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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Following an idea posed in this thread, I have created the following code to enable a user to automatically update titleblock attributes using data sourced from a CSV Drawing Register, a file which may be created using the DataExtraction command. The code is designed to be as generic as possible to benefit the majority of users. The location of the CSV Drawing Register may be entered at the top of the code, or this may be left nil (current setting), in which case the user is prompted for selection of a CSV Drawing Register from which attribute data will be sourced. The code also comes equipped with an optional block filter, located at the top of the code. If nil, the code will update all attributed blocks with attribute tags matching those listed in the headings of the CSV Drawing Register. The block filter may also use wildcards: e.g. "*BORDER". An example of the expected format of the CSV Drawing Register is as follows: +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | DWG | Layout* | TAG1 | TAG2 | ... | TAGN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | Drawing1 | Layout1 | Value1 | Value2 | ... | ValueN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | Drawing1 | Layout2 | Value1 | Value2 | ... | ValueN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | Drawing2 | Layout1 | Value1 | Value2 | ... | ValueN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ *Layout column is optional. Where the first column contains drawing filenames (with or without extension). The second column is an optional 'Layout' column for drawings containing different titleblock information on different layouts. Change the setting at the top of the code if the CSV Drawing Register contains a Layout column next to the Drawing Filename Column. The remaining columns contain the corresponding values of those attribute tags listed in the first row. A Short Demonstration The code is currently geared to run upon being loaded to enable users to add the code to either the Startup Suite or ACADDOC.lsp (see here for information about doing so), and hence automatically update titleblock attribute information whenever a drawing file is opened. This 'autorun' functionality can easily be disabled as described in the code header. Please read the code header for more information, and, if you have any questions about the code, please don't hesitate to ask. Regards, Lee A full description of the program including example CSV Drawing Register demonstrating the correct format can be found here. UpdateTitleblockV1-9.lsp
  2. I want to change attribute text in title blocks, calling the block by the block name, not selecting the block, looping thru all the layout tabs. The title block will have the same name on each layout. My titleblock is named TITLEBLOCK30x42, with 2 attributes SHEET-TITLE and SHEET-DESCRIPTION. This thread talks about doing the same thing. None of the small generic code posted in that thread works for me. https://www.cadtutor.net/forum/topic/63734-lisp-code-to-select-block-in-layouts-and-update-attributes/
  3. Hello, I am looking for a .lsp that will allow me to insert a titleblock of a different size and run a command on the existing titleblock and click on the new titleblock and it will retain all the same information (even with text fields) and copy over the information into the new titleblock without having to fill out the new titleblock. Our titleblocks use mostly fields but the project name, address, drawing number and drawing name have just regular attribute text objects. This would be a huge time saver if I have to take something that was originally on a 22x34 titleblock and resize the viewport and insert a new 8-1/2x11 titleblock quickly without having to re-enter all of the information. This would be a tremendous time saver! Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I'm "newish" to this site, I use it a lot but this is the first time I actually post something I have a problem; The company I work for has a title block set up, they have a personalised company dropdown menu to insert the title block into your drawing, once inserted it prompts you to fill in the information, job number, name, etc.. I can only assume that this is an attribute. Problem is the text inserted isn't centred correctly and I would like to fix this. When I open the title block template drawing, there appears to be no attributes, and in the space in which the prompted text is located is completely empty. Any clues as to why this is? and how I can find the location of this attribute text? I have tried ATTEDIT and ATTDISP and all the other ATT.... and it's telling me that I have no attributes in this drawing. If I have no attributes then where is this prompted text coming from? Help
  5. Hi everybody, I have had a look through the forums and haven't been able to find what I need, I am really sorry if this is a simple question that has been asked several times but here it goes anyway! I am trying to create a new drawing title block. Within the block I would like to have each of the parts (scale, drawing number, client etc etc) editable. I have seen it done where numerous bits of text from different parts of the drawings can all be edited from one pop up window... Again I am very sorry if this is a stupid question but any help would be hugely appreciated or indeed a pointer at a thread that answers the question. Thanks again
  6. Hi Guys I'm trying to make a "Smart" title block (My own name for it). The thing is that I think it takes way to long time to write the various text in a title block, so I'm trying to make it easier. It have brought me to this stage where I need help to to problems. Both of them is where in need an IF-command (Excel term) but I don't know how to do this in Autocad. In my title block I have to boxes. One is a "Status" (A, B, C & D) and the second is "Purpose of Issue". I would like the "POS" to automatic change from APPROVAL to CONSTRUCTION when the Status box gets to A. Can you guys help me with this? The other thing is my REVISION box. I don't know with you but I forget to update this little important box all the time, when I make a revision. I have three boxes where there are room to write revisions in. I then want my revision box to find the highest number in the three boxes. But I don't know how. Can you help me with this also? These two commands would be so easy to do in excel, but I don't understand the system in AutoCAD and I have search on the internet for almost 3 days now, without any luck.
  7. Is there anyway to move attributes up or down on the list of a titleblock? I like everything for Rev 1 to be together (Drawn By, Checked By, Approved By, Date, Description, and Rev Number)...However, i was in a hurry and skipped Approved By. Once i added it, after the entire titleblock was done, it moved it to the very bottom on the list. Is there a way to "Move Up" so that it's with the other Rev 1 group?
  8. Hey guys, I'm having issues with plotting. I have my page setup as 17 x 22 (Landscape) and am designating the plot area to plot extents. I am trying to plot to 22 x 34 (size "D" portrait). The current paper loaded is 22" in a HP Designjet T770. When I do a plot preview, the drawing looks correct. However, when it plots it trims off the top part of the drawing. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this. The drawing is orientated correctly when it comes out of the plotter so I know it's not a portrait/landscape issue. I just tried plotting a 30 x 42 titleblock to the same size paper "D" portrait, and get the same problem. This happens if I use extents and window. Any ideas?
  9. I am currently doing a project in Mexico. I have received the building background from the Architect. I have figured out how to make my background into meters from inches (might not have done it the correct way though). My problem is I am not sure I am converting the titleblock correctly. My current titleblock is 24x36 and I need it in meters. I also need to know which scale factor to use on paper space. I usually use 1/4” = 1’-0”. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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