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Found 11 results

  1. I'm using Lee Mac's great DirectoryFiles routine (copied below) to get a list of files in a given root directory. I'd like to stop the recursion prematurely and return nil if there are over 100 files in the list, but the recursion, mapcars, and lambdas are a bit above my head. Any help would be appreciated! ;; Directory Files - Lee Mac ;; Retrieves all files of a specified filetype residing in a directory (and subdirectories) ;; dir - [str] Root directory for which to return filenames ;; typ - [str] Optional filetype filter (DOS pattern) ;; sub - [bol] If T, subdirectories of the root directory are included ;; Returns: [lst] List of files matching the filetype criteria, else nil if none are found (defun LM:directoryfiles ( dir typ sub ) (setq dir (vl-string-right-trim "\\" (vl-string-translate "/" "\\" dir))) (append (mapcar '(lambda ( x ) (strcat dir "\\" x)) (vl-directory-files dir typ 1)) (if sub (apply 'append (mapcar '(lambda ( x ) (if (not (wcmatch x "`.,`.`.")) (LM:directoryfiles (strcat dir "\\" x) typ sub) ) ) (vl-directory-files dir nil -1) ) ) ) ) )
  2. I have just taken over a project using SolidWorks 2013 Workgroup PDM. I found out that almost every file will be soon renamed/renumbered. I have looked online (and youtube) with no success. Is is similar to the regular Solidworks rename? Do you rename them while they are still in the vault? Anyone have any experience in Workgroup PDM (NOT EPDM!) Any help, links, advice, input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  3. Hi to all, Any one knows a Lisp that could insert many files (sheets) on only one dwg file? Thanks in advance!...
  4. When I edit drawings all my network connections are shut down by the external company my company works for. Problem is there hiring another drafter to take some of my work load and we both need access to the same pool of drawings while we both have our network connections shutdown. So I was thinking that we could both share from and external hard drive, but it seems that external hard drives can only connect to 1 computer at a time. Does anyone know of a workaround for non-network drawing sharing? Thanks, Tom
  5. :cry:I use to work for a firm that taught me AutoCAD, I have since left and invested in 2013 version. When we plotted our drawings the line weights (especially on Elevations) showed great dimension. I have played around to death and just cant get a good CTB file created...... Could anyone share or sale a file with me for reference. Thanks abunch.
  6. Normally I create parts from scratch and produce drawings from the parts files I've created. However, this time, my work sent a STP (STEP) file which contains numerous pieces and I'm supposed to do drawings for each of the individual parts. But I can't figure out how to get the parts separated into parts files to do drawings from (and that's the only way I know how to produce drawings). It seems I can only isolate and export the various pieces in into DWG/DWF format. I tried this, but when I open them, I can't figure out how to export them to parts files or do drawings from them. I have tried googling dozens of different keywords all morning but haven't seem to come across whatever I am missing here. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. teknomatika

    Selection 2 DWG file

    Does anyone know or can help in a routine that allows you to create a new dwg file from a selection? I know I can do in other ways, for example, isolating the selection and making a save as, or copy/paste into another session, but to do this in several selections becomes impractical. Thank you for your help.
  8. davidjb82

    New CAD Doc Assistant

    Hi guys. I wonder if anybody could help me? I need to add certain menus and applications into CAD, but I haven't done work like this for so long, my mind has gone blank. I need to know where to place the following files within the standard CAD directory, so when I load the cui file, it will know where to take the information from. This is all inherited, so I understand if it isn't as simple as I hope it will be! The files are: .dll .cui .mnr .stb .mnl .xml + a standard titleblock .dwg Obviously, if just placing them in directories isn't going to work, then I'll have to get in touch with the company that originally created the files. I just wanted to avoid doing that if possible. Thanks, I hope you can help.
  9. Hi, I've been given a dwg file to work with but it's read only so I can't save my work! How can I solve this? Is it possible to convert the file so I can save it?
  10. I have multiple files in which i have i different drawings in autocad. Is it possible to combine all the files into one? does anyone know how to do this
  11. Had some fun with a recent sub, resulted in these two programs Autoloader This program will generate autoload expressions for all LISP files in a selected directory, proceeding to write such expressions to a text file output (from which the user may copy the contents to an ACADDOC.lsp or destination of their choice). GetSyntax A fun one - sparked from this thread, involving a question regarding how to determine the command to use to call a program when there is no indication in the code header and no loading messages indicating such information. This program will read a selected LISP file and print a report detailing the command syntax for all defined commands in the selected file. Both programs use my GetSyntax sub, which reads a supplied LISP file and returns a list of defined commands within the supplied file. Enjoy! Lee
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