ground Floor Plan.dwg Am trying to get the "Construction" folder to display in the status field on the layout. I hope this makes some sort of sense and someone knows what i am trying to get at. If there is another way to achieve what I am looking for all suggestions are welcome.
  17. Hello - I am trying to attach the client details as an xref to my title block. This is how it was done at my previous company, but I did not set that up, so I don't know how it was done. The problem is this - when I attach the xref, I cannot see it on my page in paper space. If I zoom out as far as possible, the paper layout becomes a tiny dot on the screen. When I then draw a rectangle far to the right of the paper, I see a blue glyph on my paper, so I know that the drawing is there, but I cannot see it (the drawing is inserting very far to the right). I would like to figure out how to insert my xref so that it shows up on my page. I have moved the information in the file to 0,0 and inserted at 0,0, but I keep having the same problem. Does this description make sense? Is anyone able to help? Thank you!
  18. Is it possible to create a drawing in wich you switch between 2 laguages. I would like to use the same drawing for our own workers here in the netherlands and a company in Poland. So I need one partslist in dutch and one in english. I don't want to make two separate drawings, because then I would have to update two drawings if changes are made.
  19. I was just notified I am supposed to show a small class how to make our company title blocks using attributes and what annotative scaling is and how to use it. Can anyone direct me to videos or related forums so I can set up something to show tomorrow morning. We are going to be setting up our block library and setting up our title blocks. Should this be done using templates for each paper size? Please help ASAP. Thank you in advance!!!
  20. I've currently taken on the task of updating my organization's title blocks. I'm utilizing Fields in the title block in conjunction with system and sheet set manager variables. I've noticed in the Field Dialog Box there is a CreateDate field choice to display the date the file was created. My question is, is there - or is it possible to create - a system variable that is capable of retrieving the Windows login name of the user who created the file? There are multiple workstations at my organization and former users capable of creating AutoCAD files. I would like to be able to retrieve their Windows login name (eg. jwhitens) of the user who created the file to display as the "Drawn By" field in my title block. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Radzha

    Sheet Templates

    Hi all It has been a long time since my last post but here I am again. I have some problems with sheet templates (or is it drawing templates ) here is what I need to have: 1) drawing template with 1 sheet when new drawing is created. 2) when I add second, third and more sheets, it should have same title block. 3) all info (author, date, number and other notes) should be the same as on first sheet automatically. 4) changing info on first sheet title block with property tab, properties should change on other sheet also. How can I do that? I have some similar templates from our SW reseller tech guy, but it is not enough. though I can't find what he did and how. Would like to create some templates of my own. any ideas?
  22. I'm be battling this all day and can't work it out. I've got a drawing and title block and a table with text on my model space. When i create viewports etc and try and sort out the layout, the text in the title block and key disappears. I'm probbaly doing something very basic wrong! Any ideas?
  23. atulkumarengineer

    Default Templates

    Hi! I want to import default templates (Title Blocks) with in Auto cad. Is there any option ? How to proceed? Thanks in advance Atul
  24. Hi guys, i have had to learn CAD this weekend to pass my degree, i had to create an alloy wheel front and side profile views, my problem is this - i have created the wheel in model space but when i goto layout 1 / paper space and insert my title block and border, then insert my viewpoint of the wheel, and goto page setup, preview, it only shows the wheel, and without the viewpoint border / title block / border. im a total noob at CAD, but need to do this to pass my degree. any help would be gratefully received. (autocad 2011 lt) Peace
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